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Of course! I actually laid out all of the schools of magic in this neat little post on Tumblr: :3

If you have any more questions about it, please let me know, I’ll be happy to answer! And in case anyone is curious, battle magic, healing, and elemental magic fall under astral magic, conjuring, binding, and transformative magic fall under arcane magic, and divination, enchantment, and healing fall under psionic magic. These are invisible stats that you don’t really need to worry about too much, but how it works is that a battle mage (someone who uses primarily astral-type magic) is more likely to be good at the other schools that fall under the same type (healing or elemental), though this isn’t at all a guarantee. They all just have certain affinities with each other!

Many times! Dragon Age: Origins is my favorite game and I’m embarrassed to say I know way too much about it and the other games in the Dragon Age series. Dragon Age is how I model the social element of Shepherds of Haven!

Dragon Age is probably one of the most popular western RPG video game series, along with Elder Scrolls and the Witcher. It’s a franchise made by Bioware, the same developers of Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic, and the first one (Dragon Age: Origins) takes heavy cues from Baldur’s Gate–another extremely popular RPG (though much older). I’d recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy and choice-driven games! :slight_smile:


Nooooo I’ve 6 hours more of work before I can replay this gem :sob:
And whoa, I never knew the click count resets each time the OP is updated :open_mouth: is that supposed to happen?


Thank you! I’m just wondering, is there a Healer among the Shepherds?

Also, was the MC on their own after the demon attack on their birthday or did someone take them in? Did someone teach them how to use their choice of weapon or did they learn on their own? Or are all those left for the readers to headcanon?


The “cleverest luminary” new game+ option raises charisma instead of intelligence.


thought that feeling with shepherds of heaven it like demon are like the darkspawn :grinning::smiling_imp::fearful::upside_down_face::skull_and_crossbones::innocent:


Mildly curious. But I can’t help but notice the lack of reference to electricity. Will we be able to use Lightning or Electricity from our Magic? Would that be from the Elemental side, perhaps a mix of two or more of them?

This is important to me, I absolutely fucking love magic focused around electricity. Even though lightning is technically a form of Plasma…


@rinari Hi, I loved the demo. Just though i should point out that the in the Explanation of Stats the “Team Player vs. Lone Wolf” is showing above the “Tender Heart vs. Iron Fist” which in the Traits section is the over way around.


I don’t think so! It only started happening October 30th (it had never reset when I edited the OP before that) so I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or a new thing for Discourse or what, haha!

When the MC first arrives at the Shepherds’ Order, they had just lost their Healer, so as the game starts, there isn’t. But that changes as the game goes on and more people are recruited! :slight_smile:

A lot of that time period is up to the readers’ headcanon (partially because it’s up to the readers to decide how much time has elapsed between the 13th birthday and the present, since the MC’s age is left up to the player), but your education (self-taught, apprenticed, or Circle-trained) happened after the village was destroyed, so at least that should inform your MC’s history!

Ah, thank you so much for catching that!! It would have taken a long time for me to notice, lol!

Haha to me the darkspawn are more like orcs from Lord of the Rings, kind of mindless monsters! The Endarkened (or demons) are more similar to the demons in the Fade (though they took inspiration from the djinn in the Bartimaeus trilogy of books)! :japanese_ogre:

Lightning magic is a thing, though which school it falls under depends on how it’s being used; conjuring magical bolts of lightning to hurl at enemies is usually Battle Magic, whereas summoning storms and calling down lightning from the sky onto your enemies is Elemental (more Weather, since you have to be skilled). I can’t promise that you can use lightning magic constantly, since trying to include every possible spell is beyond my skill at this point, but it’s more what fits for the situation. So if you’re fighting an enemy, you may get a choice to paralyze them (enchantment) or hurl lightning at them (battle), but in the next battle you might have the choice to throw a fireball (elemental) or summon a thousand snakes (wild). Hope that makes sense!! Long story short, lightning magic is a thing that will appear, but you’re not going to get to use it constantly. :slight_smile:

Thank you, @NathanL! Thanks so much for catching that, I’ll fix it now! :slight_smile: (Love your avatar btw, L was my favorite character in Death Note!)


me and few friends are making a guess how is Ayla story my guess is she was abandoned as a baby to an orphange after she got older she wonders who her family is way they abandoned her my friend she half demon on her father side and human on her mother but their are 10 theories we made up about this character and if the game out we all have pay dinner for the winner so may best person win


That’s amazing that you guys made a bet, haha!! I wish I could give you a hint, but you’ll have to wait~ Those are very interesting theories, though! May the best person win! :tada:


What’s changed in terms of story with the new update? Any different structure?


Only the day off scenes with Blade, Trouble, Tallys, and Shery–everything else that changed are features like the character guide recording certain things or how behind-the-scenes systems work! No significant changes to the existing story beyond that. :slight_smile:


So I accidentally hit on Trouble (Though to be fair, I forgot he was bi and I though he was oblivious to anything that can be taken in a romantic context). :laughing:

Funny how he claimed it didn’t matter if Robin kept the shirt on or not, but was clearly glancing at him.


I just played one round of the day off scenes and I’m absolutely loving the new interactions we can have!

There's just a small error:

My first day off wasn’t over yet but the scene went directly on to the second day off.

I was looking at the code and it seems like dayoff = 3 is missing a *goto dayoffchoices :slight_smile:

One more question: We can’t access the commander/Caine and his pet scene yet right? Can’t seem to get it in the game xD

I was just taking a look at the code to see the Caine pet scene, and...

#Actually, I’ll let Caine choose the name.

Caine smiles shyly and looks away. "Well, I’ve already been calling him “$!{firstname} II,” he mutters under his breath. “I guess we can just keep that”

* dawwww * :joy:

Edit: I love your punny names too :rofl:

For fun’s sake, here are a few memorable names some of my students have given their pets (in their stories): Potato, Nugget, Boom Boom, Fish Fingers, and French Fries.
I think my kids are a hungry bunch.





Trouble’s heart at that very moment:

Ah, thanks so much for catching that!! :smiley: It’s fixed now!

No lol, you won’t have the ability to become commander until much later in the game, so Caine and his pet aren’t accessible yet! :slight_smile:

Thanks, a lot of them were user-contributed! :joy: And yeah those kids sound hungry!! How old are they haha??

(High schoolers lmao)


I just wanted Robin to be a bro and tease him about his own shirtlessness to lighten the mood! I didn’t think he’d actually be a little interested to actually see him shirtless (boy is not as oblivious as the tumblr made him sound).

But I’m all for accidental charming and giving others heart attacks by mistake (or making them slap their foreheads in frustration because MC is being a accidental tease).

How would Troule have reacted if MC really did take their shirt off though; that is the mystery today. :laughing:

Children have amazing naming sense.

Random fact, but at the animal shelter I worked at, we had a chicken named Turkey.


Seven to ten year olds :joy:

And thanks for clarifying about the commander!


Trouble’s heart would have been like BA-DUMP but outwardly he’d be like “ehh let’s get washing, haha” and he would just studiously pretend to not notice the MC’s shirtlessness and just tell himself they deserve to be comfortable while working, lol!

I love that video, I reference it in real life frequently! And that chicken must have had the soul of a turkey…

Yup! And keep in mind it’s just a choice, you may not get the option depending on how your game plays out! :sweat_smile:


Now I wanna know how Blade would react to a shirtless Trouble and MC scrubbing pig’s blood off a wall :joy: