Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (Surprise: mini-game on #3127 to celebrate 500 likes!)


I got this same glitch while selecting the other option of drawing a weapon.


Enjoyed playing the demo you have so far, this game really does give me a dragon age feel to it, keep up with the good work.

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Game looks fascinating so far!

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This is actually one of the best games I seen ever

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@xdcakexd No, sorry, the story is about being a Shepherd so it’ll be one of the few instances where you have to become one! I will probably go in and add more/different motivations for joining up in time, though!

@Escanor Yeah, sorry, Prihine isn’t an RO because she’s either dead or married by the end of the prologue! Her cousin is an RO, though, so your decisions about Prihine will have wide-reaching consequences! :joy:

@Dizzie Argh, sorry, I thought I got them all! I’ve fixed it now but I’ll cool it on the reuploads for now. Thanks for finding it!

Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback so far! I’m really happy that people are playing and enjoying! :smiley:


Amazing game and writing so far. Is Shery not a RO?


love Haven and hael show what person you will be and love how story playout i hope you keep on going

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Prihine route all the waaay!


me to :innocent: she like person from rwby

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I wonder if you can gain more words of power…


She isn’t a RO she might be dead or married depending on what you did.


I’m hooked. It’s absolutely amazing so far. Well written and the story/races gives me a divinity original sins 2 feel, definitely bookmarking this.

Which ROs are race/gender locked btw?
Hope it’s not lavinet


i gotta admit i was drawn by the title :grin: great choice of words. i like how mc could choose to be silent in many occasions. prihine’s cousin an ro? /shudder/ why is trouble not an ro :sob: would you add more cosmetic customization (hair, eye, skin color etc)?


As a Mage do we have acces to and will we have the chance to use any sort of healing magic? Not a huge deal at all if not but I always specialize in healing in games that allow it, so thought I’d ask.


Are we to assume that this Lavinet Naveen is her sister then?
They sound similar and it seems odd that we have the choice to be attracted to Prihine in particular but it would kind of make sense if she had a twin or something like that?


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Lavinet Naveen is her cousin.


Yeah I’m just gonna… lurk here… until this eventually gets published… this is definitely one of the best demos that I’ve ever read on here :grin::ok_hand:


Well I’m hooked.

I like the premise and the history, the writing is engaging, and progression seemed natural enough. I’m nitpicking because everything can be improved but overall a solid start. Excited to see where this goes!

Would’ve liked a bit more with the hometown; I didn’t feel anything really for dead friend and dead Dad, because I barely knew them. (Did really like the depictions of the village end though)

Also, it’s hard to predict the outcome of some of the “background” choices–like the “education” decision. I’m not sure how they’ll affect my stat build until I’ve chosen them. And having some in-game context for the possible hometowns might be nice if you can work it in since there are a lot of new cultures here (I’m not one for reading glossaries in game, so a bit of info is always welcome. Though I like the codex setup you have!).

And, if this makes sense: the fact that there’s no backtrack feature after those decisions (“Is this you? Yes/Let me pick again”) meant later on when I was picking my magic type, I wasn’t expecting the ability to backtrack if I didn’t like the style. Not really a problem, but I did think I was going to have to make an unalterable decision about a major part of my character build without any explanations (if it was in the glossary, I didn’t see it).

That being said, good luck! Excited to see where this goes!


This demo was fantastic, I cant wait for more!

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