Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 3 Aug 2021)

Trouble’ achievement can be toil for trouble, since we have to do all the work in romancing him

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What’s the limit on achievements anyway? 100? …Less?

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Yep, 100.

So we all now know how crazy @rinari is!


Keeping it Riel… really? I can’t lol


ok, but it’s also brilliant??

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And yup @rose-court the “absolute utter max is 100” according to the CS wiki! Which is a bummer! SAY GOODBYE TO THE ACHIEVEMENT FOR GETTING CAINE A PET, IT WAS CALLED ‘A BOY AND HIS DOG’

Lmao I mean it’s on par with As Sweet as Shery Pie which… I have nothing to say about lol.

Most of these achievements are really just stupid puns and/or references to other things: I had to delete the one that’s still in the demo named You Killed My Father, Prepare to Die. SAD.


So I made some more memes

I also tried to upload a video I edited but it wouldn’t let me :pensive:


I did it twice because they’re the same




LOL @GuardsmanTheMad you outdo yourself every time! I can never get over how funny these are! I’m dying particularly at the face that Blade’s twitter handle would just be “BlaDe” LMFAO and the FMA scene, damn…


Don’t die on us yet. You got two stories to finish. And who knows what else after!

We love your worlds! :smiley:



Ah, thank you so much! :see_no_evil: How kind! (My brain thought of a third idea yesterday but I had to be like:)

No more projects until these two are done lol…


My job here is complete


A Caine in the butt.
Tallys Ho.
In Prihine condition.


This might clash with another CoG game with the almost the same title. :joy:


You already took away the boy’s dog achievement, at least leave him his dignity for God’s sake!

You had to delete the Good Boye achievement???


I may have gotten a B in my anatomy class today, but I have an F in my heart out of disappoint—ok, that makes no sense, I need to sleep.


It was either get rid of the Good Boy achievement (which few people would see anyway) or the Gift-Giver achievement–giving someone the perfect gift on Lovelace Day! :sob:

(Congrats on passing anatomy, I took one day of it before switching out to another class LOL!)


I prefer this one! and I love cats more than dogs anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But…the good boy :sob: Just take out some other acheivement…:sob:

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So, I let Caine die.

When I first played the demo, I didn’t like it very much. I felt that I was being forced to play a very set character, who wasn’t the type I’d usually play as. But after coming back to the game (what can I say, the writing style is great), I realized this fit in with the theme of the story. The MC is greatly limited in life by being Diminished, only having one real option in life. Sure, there are choices, but choosing something else leads to death.

With this in mind, I remade my main MC. She grew up in the Norm town as the mayor’s daughter. She admired her father and wanted to follow in his footsteps. For a while, due to the fondness the townspeople held for her, she thought this was possible. She was also a curious child, which is why her reaction to the appearance of an otherwordly creature in her room and the gift it brought was trying to find out more about it. When the Endarkened attacked her birthday celebration, her first instinct was to sneak away and let someone else deal with the problem. This didn’t work out, and, to her credit, she immediately tried to use magic after being cornered. Not that it did any good.

The real world and the discrimination she faced were a shock to her after her relatively sheltered upbringing. After a while, she grew to resent her hometown for giving her false hope, thinking of it as a dream (after all, it left no trace) that had to end. As such, she considers the Endarkened attack to have been almost inevitable in a way, and had resolved to move past it. She apprentices with a half-mage mentor, reasoning that, if she’s discriminated against for having magic, she might as well use it. Due to her mentor focusing on finesse and lore over brute force, she’s interested in esoteric and subtle branches of magic rather than the MOAR FIREBALL!!! type. She gets a job as a mercenary/bodyguard because it’s only semi-decently paid job she can get with her background and skill set, but she dislikes it and resents the circumstances that forced her into it.

She’s very cunning and charismatic, as well as being reasonably intelligent. She’s a coward, however, to the extent that Shery gives her a magic belt to fix it. (It’d be hilarious if she lost it in a fight and went from “We can do this!” to “Nope, I’m outta here.”) She’s also overly fond of money and manipulating people, her greatest ambition being to live surrounded by untold riches, not lifting a finger, instead using others to accomplish her goals. She values all lives equally, believing it’s always right to sacrifice one for the sake of many, until it comes to her own, which she considers to be worth more than everyone else’s put together. On the bright side, she’s open to new experiences, willing to compromise, and has little trouble swallowing her pride.
Although she likes her magic and extended lifespan, she’d trade them in a heartbeat to be a Normal, avoiding discrimination and being able to do what she wants in life. This is one of the reasons she uses a gun as opposed to weapons favored by other races (the other one being that guns beat swords). She’s not sure if there’s a god(s), but she knows there isn’t a good one.

She waltzes through the beginning of the game by talking (and lying) her way out of trouble. She’s not particularly fond of Caine, but likes his curiosity. When the Endarkened attack the church she considers running at first, but, believing herself to be a match for it and seeing an opportunity to have Prihine be in debt to her, she fights and defeats it. When the second Endarkened unexpectedly shows up, she refuses to use a Word of Power to stop it, due to the lack of information she has, as well as the havoc it caused the last time she used one. Faced with a choice between Prihine, Caine and doing nothing, she saved Prihine because that’s why she stayed in the first place, and she didn’t put herself in danger for nothing, dammit. Afterwards, she feels guilty about Caine’s death, which reminds her of that of her childhood friend, since her magic once again isn’t good enough to save someone she cares about to some extent. When the Shepherds try to recruit her, she refuses and leaves. However, after being caught by the Inquisition, she claims to be a member to save her own skin. When Blade comes along she mentally crosses her fingers and says she doesn’t resent the fact that circumstances forced her to join the Shepherds. She resented her circumstances before, and did just fine, so as far as she’s concerned, Blade has no business knowing her opinions on the matter.

After spending some time with the Shepherds she developes opinions on them. She dislikes Blade and Trouble for the fact that, despite clearly resenting injustice, they don’t seem to do anything about it, making her feel bad about herself, despite not doing any better than she is. She’s fond of Shery and her awkward ways, but she hasn’t figured Tallys out yet (a two hundred year old elf probably has a good pokerface). She also thinks Trouble and Shery are stupid to join the Shepherds when, as humans, they could do something much better.

That’s as far as I’ve decided, because the next chapter presents a dilemma: on one hand, random children are none of her business and she doesn’t really care, but on the other hand, she doesn’t want Trouble to hate her and is curious about whether the experiments actually worked.

So this is basically a poorly written villain origin story for a bitter, drama queen character who can’t be a villain. I have no idea why I wrote it here and kudos to you if you managed to read it.

I’m going to compensate for what you just did there.

Cats are the best! :cat2: