Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 3 Aug 2021)

We should just name him Phartageth and be done with this.


how will win fight Blade vs Red to the death


A prophecy that was meant to be fulfilled You have convinced me to change my vote but I still stand by the fact that Viall would be a very punny name :stuck_out_tongue:


Hestamon, because it’s the bestamon

also y’know, because it sounds nice and stuff.


@rose-court arguing Tangriel’s case ^

Seriously though, I think you swayed public opinion, because when I last checked, Tangriel was at 5% in the poll, and now it’s in the lead! And how can I not be compelled by the fact that the geese could be emissaries of this guy?

Tangriel (in the past) to time-traveling goose: okay, just go to the future and tell them this incredibly important message about how to defeat the demons for good and save the world

Goose: [shot dead by Chase]

Chase [faintly]: I got another one!

Tangriel: goddamn it

@Gwenstn Hestamon is the bestamon because I just saw this when I typed in “Telamon” in Wikipedia:

In Apollodorus’ Library, Telamon was almost killed during the siege of Troy. Telamon was the first one to break through the Trojan wall, which enraged Hercules as he was coveting that glory for himself. Hercules was about to cut him down with his sword when Telamon began to quickly assemble an altar out of nearby stones in honor of Hercules. Hercules was so pleased

Like wow Telamon was a bitch. I can’t name this powerful Archmage that! Hestamon, though, has no pansy equivalent in history…

Blade would win 99.999999% of the time. Red is a very powerful Mage but doesn’t really use his magic to hurt anyone unless it’s in self-defense. Blade is almost literally a killing machine.


I voted for Tangriel right when you put the poll up last night. Like not even a minute after. I didn’t even see any of these posts until just now. Lol

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mwahahaha I was captain of my high school debate team for a reason


Welp, I’ve done my part for today.

I will see you all the next time I feel the inexplicable urge to sprinkle my own sense of humor onto @rinari’s story.


Tangriel - ng + m = Tamriel
Tangriel - i and swap T for G = Gangrel

Tamriel - Home world of the Elder Scrolls
Gangrel - Animalist Vampires from VtM/WoD

Case closed yet another name ruined. @rose-court, @rinari


That’s a lotta math for some bullshit.



Wait what’s Tangriel and a gooseman?

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Ah, Tangriel is a possible new name for the Archmage Vartageth because I ruined that name by calling him Fartageth.

In real life, Tengri was a Central Asian god who was depicted as a white goose, and without any prior knowledge of either of these, I’ve sent rinari quite a few goose-related asks on the tumblr.

You can check 'em out here! :smiley:

And the joke is now that the Archmage now doubles as a Goose-Mage because he has goose-servants/familiars that he can send through time? I’m not sure.

All I know is that I love it.


Tangriel sounds like a great name. And I knew that Tengri existed, but I had no idea that they were ascociated with geese. You could have Tangriel use lightning magic to make more references to Tengri.


To me that just makes the Goose Mage’s name more cooler!


Tiny update!

  • A calendar has been added in the codex.
  • Going through Blade’s dayoff sequence will unlock a new document in the codex about the Ket caste system.
  • There’s now a chance for you to randomly encounter another Shepherd while strength-training. In the future what your relationship is like with that Shepherd will matter.
  • Going back to Chandry’s shop a second time has new dialogue where he asks you a riddle. Giving answers he likes will net you a discount (up to 50% off!). In the future more dialogue will be added so he tells you a different riddle each time.

I was wondering, for a low INT MC can we have answers like the courier in fallout new Vegas if they have 2 INT ?

I never played Fallout: New Vegas so I’m not sure what you mean by the courier’s dialogue! :slightly_smiling_face: Were they an idiot at 2 intelligence or something lol? (And while Chandry’s riddles don’t always check intelligence, you do always have the option of being dismissive or “huh?” to him!)


They basically talk like a caveman

Take this for example
Someone: are you for war or peace against the norms ?
Low int MC: PIZZA!


Lol! While that would be hilarious, I don’t think it would fit the personality/story of the MC much! :laughing: The Shepherds are like hey you seem powerful, want to join our police force? and the MC is like I LIKE LAMPS!


Yeah, sorry I’m reinstalling it right now (yay!) and that question just popped up :sweat_smile:


Not at all, I’ve always heard it’s the best Fallout! Enjoy! :grin: