Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 3 Aug 2021)

~ Ten minutes later ~

MC (looking at the short straw in their hands): … you all did this on purpose, didn’t you?


The MC reading a parenting book: why is it called the birds and the bees? is it because bees pollinate things and birds lay eggs? is it because bee stingers are phallic? is it because love gives you wings and makes you feel like you’re flying? who came up with this metaphor? this is a terrible metaphor. how do i–

Caine [walks in]: You wanted to talk to me about something, MC?!

MC: …

MC: [uses Word of Power]


I laughed harder than I should have at that lmao :rofl:

Edited: …and now I’m getting weird looks from my roommate. Thanks a lot lol


Caine: :slight_smile:? [the ENTIRE Kama Sutra is downloaded into his brain] :frowning:

MC: … I have made a mistake.



Caine: :slightly_smiling_face:? What do you mean?

MC: …nothing… never mind…


Caine (having casual conversation with everyone else):


MC: Tallys, is there a plant that can remove entire memories?

Tallys: Yours or someone else’s?

MC: Both.


It’s 2 AM here and I made a freaking WorldAnvil account and interactive maps and shit…

If you want to get loaded with a bunch of geographical information that will probably never come up, here’s an interactive map of the Continent here and a tracker of the MC’s travels here. I’m mostly using the WorldAnvil for my own personal records because all of the documents are just too much, so uh maybe don’t look around if you don’t want some spoilers in the future…


Caine: What?! :roll_eyes: It’s just sex, you prudes.

And now I’m seeing Caine as some kind of love guru for the Shepherds… :sweat_smile:


are there other continents or is it only blest? and if there are other continents are there nations on them?

and will we meet some of the tainted? and can we get ourselves a dragon from the blasted heath?it says the dragons presumably went extinct

Now I’m imagining what Caine would do when he finds out who is the MC’s love interest :joy:

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Ewwww haha imagine someone considering going to him for advice!

His reaction would depend wildly on who the person is! :joy:

Blest is the only known Continent to the people of Blest, but there is at least one other landmass to the south of it (on the map, if you click on the Mirror Sea, there’s an area to the south of it called the Dyer Oth Sea - an area of very weird energies and vortexes and storms. Across that sea is another continent, but no one’s chanced upon it yet; or if they have, they never survived the crossing back). If I ever write another game or book in this universe, I’d like it to maybe be about an expedition across the sea to explore that other continent. :slight_smile:

Yes to the first question, no to the second one! No dragons in this game; maybe in another. A lot of races have gone extinct or vanished over the course of Blest’s history, particularly after the Castigation–but you will meet at least one of the beings thought to be extinct in the game!


Could it be a non condescending elf, a hunter who doesn’t immediately go batshit-balls-to-the-walls-crazy around a demon, or perhaps a warm and friendly ket ? The possibilities are endless :thinking:


Trouble: Caine! I need help! I really like MC, but I don’t know if he feels the same way about me! :anguished:
Caine: He gives you roses after each mission. :expressionless:
Trouble: I know! :smile: He’s very friendly like that.
Caine: He takes you out to candle-lit dinners. :expressionless:
Trouble: I do like a good dinner… :yum:
Caine: Just… go up to him and tell him you love him, okay? :sweat:
Trouble: You really think that would work? :confused:
Caine: :expressionless: Just do it!
– Later –
Trouble: Caine! It failed! I told him I loved him and he just kissed me! :sob:
Caine: :man_facepalming:


I still refuse to believe that anything other than cockblocking Caine is cannon

Trouble: well MC and Blade are finally alone together, so we shouldn’t bother them



damn, you’re really getting a lot of mileage out of that face

bravo, good sir :clap: :clap: :clap:


If you’re saying that when I used it for 2 memes, you should see the time I used the same stock image to make 13 memes once a few years ago :laughing:

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Then I would like to officially cash in my favor:

stamp Caine’s dumb wonderful face(s) on as many memes as you can

the clock is ticking!!! you have until the day i die!!!

edit: if you need any more just hmu, I will make as many wacky expressions as I can



@rose-court ask and you shall receive! I made these 12 off the top of my head