Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 3 Aug 2021)

Is there a way to save both cain and the women


You’ve convinced me to try this one Parrotwatcher and I must say I’m not disappointed thus far.

I’ve also got one error to report when trying to engage the demon at the wedding with my mc’s gun it throws up this error:

prologue line 1536: Invalid expression at char 11, expected NUMBER, STRING, VAR or PARENTHETICAL, was: OPERATOR [%]

Seems like @Sano also tried to fight with their mc’s normal weapons.

I guess not since it seems to be plot critical, but since my mc has no particular love of the government and certainly not for being one of their pet enforcers I do wish for an option that sounds less enthusiastic about joining up, maybe let them conscript or impress the mc anyway, maybe after they get apprehended by the inquisition anyways, but yeah my mc is not particularly enthusiastic about joining up and probably wouldn’t do so if he had any other valid, survivable choice.
The apparently halfway decent pay is also not much of an incentive and if conscripted my mc would likely refuse to take any of it since he really doesn’t like taking the blood money of the inquisition in the form of a patronizing “stipend” particularly since the Diminished seem rather limited in what they can actually spend (even relatively) large amounts of money on, beyond the bare necessities of (food), (drab) clothing and (leaky) shelter and some basic tools and weaponry that is.
Maybe make a different achievement for the alternate way of “joining up” too, like, say “conscripted”.

Lastly since the “Sheperds” seem to be referred to as “police” they really shouldn’t expect my mc to lift even a finger to deter any more mundane crimes, from shoplifting to bank-robbery to mugging.


Yep! When you are about to choose who to save, click on ‘I’d rather use that other thing’ and then yes. You will use the word and time will stop. That way both if them will live to see another day!


Thanks fluffy mate I dident get them alive when I did it


Gotta be careful cause using the word to save the others will reduce your ability to use it again in the future. Originally there was 7 words but after my first playthrough using the word twice, it dropped down to 5.


Well I obviously chose to save the boy over the bride, so again no payday for my mc, I take it.


Oh damn, I didn’t Even notice that. Thanks for the heads up :blush:


I always push the topic of maps when it comes to fantasy-based. since it would add, if not a lot, to the immersion of the story. Do you have any plans of making them? if so i could lend a hand if need be.

Well, my MC isn’t exactly ecstatic about it, but it does seem to be a far better choice than many (for now, at least).

Brave, helpful surrogate little brother vs useless, whiny, spoiled brat… :thinking: Why would that be a hard choice? :confused:


@Loki522 Thank you! And no, at this moment, Shery is not an RO, just a friend and a companion that you can take under your wing! She was originally an RO along with another male character but I found that I was struggling to write a compelling relationship/romance with her. That could always change in the future, though!

@Nightgazer Nope, seven is all you get! (Technically six since the MC is forced to trigger the first one to set everything into motion). Use them wisely! :wink:

@Ricemaker Thank you so much! I’ve never played Divinity: Original Sins or the sequel but I’ve been wanting to! To answer your question, right now Blade is gender-locked to females and Lavinet to males. Red and Ayla are whatever sexuality the MC chooses to be and Chase and Tallys are bisexual. I was toying with the idea of making Tallys reject anybody who wasn’t raised by Elves, but I changed my mind and having an Elven heritage just gives you a BIG advantage with her! So no one’s race-locked anymore!

@blob Prihine’s cousin isn’t so bad! :sweat_smile: Trouble is like your trustworthy best friend bro haha! And I think I will add in some cosmetic customization if it helps people get more attached to their MC. :slight_smile: Maybe when they’re getting dressed before their birthday?

@JMH There will be healing magic in the story, though it won’t be a specialization! But there will be opportunities to use healing that will affect the story and will require stat checks (along with other types of spells that don’t fall under the specializations).

@catorrina Thank you for your thoughts! I think I will go back and flesh out the hometown/dad/Zori, since a few people have pointed it out! The events of that flashback will have wider repercussions later on so I do hope to make it feel more impactful and meaningful! And good point about the backtrack/background checks before decisions–I will have to think about how I want to handle those in a way that provides enough information but doesn’t break up the flow/immersion of the story!

@idonotlikeusernames I like your ideas! (Thanks for finding the bug, a few others have found it as well so I will reupload a fix in the morning.) You make a good point and I really like your idea of introducing a “conscripted” route for the more reluctant that still ends with being a Shepherd, but leaves room for a different attitude. I will do my best to incorporate that! And yes, the Shepherds deal with supernatural crimes only!

@shadydahyun I have a very crappy MS-paint map somewhere! Do you have any suggestions on an easy way to make a map not crappy-MS paint? :slight_smile:

@ParrotWatcher True, haha… the irony is that I planned for saving Prihine to reap more political advantages down the line, but I think I will add more scenes with her as a more nuanced character if the MC chooses to avoid Caine!


So, not only are there no exclusively gay characters, but the first one to appear (who, due to his position, seems to be one of the most important to the plot) is the exclusively straight guy… That’s not really very fair. :confused: Admittedly, I probably wouldn’t go for Blade anyway – he seems a bit too cold for my preferences – but even so, it’s unappealingly skewed.


if you want i could try and make a replica of that said ‘very crappy MS-paint map’ haha maybe even draw one… and we’ll see if you like it

if not then there’s a software called “” and it’s like MS paint… but better, you can try ur luck with that :slight_smile:

@shadydahyun I have a very crappy MS-paint map somewhere! Do you have any suggestions on an easy way to make a map not crappy-MS paint?


not sure how useful it is but… thought I’d put it out here anyway.

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You’re right I hadn’t even realised it yet, too focused on other things, but yeah that is kinda dissappointing.
Then again I do share your sentiments that Blade wouldn’t have been my mc’s kind of guy anyway.
Maybe we can get to meet some cute exclusively gay guys during our investigations somehow? Not every RO needs to be a Sheperd and my mc would probably prefer somebody who wasn’t a Sheperd to be completely honest.


wow… what a great demo… im hooked.

sounds like you already had most of the story finished/ figured out and just need to make some change, branch story and a hell of coding to make it more like games :heart_eyes:

im also dissapointed when i realized Trouble isn’t an RO :sob: i really like his character

sorry, but you just make him sounds more appealing to me as an RO :rofl:

LOL… cant agree more with you both XD

so that’s why i get an RO vibe from her :thinking: it be nice to romance her…

i get the feeling that we (MC) already met him… :smirk:


Yeah, I’d rather have him as a lover then a dudebro type friend.


Dudebro? I so just found a new nickname for my best friend! Lol thanks for that.

He does certainly seem more fun than Blade, yeah. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well with a nickname like Trouble…

The term isn’t all that complimentary
in real-life though, particularly in the gay community, as you can imagine.
Still I’m sure trouble is nothing like that, just a bit disappointed the one and only really cute guy we’ve met thus far is not romanceable by the mc under any circumstances.