Shepherds of Haven (WIP)


Disagree … Prihine’s physical body may not be with MC, but i can still have her heart :slight_smile:

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Too bad my Mc was never one for long distance relationships. :.)


rule 3 being mage or gifted safe choice find work like shepherds or big merc group that loyal to there not to church or other big group that are not sell out
Blade : will you work for us
Takashi look out window see 50 dick faces how murder him for bring him
Takashi: okay you got a deal :pensive:

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Is gray death is like black death but more horror on how going

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Hmm, I wouldn’t say so; the Grey Death mysteriously affects Elves more than anybody, and victims fall into a long coma before passing away! It’s not necessarily a gruesome thing but terrifying because it’s not understood at all and once the victim becomes comatose, there’s no way to wake them back up!


how strong are the Inquisitor

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On their own, an Inquisitor is not that strong against a Diminished: skilled in weaponry, yes, but if you pit 1 Inquisitor against 1 Ket, the Ket is going to win pretty much every time. (They are generally chosen from the strongest, most ruthless, and most successful Vice-Guards, though, so among Norms they are the strongest and best-trained.)

However, the Inquisitors’ power doesn’t lie in brute strength so much as in their numbers and in the fact that they have infiltrated everywhere. They often disguise themselves as Diminished sympathizers or even as Diminished and can build these fraudulent lives for years… earning the trust of their neighbors, friends, etc. Then one day they’ve burned down your village and imprisoned/executed everyone you know for heresy. You can never truly know if someone you know belongs to the Inquisitors or not (either as a rat or as an actual agent), and that’s really what makes them so scary and strong.


so to fight them get them spit up 1 on 1 fight to beat them that going hard to do


Kinda reminds me of what I’ve learnt of the Japanese occupation in southeast Asia… Huh…


It reminds me of Hydra too, from Marvel :laughing:



Thank you for answering my ridiculous ask! :joy:

Everyone’s reactions amused me in their own way (poor Trouble and his state of shock). But imagine a MC who is just used to being casually shirtless that’s ends getting the surprise of the day when they’re deep in a relationship with Tally and are used to her just focusing on the task at hand rather than focusing on their state of undress.

Also, let it be known that Riel was still distracted enough to ask about shirtless MC’s life choices if nothing else.

Male MC: I’ve got a plan (rips off shirt).

Riel: …Why are you naked?

Male MC: Why not? (Struts off in shirtless glory)

Riel: (Disgusted noise)


@Okami-Nora I’m glad I could answer your question! :laughing: Yeah, Riel would be like, “You’re going to get a sunburn like that… put your shirt back on…”

And speaking of Tumblr, we’ve reached nearly 500 followers! I’ll be doing an Ask a Character day to celebrate when we hit 500, and you can vote on who you want to interrogate here!


Psst… vote for Caine… it’s not like i feel bad about letting the kid die…


I’m more curious about how reactive Alya would be from the questions or how evasive Lavinet or Tallys will be with their answers myself. :laughing:

(Also, saving two lives with one Word: worth it to me :grin:)


what worst fight full power Inquisitor or full power demon army


I know this is Waaaaaaaay late but I just made this


@Takashi_Shin full-powered demon army for sure! Because if they’re at full power, that means the people of Blest have been drained and decimated by the chaos and violence that demons cause! :laughing:


Oh, ok no royalty payments needed then…

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I’m just saying, maybe there should be a check in the mail on the first every month.
I guess that’s royalties is what I’m asking for :stuck_out_tongue:


Inquisitor coin are evil

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