Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 3 Aug 2021)

I like this name better to be honest. I’ll admit I was surprised to see a notification from a game I didn’t remember though. It was a good surprise to find it was you!


Thank you! I will definitely post about it when the book is done and if there’s any big news about it in the future. :slight_smile: And yes lol the free version of the software didn’t include rivers or lakes… :joy: I’m a cheapskate! They are there though, or the world would have bigger problems than a demon invasion!

@Baam I’m glad you like it better too! Yup haha, just me popping in!


I’ve got a question I’m surprised I haven’t asked yet, as a mage, is our lifespan any different from a normal human? Is there any sort of life extension type of magic in the universe?

Also I liked the old name, but I think I like the changed name more!

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Haven and Hael was really a unique title but the new one is more clearer so it’s fine by me as well.

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Yes, Mages tend to live a little longer than humans/Norms: their lifespan is usually 100-150, barring any crazy life-draining magical strain! It usually goes:

  1. Hunters (50-60 at most, average death in late 40s)
  2. Norms (60-80 at most, average death around 65-70)
  3. Mages (100-200 at most, average death around 150)
  4. Ket (same as Mages)
  5. Elves (near-immortal but not invincible)

Edit: there is life-extension magic, but it was considered taboo even in the old days, and after the Castigation pretty much all knowledge of it was lost.


Cool, thanks for answering!

Well I know what I’ll be looking into on the side…(if its an option, of course.)

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Will we be able to solve that immortality thing if we’re dating Tally?

Also who is Croelle? And can I also choose to not help them and be apathetic like Tally?

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The immortality thing will be addressed in her romance, yes. :slightly_smiling_face: I won’t say anymore about how you/she can handle it, though!

And Croelle was the weird dude who showed up during your first night in Haven: he had a talk with you about free will and the Shepherds. You may not remember him because it was a brief scene! But he shows up in that path and randomly pops up again persistently, depending on what routes you take. (On the other hand, you may never encounter him at all!) And it’s not him who needs help, but yes, you can definitely continue to be indifferent and uninvolved in Tallys’ route!


Looks at the upcoming COG game about a bunch of werewolves in a place called haven.
Has a sudden urge for popcorn.

My mc sure remembers him :heart_eyes:


I don’t think it would be much of/any issue really


I don’t know why but the map of the district’s reminds me of the walls in attack on titan.

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@Nomad33810 It’s probably the ring configuration.

@rinari mmmmmmmmyes sweet delicious fantasy maps give me life

But it really has been nice seeing you around the forums again. I hope everything has been going well with your book, and that it continues to do so!

I’m actually rather fond of this new name. I think it’s a better fit, though there will hopefully be a blurb that will clarify that you’re not going to be herding sheep…even though I can actually see that happening in-game for some reason??

Blade: Trouble, what did you do?
Trouble: Ok, I’ll tell you, but you have to promise you won’t get mad.

I kind of feel like I should have a question only because everyone else has one, but honestly the only thing I want is to protecc my boi Caine even though he could probably kick my ass irl I MUST KEEP MY CHILD SAFE FROM THE EQUALISTS

…but that’s not really a question, so I’ll just keep watching things unfold happily and probably drool over these maps mmmmmmmm.


Is the city in Attack on Titan also stacked in tiers? Haven is, but I don’t know how to portray that on a map lol—so it’s probably also like Gondor but with classism. :sweat_smile:

And thank you! I had to block reddit for myself to be more productive and focused, but it turns out this site is way more fun and addictive than even that to lurk on, and then it starts getting me fired up and thinking about my own game… then I start tweaking… then I start writing… then I start posting haha! So I’ll definitely be around! :wink:

And ah, Caine! It’s been fun incorporating him into some scenes with the Shepherds, per your idea! I’ve also grown quite fond of his friend, Hal, and really all the kids featured in the Equalists chapter, though I worry some readers might be upset by that section. There’s an option to go into Hal’s memories to figure stuff out, so you inhabit his body for a little while, and there’s vague references to what he and the other kids go through. Nothing graphic, but quite sad—I wonder if it necessitates a warning?

Edit: Also hah - I feel like Trouble would get too pissed off to herd sheep! Maybe if Chase roped him into some harebrained scheme…


regardless of if you’re working on it yet again, glad to hear you’re back! I like the new name as well.

It’s not stacked per se, as in everything is on the same level ground, but it is separated in rings still, being wealthy the more central you get.

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And safer (20 characters)

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Yes, I think the idea of keeping the rich safe from sieges/attack’s by being in the middle (or high up on the top) is probably common! :laughing: In Haven’s case it’s also so the city’s leaders can be perceived as being closest to their God!


To be realistic as when one’s town is attacked you have to protect those who have the resources to repair the damages made when the town survive. XD


My mc doesn’t care all that much about the taboos of neither the old gods nor the new god and the associated cultures.

I also noticed the map implies the continent continues west beyond the Westwood, so here’s hoping to getting to a frontier that is truly out of the Sun Court’s grasp one day.

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Or just destroying the Sun Court and liberating the known Continent from the Autarchy! :grinning:

But yes, there are lands to the west of the map, and even a continent to the south across the sea that no one has made it to yet! (Or if they did, they went insane before they could come back.) If I ever do a sequel to this (in game or book form) I’ve toyed with the idea of making it part voyage across a crazy sea and then settling the new land!