Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 7 Jan 2021) (GIVEAWAY INFO on #4009)

Thank you so much, this is such high praise! :sob: :heart:

Also, I forgot to mention this over here, but for anyone interested, I am running a month-long Shepherds of Haven fan event throughout June! Participants can post (even in this thread) a fanwork inspired by one of the prompts for this month, and they’ll receive a special role in our Discord if they’re members, as well as simply partake in the camaraderie and joy of the event! People have already begun to create and share really amazing and incredible pieces, so if you want to spread the love, please feel free!

This is not a contest, but a way to have fun and celebrate ShoH and the creativity of the amazing fans and readers who are supporting it. As such, any fanwork is welcome, from fanart and fanfiction to moodboards and commissioned works!

More details and list of prompts here!

Also, it’s one month until the release of my novel, WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HERE. It’s an exciting and nerve-wracking time!!! To celebrate that, I’ll also be hosting a giveaway this month for the wonderful fans who preorder a copy of my book; in exchange for proof of purchase, I’ll send you a swag pack with both WHABH and Shepherds goodies. I’ll be posting the official details very soon on June 6th, so keep an eye out and be prepared for that!

Finally, in Shepherds news, we’ve reached 560,000 words on the alpha build and are about 55-60% done with the story. I’m taking this month to wrap up Chapter 6–I’ve even sworn to not drink bubble tea until I’m done with it, which is a big deal–and then I’ll move on to Chapter 7 next month. I may take a few weeks off to celebrate the release of my book and take care of interviews and stuff, but I haven’t decided on that for sure yet! I might also update the public demo in July or after, but it depends on how much work I’m getting done on all those other areas first.

Thanks for sticking with me, and for your incredible support as always. I hope you’re all having a great start to your June! :sunflower:


Well, better say later than never, since the original release of the demo, it was UST enchanting, and excellent writing, and only get better from each new chapter releases over the years and increasing the lore and the stories of the conpanions in the course of our adventure, I must say I’m impressed, also i fell inspiration for classic series, animes, videogames and books with settings and some plot related with your proyect here steampunk/fantasy/dark fantasy, even reminds me of one of my personal favorite, Berserk by Kentaro Miura, a classic, specially the classic arcs and in his original source, guts™ best protagonist fight me! :fist_right: ::fist_left: I’m so glad your proyect still going forward, and thanks to all the people who support you all the way, the best of luck for ya @rinari, sheperd out.:+1:

PS: That cliffhanger though…


Hi there!

I just wanted to say that I’m really enjoying the demo so far but I’m running into an issue that I’m not sure is purposeful or not. When I’m going through the catacombs with Trouble and we wind up killing all of the Equalists there turns out to be no children there. Then Inquisitors show up and take over the investigation. Trouble then asks if I think they will find the children. All of the options except “We’ll Keep looking ourselves…” seem to make the scene skip ahead. Because the next page then says “When you’re sure Trouble and the children are far away…” as if we have found the children. Just wanted to bring this to your attention in case it was a bug.

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Rinari if you had a choice what prank would you do in this shepherd of Haven world

All of your guns go pew pew pew my gun goes here automatic machine fire from the Gatling gun so who would win Inquisition who would win


Takashi, you are insane and I love it!

I simply love reading your comments, they always make me say “DAMN” and smile.


Thank you so much for your kind message @Negg , it really put a smile on my face to read it! :slight_smile: I appreciate your continuing support and I’m honored to have SHoH compared to such great classics like Berserk! I never read it myself, but I know how much it impacted everything that came after it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi @Celestine, thank you so much for pointing this bug out! I’ve tried hunting for it before, but I don’t think I could figure out what caused it! :sweat: Would you happen to know if you loaded an old/earlier save before running into this, or was this from a fresh start? And had you played the demo before the “fresh” playthrough? This helps me figure out if it’s truly something in the code or if it’s how the saved variables are interacting with each other! Thanks for your help in advance!

