Shepherds of Haven (WIP)


Huge congratulations on finishing the manuscript, and best of luck for the next steps!



Thank you very much, everyone! This is a very exciting milestone for me and I’m so happy to be able to share it! :slight_smile: Thank you for all of your support! :hugs:



Sorry i can’t support you via Ko-fi, because it couldn’t auto deduct from my phone credit like how i bought the game …

But all the best to you in your writing career :slight_smile:

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That’s perfectly all right! Thank you for your support anyway, I really appreciate it!! :sob:



Good luck with your publishing.



Rinari I wish alpha tester best of luck :joy_cat:

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Thank you @Drakeye! I’ll be sure to post here if there’s any news about it. :stuck_out_tongue: And thank you @Takashi_Shin, alpha testing won’t start until I’ve written a big enough amount of ShoH so I won’t send out invites until then! But thank you everyone who volunteered! :grin:



Very excited for this! I am so glad this is back and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next :>



Do let us know when your book is published too so we can all celebrate! :hugs:



Thank you @squarelyblue!! I’m so excited too! :hugs: And thank you @Cheion, I will definitely plug about the book here when the time comes, lol! I’m waking up every day in anticipation! :laughing:



Ok, finished! On Trouble’s route, at least… geez, I was pretty close to being done the last time I played this demo. As I thought, I am freaking mesmerised by this story! I’ve been on a bit of a binge through the ShoH tumblr, so I wanted to finish up the demo. Man, I’m hooked!

…at the same time, I don’t think I’d be a responsible enough beta or alpha tester. Regardless, I’m enamoured! The characters we’ve been presented with are diverse and intriguing, your writing style is charming and engaging, and each choice feels distinctly different. Not just numerically, but genuinely different and impactful (if at varying degrees) to the over all story and characters.

After the tumblr? I thirst for Blade, just like a great deal of the other readers seem to, but my highest relationship stat is currently with Trouble. I’m glad I spent some time with Tallys, and that I had an Elvish upbringing, because MAN did going with Trouble plummet that relationship bar! I don’t blame her, though. It must’ve seemed like I didn’t care… but, I was more concerned about Alder’s impulsiveness and twitchy trigger finger (and reputation for bar brawls). Heck, I even defended her the moment I caught up to him.

…that’s already a lot of words. Have I aptly displayed how taken I am with this story already? I really wanna start drawing some fanart. Keep up the good work! Also, keep us posted about your manuscript, ok? Cherion’s already commented about it, but I think we’re all super hyped for you! ^^



Wow, thank you so much for the praise, @xXOtakuKonekoXx! :heart_eyes: You would be an amazing tester, by the way–just as a side note! :laughing: Your feedback and eye for detail is great!

I’m so happy that you’re enjoying the demo so far, and the Tumblr, and everything else–I hope you’ll stick around to see the crazy places the story goes! :wink: Thank you again!!! And I will definitely post news about the manuscript: I feel like we’re all in this together at this point! :laughing::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkling_heart:



What real evil demons or man it self :thinking:

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YASSS! So excited!!!
and good luck to you!! I hope you will let us know when it’s published. :hugs:



Here is an error I just noticed in the Glossary: A-H is the first selection, but the Hs are actually in the second option, I-P.



THANK YOU FOR POINTING THAT OUT! :scream: I will fix that as soon as possible!



Just realise what a wonderful person Prihine is… so if MC had save her and maintain a secret intimacy with her for a period of time… but in the end marry her cousin instead, Prihine would only be sad and heart broken , without trying to sabotage MC’s wedding… feel sorry for her :slight_smile:



You can’t romance her cousin if you sleep with her anyway.



Well… i was referring to @rinari comment on her Tumblr anyway :wink:

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Yeah it was theoretical, because it can’t happen.

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