Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 3 Aug 2021)

Same. She def redeemed herself a bit in my eyes… curious to see what happens with her in the future. It’s making that choice so hard though. :thinking:

I’m loving all the characters can’t decide who I like the most which rarely happens for me. Is Tallys supposed to be easier to befriend then the others?

Also, in choosing our skin color it says that we didn’t inherit our fathers or mother’s…but we are supposed to be adopted right? So did we know our parents before we were adopted?


I think I got Prihine killed during the Church scene or I might have misunderstood what happen?

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Tally’s my favorite so far. Loving and agreeing with the “if it’s not a demon problem its not our problem” mentality.


Yes they are all very clear on what they believe in and very opinionated. It’s going to make being best buds with them all pretty hard I think.

@resuri08 saving her at the church is an option.


I was torn between her and Caine (To be honest though, I ry want to save the kid). Is it possible to save them both?


you can save both but there will be something


Yeah you can you have to pick the last choice that uses your special power.


So, is it actually possible to not join the Shephards? I’m wondering if the Thieves Guild is part of the game yet, as someone earlier had mentioned Chase being in the game.

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The author confirmed that you have to since it seems the storyline circles around the group.

Edit:Found the post. See post#25 of this thread. :slight_smile:


I think its official. I am in love with Blade.



Thanks @PhilosoTor, I’m glad you’re liking all the characters so far! :slight_smile: If I forced you to pick, who do you think you want to spend time with the most? :joy:

And yes, Tallys is easier to befriend than the others in that she’s very straightforward and direct with her emotions; if she decides she likes you, she likes you, no beating around the bush about it–and no need for her to take a long time deciding. It really helps if you have an Elven heritage though, so she is slightly tougher in that she’s the only one who has racial bonuses and responses applied to her so far.

And the skin color thing was a brain-fart on my end, it should be resembles your mother or father’s, to hint early on that you’re not their biological child. I’ve fixed it now, thanks!

@Terriermon50 Yup, the Shepherds are non-negotiable, as the story is about joining the Shepherds and building them into a force to be reckoned with! :slight_smile: I’m not sure where someone mentioned Chase being in here but he won’t show up until later. The Thieves Guild is a faction you can convince to ally with the Shepherds in a future chapter.

@Umbreonpanda Aw, I’m glad! Good luck melting his cold, stony heart! :joy: And that’s where the demo ends at the moment–thanks for pointing it out though!


That’s where it’s supposed to end.

And I know what you mean about Blade!! But Trouble is growing on me, dammnit. He’s got this…Alistair-ish vibe and godfuckingdamnit I can’t say no to that!

I’m gonna be so screwed when Chase shows up. How will I ever choose???


Oh my god, right?? Tbh, reading the descriptions about Chase got me all hyped up until I met Trouble and Blade. I mean, come on author. Why did you make me so thirsty? :cry:

Oh no, he’s going to be a hard one isnt he? I really like how we can either tell him about his sword in a serious way or in a innuendo way. Really love when in the innuendo one, he give us more reaction… espically when asked if he have any lovers! It just-


I think Blade will have a following. XD Everybody love stoic characters (including me) I look forward to meet the other characters especially the ROs.


Youuuuu talented writer you, I am so mad at you right now!!

How dare you have Blade platonically swear to die for you so early into the game ughhhhhhh, how am I not supposed to romance the shit out of him after that encounter??? I’m only human!

And then you up and give Trouble and Tallys equally tragic backstories. With hers it’s one where you can build an intimate basis of trust and understanding due to similar massacre-y circumstances because she’ll understaaaaaaand meeeeee and then with Trouble I just wanna hold him, damnit. I’m shaking. I’m still shaking at that Equalists reveal ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i fuckin died my boi Trouble deserves loooooove [sobbing noises]


It’s only chapter one and I’m already agonizing over who to choose!

this game will the death of me i know it i feel it in my bones my dumb bitch heart cannot handle this

Actual photo of me when I said, "Yeah, I think I'm just gonna romance Blade tbh"



Yesss! I played through the first time and didn’t choose the innuendo thinking, “eh he’s not gonna go for that.” Decided to do it later (cause I could not resist) and his response! :sunglasses: “Oh my gawd Blade, are you playing with me right now?”

@rinari why would you do that! Haha. No seriously, when you listed the ROs there was no question Blade was going to be it. I always know right away who I’m going to romance… But what do I do now? You have ruined my plan.
It has never happened for me in a cog game. I always go with my first choice but Tallys… she might get to me. She might do it. Sigh.
Then Trouble… let me just say your imagery is :+1:. When Trouble turns his head and blows smoke, I could see him perfectly in my mind… and he and my character seem to share the same ideologies. So he is a real contender.
Right now, Blade is still it. If he keeps blindsiding me by doing things I do not expect (like his response to my commentary on his “sword”) then he might become my favorite romance…ever.

You cannot introduce anymore people, I forbid it! I can not handle it.

And yes I noticed that living with the elves has been the most beneficial so far. I was a bit disappointed that when I was a Ket it didn’t seem to affect my conversation with Blade.


How did I even dare forget Shery!

The girl gave me an awesome belt! Okay? That’s love right there.


Ok, I think I’ve figured it out, how I’m going to choose between the ROs. I’ve got two possible plans.:

Plan 1: The Summit of Stephens

Step 1: Send invitations to Stephen Hawking, Stephen Fry, and Stephen King. With their intelligence, wit, and ability to foresee the worst case scenarios combined, they can come to a conclusion on who would probably make the best romance option that won’t end in complete tragedy.

Step 2: Provide enough food and water so that they don’t die in what I expect will be a decade long discussion.

Step 3: Second guess their decision because what if it’s not Blade/Trouble/Tallys/Chase/Literally everyone?

Step 4: Cry.

Plan 2: Sell My Soul To the Devil, aka @rinari

Steps 1-9: Play the game at least once for each RO.

Step 10: Cry.


Trouble does remind me of Alistair because he’s a good person like him in dao and he’s funny/sarcastic too.


There’s a bug when you have to choose to follow either Trouble or Tallys to fight the equalists, and if you choose Tallys then it says that the line doesn’t exist. Otherwise I love the story.

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