Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (ON TEMPORARY HIATUS)



In theory and for RP purposes, it would be a good idea to have different choices as much as possible but it depend on your capability and your plan in the end. Does being a jerk would contribute a different ending? Will you be willing to do extra more scenes in relation to your chosen personality?


Personally, I like to have both an asshole playthrough and an evil one, even if I get penalized for it (within reason). The CoG community itself seems to be evenly split between stat optimizers and roleplayers, so I think it’s something worth having.


I think it will depend on what’s the main focus the author wants to take with the game - whether the focus is on role-playing with personality and romance, or on using stats like strength/magic etc to pursue a goal.

If it’s the former, relationships will likely play a much larger role in the story so having those choices of acting like an ass will be more essential. Alternatively if relationships are of secondary importance, having these asshole choices will perhaps be not as important (though they will certainly make the story more fun)! :smiley:


There are brief reactions to different personalities and sometimes different scenes (the guard at Haven, for example, laughs at you if you try to be ruthless when you’re mostly compassionate). And yes, being a jerk (or “hated” by enough people) does lead to a different ending! :thinking: So I guess there is also a “purpose” to it other than having the freedom to be a jerk if you want!

Hmm, this is a good question! I’d like to say that ShoH is an even split: the characters and relationships/romance and story are very important to me, but stats will also be important in how the player gets through the game and what outcomes and endings will occur. But then, relationships will also greatly influence endings, too! :thinking: I guess in my heart of hearts, relationships and inhabiting the story/world are most important to my development of the game, so being able to “be who you want” (even if that’s an ass, lol) will be important, too! Probably even more so than stats. :slightly_smiling_face: I definitely want those to matter, but it won’t be a stat-heavy or grind-y game like the Lost Heir trilogy (which is among my favorites)–I think I’m aiming for my IF to be more novel-like experiences that drastically change with the player’s story choices and decisions!


These would be nice to see. I really like to see my MC’s shine through in different situation. Overall, I hope in my hearts that you will not get overwork with all the multiple personalities to be integrated with some scenes.

To be honest, I haven’t played as a jerk in my lifetime of gaming. I played Fallen Heroes and I still played as a reluctant villain. :joy: I have yet to see a CoG or HG game that are both character driven and stat dependent but this is might depend on an individual’s opinion or I haven’t read it yet.

Overall, I really hope you could bring more DA feel in ShOH! I got the DA vibe when I played ShOH after purchasing DA during the summer sale.


Ever heard of ‘jerk with a heart of gold’ ?
Well I like to play my MCs as massive frothting steel spiked dickbags with hearts made of gold studded with diamonds

So is it possible to be an asshole in dialogue but be excused from it because we help other people and such ?


Thank you for your concern! :grin: I will do my best to not overwork myself haha, and if it gets to be too much, I will definitely scale back to keep the story intact!

I’ve never played as a jerk either, haha! I get attached to characters and treat them like real people, so it’s hard for me to consider treating them badly! :joy: And yes, there’s definitely, definitely a Bioware influence, but I also want to keep it toned down as much as I can - I want to make ShoH my own game, as well! :slight_smile:

I mean, no, you can definitely play as a jerk with a heart of gold, but no one’s going to excuse you from it just for being charitable! :laughing: They will still react to you as if you’re being a jerk to them in that particular instance!


Blade: MC, I need you to–

MC: Fuck off, Blade.

Blade: wtf? that was completely unwarranted… well MC did save those orphans last week, so i guess it’s fine…

Blade: Okay, never mind. I’ll do it myself~


Ikr. My heart hurts when i try.


How can anyone bear to treat Blade anyone in ShOH badly :kissing:


if I going be jerk I will be smart one some if one is dumb is planing fight 9 demon by him self I will tell he going to die worst way


Hi, new fan here! Let me just say I adore this WIP so much I regret not playing it sooner!

I hope you don’t mind me asking a few questions and I apologize if they’ve been answered before.

How advanced is their technology? To what time period would you compare it? Are the guns similar to flintlocks or are they more similar to the modern ones?

Is it possible for one RO to have feelings for the MC even if they don’t feel the same? gotta prepare for the angst. it’s already angsty in just the demo.

Why did I lose relationship points with Trouble when I chose “No” when he asked if I remember him saying he was in a gang. He never told me so I said no.

Is there any art of the different kinds of demons? And also the different creatures, like the ahfuri? I’m just asking mostly because I can’t picture them lol.

What are the stat requirements to unlock these choices?
(apparently, my blue light filter was on. sorry about that.)


Iirc revolvers do exist, they just aren’t common yet and only the vice guard and people with money own them

As for the rest of the technology, trains exist, and apparently there’s an airship being built. So I’d say technology is early 19th century-ish ?


If you choose to spend some time with Trouble after joining the Shepherds in Chapter 1, he will tell you about it.


I remember an ask similar to this one on tumblr I think. Your mc can reject a ro confession but I don’t know if it will be acknowledged that the ro still likes you after you reject them. I would love for my mc to have an unrequited crush himself but I don’t think it’s possible to play like that unless I leave it to headcanon he’s definitively crushing on Blade even if Blade is straight rip

Here’s the ask:


If she didn’t spend time with him, then she wouldn’t have known. I think the point being raised is that she’s being “punished” unduly here.

So this is an interesting point being raised. If you didn’t have time to hang with a particular character, can the game recognize that and not take away points?


now I get a better picture, thanks!

@Cheion but I didn’t spend time with them so I wouldn’t know :confused:

yes, this is what I’m saying. Thank you!

and I, the reader, am crushing on Trouble the hot-head :laughing:


:woman_facepalming: maybe I didn’t word it properly. Yeah, you will only know if you do that haha.

The game’s still in the demo phase so I’m sure it’ll be rectified when Rinari has more time to get back to it! :slight_smile:


I sure hope so but it’s not really a big deal for me. If it’s too much to code, then I understand. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have a question : as we recruit people, norms and non-norms(or was it blessed you called them?), will there be a civil war within the Shepperds? Because just like Talys, I believe a lot of non-norms will harbor ill feelings towards the city they protect(also I like a lot the realistic approach : hate generates more hate and so on), however, if we speak about realism, it’s kinda impossible(unless exceptional circumstances occur) for a non-norm revolt/shift of power in both the world and the Shepperds. Until now, your wip is very nicely done. Congrats!


I feel like Halek is my spirit animal

and also, meme time boi!

The norms 200 years ago