Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 3 Aug 2021)

Ahhhh yikes, I probably should had looked up the slang’s definition first before commenting. But I do agree that there should be a RO for every sexual orientation but I would imagine it’d devour alot of time to create one from scratch then code out the scenes.

my thought exactly!! XD, that’s why i have nothing to complain when he turns out to be straight… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well as our very own @ParrotWatcher always advises, if your cast of RO’s is limited then it makes more sense to just have them be mc-sexual for game and story purposes and the enjoyment of your players/readers.
My personal threshold for limiting ro’s by gender and orientation (for games whose main premise is not dating and romance) would be six, with one gay, one lesbian, two bi or pan sexual and two straights I can assure every player will have at least two viable choices.
With a true dating game I would probably want everybody to have at least four valid options, including at least two exclusively gay guys.

So in general if you’ve got less than six ro’s minimum I’d strongly advise not restricting them by orientation.

No worries, this site has the nice fringe benefit of keeping me connected to contemporary youth culture and young in spirit.


Umm, how are people supposed to fight people with guns? Unless if everyone is fast enough to get out of the path of a bullet before it is fired it’s a simple point,click,dead

Also just a recommendation but could you think of possibly adding unarmed as a weapon stat? Because if we don’t have our weapon we might as well be dead meat


I assume the guns are single-fire type akin to ones from the 19th(?) century.


Supernatural toughness maybe? :thinking: At least for the Ket.
Still I think the main point is already reflected in the world of the story, the former “Gifted” lost out to guns and numbers, remember?
My main mc here also uses a gun as his primary weapon, with magic considered secondary to that, even in his own mind.

Nah, they seem more like Wild-West revolver type of guns to me, at least the one the mc has, as it allows them to shoot at the demon a couple of times in rapid succession until the last (6th?) bullet finally pierces its eyes and blows out its brain.

Also from the linked tropes page, I agree, revolvers are badass and a more suitable weapon for my mc who isn’t a hulking, muscular giant with supernatural toughness in any case.


It’s also possible for a sword to actually slice a bullet in half. There’s a video somewhere on the internet that I could look for. But yeah to do that, you’d need some really amazing reflexes that would put Spiderman to shame.

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Saw it, guy swung his sword at a bb that went half the speed of a bullet. I suppose though If a swordsman was very perceptive then they could just put the sword in the path of the gun

That could work as well.


Wow, this is a fantastic demo!

I love, love, love the way you dole out information so that the reader doesn’t get overwhelmed, and it’s is so seamless, very unlike the usual walls of text I’ve come to expect from many WIPs. And the writing itself is impeccable, I was honestly surprised when I hit the replay screen-- I had forgotten that I wasn’t playing a finished game.

Great job so far, honestly. This has already shot up to be my #1 most anticipated WIP.


Do you prefer to have cosmetic customization/your MC’s physical traits described within the game? What if it breaks story immersion?

  • Yes, I want to customize my character
  • No, I can envision them just fine
  • Doesn’t matter

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There’s an error when you try to join the shepherds, causing it to freeze the game.

Other than that, the story is very well written and I’m eager to get past the part where it froze. Keep up the awesome work.

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I’m not certain about everyone else, but customizing my character actually helps me immerse myself in the game. Maybe it’s because I’m a super visual person, but being allowed to choose the way they look allows me to visualize them more clearly. Instead of this blurry humanoid figure, I get a clearer picture, and I can more fully inhabit their head.

It’s weird, I know, but I’m also an artist, so choosing hair and eye color is tantamount to setting their personality to me.

Do I want them dark and mysterious? Black hair. Are they peppy? Green eyes! Hmm, I should probably play again so I choose red hair, maybe this time they’ll be a battle mage!

That is the thought process I have when I’m allowed to customize. Again, I can only speak for myself.


@Otaku_King I think I’ve fixed the error you mentioned! Thanks for finding it! And thank you for the kind words! :slight_smile:

@rose-court Thank you for the great insight! That’s very interesting! I’ve added in cosmetic customization for now. I’m not entirely happy with how it flows within the story, so I’ll have to find a better way to incorporate in the future, but it’s really good to know that people value that feature, especially to feel attached to their MC! And thank you for the very kind words and encouragement as well, I’m so happy you enjoyed the story! :blush:


@rinari: any thoughts about adding in gay ROs? (Sorry if I go on about this, but it is rather important to me.)


I just replayed to see how you did the customization, and I think you integrated it really well! I think it flows very naturally, I can’t imagine a better place to put it than when you’re a young teenager with no consciously looming threats like death, supernatural racism, or your harpy of an employer.


Unfortunately its still bugged.

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There’s also an error on the conscription path:

prologue line 2081: Non-existent variable 'shepherdsconscript

Also while blade does say it my mc will nonetheless be a fairly reluctant “sheperd”, refusing to take the “pay” or go to the parties (if there are any of course).
Fortunately the sheperds do seem purely concerned with the supernatural, but my mc will probably still make the speech about not lifting so much as a finger to act as mundane police or deter the more mundane crimes.

Of course I also agree with Parrotwatcher on the gay ro’s thing.


Aw man, I was hoping to romance him. :cry: The story is interesting so far though.


@ParrotWatcher and @idonotlikeusernames: I appreciate your thoughts! The thing is that this story is based on an already-existing story and already-existing characters that I’ve been writing for many years. It’s difficult for me to write them in a very different way from how I conceived of them and have thought of them for so long, which is why Blade is gender-locked (because he is and has been straight in my head) and et cetera.

That being said, I acknowledge your desire for fairness. I find myself in a bit of a conundrum. Red only shows up if the MC is attracted to men, and he will be exclusively gay if the MC is gay (same with Ayla, for females). They will have conversation about it, so I did write their interactions slightly differently depending on the gender and sexuality of the MC. Similarly, Chase’s storyline is different depending on if his romance is with a woman v. a man (though he is ‘officially’ bisexual, whereas the other two are not).

That puts the numbers at 4 romance options for bisexual MCs of either gender; 3 for straight MCs, and 2 for gay MCs. That’s already a lot of writing and coding, and I admit that something feels wrong about creating an entirely new character (actually, 2) solely to have an exclusively-gay cast member; I feel like their identity (obviously) should be more than that, but as of right now there’s no need in the story for more characters, period. So it would feel like they were just there to fulfill a need, which feels inorganic and wrong to me. I hope that makes sense!

I of course appreciate your thoughts on all of this and will continue to think on it. I will say that the game isn’t intended to be a romance/dating game necessarily, and that I hope that people will be able to build rich relationships with the characters even if they’re not ROs (which is why there are currently not more romanceable characters). I hope you can understand where I’m coming from. :slight_smile: Thanks again for your thoughts!