Haha, I would be too scared to prank most of the people in this world, since I feel like leaving a bucket of water on top of a door for Blade or Riel to find would result in my murder :sob: I would set up some mistletoe and push some people under it, I’m too cowardly to do anything else! :joy:


Also, today marks exactly 1 month until the release of my science fiction thriller novel, We Have Always Been Here (out on July 6th)! As I mentioned a few days ago, I’m running a giveaway to celebrate my book’s publication: it’s open worldwide and is open until June 27th or while supplies last!

If you preordered a copy of my book, just fill out this form and I’ll send you a swag pack as special thanks!

What’s in the swag pack?

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More details here and on the form… I hope you’ll consider participating, and thank you so much for your continuing support of Shepherds and We Have Always Been Here!


Aww…come on, at least Trouble can be pranked by the classic pie in the face out of a box or the exploding cigar. :crazy_face:

That he is. :hugs:

But a former street kid running in a gang like Trouble probably has to have a devious or at least mischievous streak somewhere. :smiling_imp:

Maybe a water pistol fight then? :thinking:


I would feel too bad :joy: he’s such a sweetheart, he doesn’t deserve being pranked!!


Hi, I ran into the bug the first time I played the demo. I reloaded a save I made from a couple scenes before to check all the options to make sure I wasn’t missing something. I just played a fresh playthrough on a different computer to make sure it wasn’t something wrong on my end and I ran into the same bug. I hope this helps!

In order to be a help, rinari will need to know what the bug is … What happened and what path you were following, etc. Also if you could add the save file that you used to find the bug that would be useful for her, too.

In a previous post I had already explained to rinari what the bug is. And I replied with the information that was asked for.

First of all, I’m so excited for your book! I read the excerpt and it gripped me immediately – not that I would have expected otherwise.

Secondly: I was playing the game and have a question about the 'rewards' we get for saving Caine, Prihine, and both.

Essentially, what I’ve understood from the code (unless I read something incorrectly) is that

  • Saving only Caine results in no particular benefits
  • Saving only Prihine results in +1 resources and +500 shepherdgold in the prologue, and then +50 gold from Prihine in chapter 1
  • Saving both results in +10 reputation in the prologue, and then +90 gold from Prihine in chapter 1. I was wondering, however, how come we don’t get any shepherdgold? Presumably the benefits we get from saving solely Prihine are carried over when we save both Caine and Prihine? This isn’t really a criticism, moreso a clarification – is the absence of the increase in resources and shepherdsgold when we use the WOP purposeful?

Trust me, while she is focused on this game at the moment, knowing @rinari she is working on the other game in down time or when she needs a break from SHoH.

Hell she was working on this while writing her novel that is now coming out. My guess is that the other game is just not in a spot where she wants to release anything at the moment.


If you’re referring to the vampire/zombie one, it wasn’t published by Choice of Games in the end, but by Tales.

Right now, Shepherds is taking up all of my mental energy and time, and I’m focusing solely on that and the release of my novel. I am not working on any other games at the moment as I concentrate on Shepherds, and of course, whatever ChoiceScript games I make in the future will get their own threads when I’m ready to make them known. Until then, I’d like this one to focus on Shepherds and any news or updates I’m willing to share. Thanks!


I can understand that you’re making an ambitious game a lot of people can dude what you’re doing so I can just get it take a lot out of you but we’re thankful for the effort you put into it


Thank you so much, I truly appreciate you and your support! :smiley: Everyone’s patience, understanding, and encouragement means the world to me!


Just as a reminder, there are only four days left before my special giveaway for my debut book–WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HERE–ends on June 27th! If you preorder a copy of the book and fill out this form, I’ll send you a special swag pack with Shepherds of Haven and We Have Always Been Here merchandise as thanks! I’ve been blown away by the responses so far and I want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to see this giveaway before it ends. :slight_smile: And mark your calendars for July 6th, because that’s when the book finally launches!