Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (Demo Updated: 6 July 2020)

Hello! Great story (though im still reading it) but i wanted to report an error. I was helping Trouble and we had just ran into the catacombs guns blazing. Killed all the kidnappers and then the Inquisition arrived. Trouble asked me if i thought the inquisition would find the kids, i said maybe, and then on the next page I arrive at a closed door with more equalists inside. It says something about me having heard about this room from some kids, and after the battle Trouble and the missing kids are standing outside. I think I either missed a page or there was an error and it put me on the wrong route by mistake.
Edit: Oh weird and now we’re back at the Shepherd HQ after saying we’ll take the kids with us and it says “Shery and Tallys come rushing out to greet you, and briefly you explain the situation: you were right about the Equalists, but weren’t able to recover the children”
Edit 2: Lol I dont even know anymore. Now it says “The children begin to settle in to the numerous rooms at the Shepherds’ tower, with their parents and families coming to visit them immediately.”

Hi there, thanks for reporting this! This bug has actually been fixed in my version for a while, but I’ve held off on updating the public demo because uploading always seems to create more bugs than not. Rest assured though that this is fixed and will be in your version sometime soon! :slight_smile:

Right, Prihine’s cousin has not been introduced in the public demo yet.


Because I’ve received so many questions regarding this, I’ve added a “Have you met this character yet?” column to the character table above, in the original post! :slight_smile:


One of the most interesting WIP I’ve read so far. I can’t wait for the full version. More power to the author.


Thank you so much! :heart:


I am Shepherd I am proud being a Shepherd fighting demons all day that can rip us one by one pissing off the Inquisition by calling them back butt f… and give me shiny s*** that burns the living sh… hands and working with minor faction to keep the peace

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I just finished the demo, it’s fantastic! I’m gonna wait for more here.

Hello. I was playing through the demo again and it seems I’m unable to get past a certain page on the Prologue. I tried it out on my phone on two browsers and my computer, though the error came up each time. Don’t know if this is something just for me though it basically causes the demo to freeze up.
Seems to occur when you select the “Draw my weapon” option. Screenshot attached below.

Hi there, so sorry about that! I’ve uploaded the fix for that, so hopefully it should work now! Thank you so much for letting me know! :sweat_smile:


I was just messing around with this cute picrew and made a little Rose and Blade. <3


Oh, thank you so much for sharing! Blade and Rose is a stupidly-cute ship name and you captured them perfectly! :heart_eyes:


So with the help of the Discord, we have decided to make a poll for the fandom RO names! We would appreciate it if anyone interested would participate so we may gather as much feedback as possible! This poll was made by the Fandom for the Fandom.

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As a side note, I will be closing the poll at 10 PM EST next Wednesday!


If I was in the world of Shepherd’s of Haven I might be working for the underground criminal organizations are going to piss on Inquisition I will be pretty much hired muscle where would you be in the world that you created


Hm, good question! :slight_smile: I’d like to think I’d be a Circle-Mage like Red, but I’m too afraid of authority to sneak around like that! :joy: I’d probably be a writer who’s also a Mage!


Just tried the demo for the first time and WOW it was incredible! The only thing I found to be a bit annoying was how if we bought a sword and better gun why cant we choose which one we want to use? When fighting the Faceless One it said that I used my arm to thrust a bullet into his face lol. I was alittle confused on that


I think it pretty cool, like Bloodborne. I always try to buy both gun and sword but it’s so expensive and I don’t even know can we equip both gun and sword for each hand

Hi there, thanks so much for your kind words and feedback! :slight_smile: I originally planned on you being able to use multiple weapons, and that may still happen, but currently I’ve held off on it because it’s way too much coding to handle for each battle. Not only are there the different magical specializations and checking if you’re able to use those for spells, but also four different levels of proficiency per weapon: so allowing you to dual-wield or equip two at once in battle would be way too hard on me at the moment. Thanks for understanding and I’m glad you enjoyed the demo!


very fun! love the game and the characters- i like how their personalities are different :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think you don’t need to coding for equip both bow and other weapons as you can’t use bow with one hand or dagger with gun as you probably only use dagger for ambush and gun create so much noise. So the combinations we have are sword with gun or sword with dagger

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