Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (ON TEMPORARY HIATUS)



More rewrites… I’m working to add in a wider range of personality responses while I can! Also adding in some more random content/encounters that get unlocked if you recruit certain Shepherds! (For example, you might find Chase and Trouble messing around the compound and playing pranks if you recruit Chase… or Tallys and Halek cooking together if you recruit Halek! Hopefully it will help the game feel more “alive” around the life of the MC!)

Here’s a new shy-MC response for you, @spunkycatninja! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, if we’re adding responses might we be able to add more sarcastic responses? I can’t be enough of a jackass in this game.

Blade: Why do you want to know?
MC: 'Cause I’m secretly an endarkend spy out to get information on your love life!
Blade: Big sigh


So exciting for this. I always make an MC, who although not shy with people but when in comes to romance, she is rather shy. :joy:


OH MY GOD! Don’t you play with my emotions!!! :laughing: (or maybe you should lol)

Does this mean I don’t have to necessarily play snarky and bold most of the time? I’m so stoked! Regardless, just adding that one line makes me feel better, like I can play it a little more free in personality. :hugs:


think someone will make fanart for Zori becouse how she play part in story


Who is Zori? :thinking:

Did I miss someone?


Childhood friend (at least in the elf background)


Oh, is that the childhood friend? Ok. It’s been a while since I read it. Thanks!


Haha, I think there’s a healthy amount of sarcasm and snarky responses in there! I’ll continue to try to maintain that! :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m doing my best to add in a wide range of personality responses so you don’t have to feel limited to one! It’s definitely a lot of work, but worth it!

Yes, as @Morphine said, Zori is the MC’s childhood friend from their birthday flashback!

@Takashi_Shin I love fanart of any character in any form, but I suspect probably not much will be drawn of Zori because 1) they’re one of a few gender-flippable characters and 2) I didn’t provide much of a physical description of them! :sweat_smile: More might be revealed as time goes on, though…

Also, here’s a poll as I’m working on this: do players prefer a wide range of player-personality choices, even if they were purely cosmetic and didn’t affect anything beyond flavor text, or do they prefer more limited dialogue options if that time could be devoted to more complex branches in the story? :thinking: This doesn’t necessarily apply to ShoH, it was just something that crossed my mind as I was working!

  • More customizable player personality and responses, even if they don’t actually affect anything in the story
  • More limited/defined player personality in favor of more complex story branches and faster-paced scenes

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You just love teasing don’t you. Goddamn monster.


I really want to customized my MC’s responses but on the other hand, having too much will burden you. I still vote more on the quality over quantity.


I prefer the flavor text (I’d rather call it personality text). It makes the game more replayable if there is more diverse responses. If I am limited in how I can play a chatacter, I’m not going to enjoy it or replay it as much.

Take Dragon Age Origins for example…you could be a diplomatic stoic person, a wise cracking jackass, a fair but stern person, a pragmatic bastard, etc. There were so many ranges you could play, but it had a good plot and missions for you to undertake. I really felt like each warden was mine even though you had to do the same tasks (gather allies, etc.) though you could vary the outcomes.

Then take a game like The Witcher or Assassin’s Creed where they have more defined protagonists. Do I enjoy those games? Absolutely, but there is only so many ways for those characters to respond or react, and I never felt like they were mine…more like I was along for the ride. And I never replayed those anywhere near as much as DAO and games like it where you could have a more customizable MC experience.

So that is what I am hoping for here: a good game/story like DAO.


It’s a good thing that my main inspiration for this game is DA:O then, no? :sweat_smile: I’m going to do my best!!


(did the forums just go down for awhile? I wanted to post a reply awhile back but couldn’t load it.)

I’m torn between choosing one of the two, because there are IF stories I love that fit both categories. There can be replay value in story branches too, just as there is in a story where you can customize the MC’s personality a lot more!

I gave my vote to the limited custom option, as I feel that the customised player responses is something that can be more achievable with fewer NPCs. Going by how many characters there are in ShOH (and in most I’ve read), having the variety of custom player responses (and probably the resulting unqiue NPC responses) will require quite a fair bit of time and effort on the author’s part. This can take away time spent on producing a great plot.

So just my two cents: the custom option can perhaps work better for a personality guided story, while the other would work better for a plot driven one :slight_smile:


I really love the way DA:Origins did even though I voted the limited option. I am not against customizing my MC’s personalities though but it should be in right quantity and not too much since it might overburden you as an author.


Yes, totally agree! I do tend to love both but lean more on wanting variety in story branches and endings for replay value, especially if the different personalities don’t really change too much! :thinking: I’m not totally sure it’s possible to do both unless you had a lot of time? And you’re right that there are also a lot of NPCs (and their reactons to juggle) in ShoH specifically, too, which can add a lot of time to crafting a very variant MC!

(Also, yes, I think the forum was down briefly; I couldn’t load it!)

Thanks for always keeping me in mind! :hugs: I’ll do my best not to bite off more than I can chew, haha! Right now I’m just expanding bit by bit!

I really wonder if DA games will ever return to the DA:O conversation model; finding old screenshots really blows my mind with how much variety there was! (Though I realize three out of these responses are some level of snark, lol:)



I really miss these Origins dialogue options! They were the most interesting.


Oh, I hope I didn’t pile on any stress or pressure. That was not my intention, so if I did, I apologize! :cold_sweat:

I realize that you’re going to make the game you want to make (as well you should). I’m just excited from the demo you have up. It’s really so well written, and so I am looking forward to experiencing this wonderful world you’ve created.


Oh, you didn’t pressure me at all, @spunkycatninja!! :smile: I never do anything unless I personally want to and see the merit in it, haha–I was playing another game that featured a shy protagonist and it brought to mind your suggestion from a while ago, so I wanted to incorporate it in ShoH while I had some ideas sparking! Thanks for your feedback and enthusiasm; I really appreciate it, so keep it coming if you have any other ideas! And thank you for the encouraging words as well! :hugs: I’m looking forward to it too!


I love the weapons the MC can use!