Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 7 Jan 2021) (Info on #3890)

This is SO EXACTLY ME too… :rofl:

I could never NOT save both… too cruel :sob:


Heh, it comes naturally to my mc to save Caine and sacrifice Prihine. I mean helpful, kind, surrogate little borther versus arrogant, whiny stuck-up brat.
And saving both isn’t really an option as for my mc if he never has to use another one of those vile words it is still too soon. I mean the last time he used one it cost him his family, his home and his childhood friend/lover.

Besides tactically he doesn’t even want the Sheperds and Trouble to know he knows those words, let alone use them in a place where it might attract the attention of the inquisition for sure.


I actually wonder what blade leadership capabilities strong and intelligent and caring for his troops I feel like he’s lacking in some categories like expecting the worst to happen just have to see more about blade to understand him he’s a very interesting character and that’s why I showed that artwork just to make a joke out of him he’s too serious most of the times in the story

@rinari I literally had to force myself to side with the templars in DAO because I’m redoing my Canon playthroughs with more accurate decisions to their characters. I was always the “help the mages, save everyone, be a good person” type even when playing my no nonsense pragmatic Dwarf warden lol


Ehh I was kind of dick in DAO I was an elven mage l, so I felt like my character having grown up mainly around humans would kinda feel more human and sympathize with their endeavors more. I ended up getting with morrigan though just for the OGB.

Exciting news, everybody!

I sent an advance copy of Shepherds of Haven’s alpha draft to some reviewers and connections in the field! Their comments have been overwhelmingly positive: please check out their reviews on my Tumblr!

happy april fool’s!


That’s a good question that definitely gets explored in the game! Blade himself questions whether he has true leadership qualities (actually, Tallys and Trouble do too LMAO) :thinking:, so it’s definitely something that will be discussed more as time goes on…


THE LAST ONE hahahahah I always found funny how they’re similar (and two of my favorite games :heart:)


The second one from the bottom baffles me, as I saw your picture in the link to your novel and there is no way in Hell I could believe someone could make that statement with a straight face.


WOW, that’s really great, rinari. With feedback like that, you should just publish as is! Why change perfection? You say unfinished, I say cliffhanger!


But to me I view as blade as the full control leader and trouble and Tallys are his lieutenants including us my guess is he has a will of Testament if he dies it’s going to be either us trouble or Tallys or that naked guy in the back room

Haha, thank you so much! :see_no_evil: I was a really ugly child so it’s something I like to joke about! :joy:

I still got a 7/10 from the New York Times, I need to implement the Demon NSFW DLC to make them happy!!

If you make certain decisions and keep Blade’s approval high, you can always become Co-Commander alongside him!


Just finished the public demo.Have to say,it is indeed great

The main character is coming after you and make sure no one dies

The closest thing I can find for a meme

Still love this! Such a range of characters! And an interesting story.

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@rinari this might sound dumb but what happens when the mc runs out of words of power? will they suffer heavy disadvantages when fighthing endarkened or suffer major backlash and ended up crippling or killing the mc?


Well my mc only became a Sheperd to save his own life and a captain because of Caine. Commander is entirely more stress than he is willing to take on, particularly since the Commander seems to be the one who has to actually report to the Autarchy’s government, including the Inquisition…my mc is not the person they would want for that anyway. :sweat_smile: