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Let me guess: you kept drawing sasuke when you tried to draw blade didn’t you?




It’s–it’s so—


It’s so beautiful.

Thank you so much, you’re amazing! I’m blown away by how accurately you captured them (even Riel, who you’ve never even seen a reference of)! His expression and hair and everything are perfect!! (Though I guess this means he’s Loki?!) Halek’s expression is dead-on, too, omg. They’re all so beautiful and perfect and precious and I don’t know how you did it!! :scream::sob:

(Blade’s fine, he doesn’t need to be drawn! He’s so dumb he doesn’t deserve it!)

Can we just dedicate this day to worshipping @impeccably-stressed and how awesome she is? :hugs: And today will be known as the inception of the Boi Band of Haven DLC™. Quiet Spice, Snobby Spice, Smirky Spice, Silly Spice, and Fuckboi Spice! Blade is just the manager.


I could do that. It’s not terribly difficult. And she is quite fun.


Unfortunately no, you can not worship other gods


Are there going be bad endings in Shepherds of Heven


If we see most scare thing in Shepherds of Haven what will it look like


Yes, there are some absolutely devastating bad endings for Shepherds of Haven, both for the story and characters! But all bad endings are also avoidable :slight_smile:

@Sino I think the scariest thing in Blest is probably the idea of a Thrall: someone who, on the outside, looks and acts normal, but is secretly possessed by an Endarkened (willingly or unwilligly). I think it’d be terrifying to never truly know if your loved one was just a puppet for a demon who was using their body to hide amongst your kind…


The way you worded that has me very worried for the Shepherds :worried:Please have mercy on the Ro’s :sob:


At least the Shepherds have wards on the compound to detect most demons/outside presences, and if you have a Hunter around in general, you’re good! :grin:

That’s not to say there aren’t other dangers threatening them, though… :smiling_imp:


Sadistic! … I love it.


I don’t please don’t hurt my children :sob: Jk I love angst, also I really like your profile pic



Here’s a shit meme to lighten the mood a bit



yeah, because they’re all in danger of being swept off their feet by MC (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

or… in danger of sweeping MC of their feet? I…er… this one kind of ran away from me.


Shepherds of Haven final boss LEAKED featuring Chase & Trouble!!!


I’m not sure I did the colors or shapes right, but I am quite proud of this :’)



@Dagguro, that. Is. AMAZING! AND SO COOL!!! You should definitely be proud, you have a ton of skill, especially in detail and color!

That goose is freaking terrifying… Like I’m legitimately afraid of it… and the detail in everything is so good!!! YOU EVEN GOT THE GOLD CIRCLE AROUND TROUBLE’S EYES HOLY SHIT… And I love that he looks kind of worried lmfao…

Thank you for this!! You really made my day! :joy::sparkling_heart: Would you mind if I shared it on the ShoH tumblr? :grin:


Go right ahead! If you want to this art is yours as much as it is mine :upside_down_face:


Aw, thanks @Dagguro! It’s definitely yours, but I’m honored to be blessed with it! :blush:

Following @Djone1’s post on Tumblr, are there any eye colors that people feel are missing here?


Looks good to me. Granted my usual picks are Gold, Grey, and Amber.


You pretty much nailed all of them first try :grinning:


I had left out scarlet the first time (demo version) but after your reblog I was like EH WHY NOT, if they glow why can’t they have red eyes? though in that case I think it’s hilarious imagining like Shepherds traveling in camp and they look up to see a pair of glowing red eyes in the shadows but it’s just MC hanging out