Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATED 6 January 2020)

The public demo will be updated with new chapters up until a certain point. :slight_smile: And I will be hosting a closed beta here on the forums when the alpha build is complete!


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Posting one last reminder on here that the ShoH Holiday Contest is ending December 31st! You can:

  • Reblog the linked post on Tumblr with the hashtag #havenholiday for a chance to win a Shepherds of Haven bookmark


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I will also be including a ShoH bookmark with each of the prizes above!

In terms of updates for ShoH, I’ve been hard at work on the game and the alpha build is deep into meeting (or re-meeting) Red and Ayla. I hope to update the public demo with the rest of Chapter 1 sometime soon, possibly after all of the holiday busyness dies down. I hope everyone is having a warm and happy holiday season: I’m so grateful for all of the support, encouragement, and love for this project that I’ve received over this past year, and I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings us! Thank you for everything and have a wonderful start to the new year! :gift: :gift_heart: Cheers!


The first ShoH Holiday Contest and Raffle are over!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who participated, reblogged, or sent in entries - I felt such an outpouring of love and support for the game throughout this contest, and it was monumentally hard to pick the winners this year. I’m still working on personally replying to everyone who sent in entries, and I’m so pleased and honored to announce the winners, who will receive their prizes as soon as I can make it happen! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you again for your amazing and wonderful support to everyone who joined in! This community and project wouldn’t be anywhere close to what it is without you! :star2:

And happy new year to all! I’m hoping 2020 will be the year of the Shepherds, and have lots of plans in store! :slight_smile: I hope your new decade is getting off to an amazing start! :champagne:


The Shepherds of Haven Public Demo has been updated. :slight_smile:

What’s there: the total (but not complete) content for Chapter 1. This means raiding the Equalists’ hideout with Trouble, drinking games with Tallys, and the works.

What’s not there: still quite a lot! The chapter is still actively under development and testing and is not finished! You can get to the end of the chapter in some routes, but many others are not written yet!

This is partly why it’s taken so long for me to release the chapter to the public, because I know there will be confusion resulting from unfinished paths and sections under development. However, I just broke 200,000 words on ShoH (in Chapter 3 now) so I wanted to do something to celebrate! I hope you enjoy what’s there and look forward to reading the rest (someday… I have a plan)!

Things to note:

  • Content warning: there are brief mentions or implications of torture and child kidnapping in Trouble’s route. Readers, beware, and please avoid reading if this material could be upsetting to you. There’s nothing graphic, so far as I’m aware, but it is dark.
  • As I said, this chapter is still actively under development and is undergoing private testing. I have an extensive to-do list in regards to what needs to be done or added to this chapter, so if I tell you that your feedback is already on my list, I am not intending to dismiss you! We’ve just covered a lot of ground quite thoroughly and (to no one’s blame) things said here might have already been discussed in alpha testing before. :slight_smile: Thank you for understanding in this regard!

I hope everyone’s 2020 is unfolding well! Thank you for your continuing support and patience, and I hope you enjoy reading!


WWIII can come for all I care, this update already made my year :sob:


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Yikes, my previous save slots are gone. Guess I have to restart from the beginning. :cry:

If you publish (or make available) a schedule or list of known issues, the testers can check the list before reporting.


Sorry about that, @Phantomwolf83! :sweat: That’s the other hard thing about updating game files, I’m not sure how to preserve everyone’s saves!

Why must you talk such good sense? :rofl: List is forthcoming!


List of known issues or things to be added (Chapter 1)

Don't read until after you've read the chapter (SPOILERS)
Issue Status
The route of leading the children out of the Equalists compound is INCOMPLETE and will actually be taken out later in the development stage. OBSOLETE
The route of storming the compound with Trouble rather than sneaking in is INCOMPLETE. IN PROGRESS
During the fight with Blaphemel, the options to listen at the door has not been written yet, so it’s blocked out. NOT YET STARTED
During the fight with Blaphemel, the options to fight back with magic (needs 35 magic) or punch the demon in the face are not written yet, so they’re blocked out. COMPLETE
Tallys and the MC will have a longer conversation about the missing children in her route. NOT STARTED
Norm!MC will have special dialogue with Tallys about how she hates Norms. NOT STARTED
Trouble and Tallys will have a separate conversation at the end of the chapter to reconcile after their argument. COMPLETE
There may be an option to try to destroy the dark tome from the Equalists’ hideout rather than keep it. NOT SURE YET
One tester said: if you win every single round in Elements and your last question is about her first kill, choosing to ask something else throws an error, but I haven’t found this bug yet. HOPEFULLY COMPLETE

Also, I forgot to lay out some other things that have been added to the public demo. Reading the newspaper on your day off is a new activity and doesn’t take any time from your day. And a recap tab has been added to the game under the “journey” section of the stats (you’ll have to manually go and turn this on in your stats menu.)

Finally, if you’re interested in contributing to the testing polls that I use to get stats from my testers about their playthroughs, feel free to click below! Beware, though: these polls may contain spoilers for other routes you haven’t played!

Chapter 1 Poll

Prologue Poll


Thank you, this update made my crappy day better. I love it and I’ve read it 8 times now .your writing is just wonderful and I’m more in love with trouble. Even though I had to put sense into him . I hugged him, that made my day thank you author.youre amazing


Found something that wasn’t on the list.

The play-through involving Trouble:
The next page after coming back with Trouble shifts to a different scene where it shows Trouble coming in upset that the reader didn’t go with him.

Not sure if that was ever addressed.


Had you played the Tallys route before playing the Trouble route? That would help me figure out why that’s happening!

This is so sweet, thank you so much for the kind and lovely words @Idon_t_havaname! :sob: I hope your day is better now and I’m glad the story could help! :heart:

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No. That was the first play-through of the updated version.

The final Trouble scene was being outside with the rescued. It went through one or two scenes that didn’t relate to Trouble before it skipped to the scene with the Captain.

Does that help?

Hmm, yes, that should help me hunt it down! I’ll try to figure out why, I had another tester tell me that but no one else! :thinking: One last question if you don’t mind: what did you do decide to do with the rescued children?

Never got to that. It ended with that scene before the game kinda broke. =/

Don’t mind at all! Glad to help. =)

OH I FIGURED IT OUT! It was so stupid, but I forgot to put a paranthesis around an *if statement that the quicktests and randomtests somehow didn’t catch! I think it’s fixed now! Thank you so much!! :sweat_smile: Uploading the fix now!