Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (Holiday Fan Contest 2020!) (Details on #3843)

Will there be any results of said one night stand with Prihine?

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As I said, the ending—and if you have any plans for romancing Lavinet, axe them!


I’m definitely curious in that ending

Hi everyone, just popping in to let you know that there will be a Holiday Fan Contest (open to everyone, from now until December 20th) running for Shepherds of Haven!

Shepherds of Haven Holiday Fan Contest

How do you enter?

  • Make a fan creation for Shepherds of Haven!

  • Fanfiction, fanart, or fan-anything is welcome: if you’re more musician or crafter than writer, that’s amazing! All ShoH-related creations are welcome!

  • If you don’t feel like submitting a creation, you can submit a post about your favorite thing about Shepherds of Haven; a favorite character and why you like them; or something else that would be the good subject of a short “essay”!

  • Post your fan creation or essay to one of the methods below!

Platforms for Posting

  • Here in this forum thread

  • On Patreon, either as a link in the comments of the pinned contest post or as a PM

  • On our Discord, in the #haven-holiday channel

  • On Tumblr (tag @shepherds-of-haven in your post or reblog the contest post with your entry)!


  • The submission period will run from now until December 20th, 11 PM MST.

  • At that point, all entries will be collected and posted anonymously on this Shepherds of Haven contest page.

  • Voting on the entries will begin on Patreon.

  • Winners will be announced December 31st.

Additional Rules

  • “Steamy” contest entries are allowed, but no hardcore NSFW. This is a public contest, so please exercise best judgment!

  • Light alpha spoilers are allowed, if applicable; check with Lena if in doubt.

  • You can discuss the progress of your entries in our Discord’s #haven-holiday channel.

  • One prize per winner.


  • 1st Prize: An exclusive, curated Shepherds of Haven gift box loaded with ShoH merchandise, character treats and goodies, and even the Official Shepherds of Haven Cookbook!

  • 2nd Prize: A Shepherds of Haven T-shirt (winner’s choice of color, size, and design)

  • 3rd Prize: 3 Shepherds of Haven magnets, bookmarks, or stickers, selected by the winner and sent in a special themed wax-sealed envelope

  • Honorary Prizes: One to a few participants in each category (Fanfiction, Fanart, Fan Creations, and Fan Essays) will receive 1 ShoH magnet, bookmark, or sticker as a prize (winner’s choice)

  • Participation Badges: Anyone who participates in the contest and submits an entry will receive a special role if they’re a member of our Discord!

That’s all for now! I hope you will participate in this fun community event and contest, and have a happy beginning to the holiday season!


Oh, and we’re also running a holiday raffle on Tumblr as well! If you:

  1. Follow the Shepherds of Haven Tumblr blog.

  2. Like and reblog this post with the tags #Shepherds of Haven and #havenholiday2020.

You’ll be eligible to win a ShoH magnet, sticker, or bookmark just by sharing this post! This raffle also runs until December 20th, and 3-5 winners will be randomly drawn then. :slight_smile:


Since I’m always game for any reason to go on long drawn out reasons I love someone, I decided to participate in the character contest.

If I had to choose a favorite character it would have to be Blade. I find myself envisioning him with a troubled past so I sort of relate to him on an emotional level. While it’s rare to see his soft side whenever I do I just want to grab him and hug him because he’s such a sweet man. As I recall the moment when he asked if he was wrong for scolding the two lazy guards, was the moment I became emotionally invested in him. Your writing showed the heavy burden he carries on his shoulders. Ever since then I’ve been affectionately calling him Atlas. Blade is a very emotionally complex person and I love him for it. One layer he’s a commanding leader the next he’s telling you he’d die for you. The depth of his character is astounding considering how much we know about. I think Blade is the sort of person I try to be; fair and unbending in his loyalties and morals. I love that he likes gardening and poetry since they clash so harshly with the stereotype you assume he is before you start to get to know him.


Thank you so much for being the first forum entrant for the contest, @K_T! Your essay is amazing and so detailed and on-point! :sparkles: Thank you again for writing it, and have a great rest of your week! :smiley:


Aargh, so many pages of posts.

Hello! Once I have more time, I’d like to leave an in-depth review of Shepherd of Haven but for now, I just wanted to ask if we can enter more than once? For example, if I’d like to submit both fanart and a short essay about what I like about the game, can both count?


Hi there, I look forward to your review of the game! :slight_smile: And yes, you are totally welcome to submit both fanart and a fan essay! I’d like to limit official entries to the contest to 5 per person, but you are of course welcome to post as much as you want outside of it, as well!