Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 3 Aug 2021)

You’ll have to let me know how interesting it is to be wrong all the time =P

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How much of this is just an affinity and how of it is a true limit? Not that it really matters since all living mages, including the mc, know little enough of magic as it is, but I’m still curious.

I always want more Trouble. :wink:


It doesn’t really limit things–like how an Art major can still learn astrophysics, they just may have a natural ease or preference or gravitation towards artistic things! There are some Mages who simply can’t do other types of magic, but this is more of a personal lack than anything to do with their affinities/specializations! (Mimir as a Seer, for example, only divines visions of the future–she can’t use her magic for anything else–but not all Seers are like that!)


Also, I commissioned feather-x-crown (Crow) to finish off the character art for the game, since we were always lacking Riel, Shery, and Lavinet. Take a look~

Isn’t her art gorgeous?! :sob:


They look so good and are so detailed! :grinning:

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Riel’s eyebrows. :kiss:

Chase. :eggplant:


Lavinet is SO PRETTY OMG
I love her so MUCH cries in love language



Though Riel looks mighty cute in the drawing too, but Trouble is still the sexiest of them all.

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More art of the ShoH ladies from! :heart_eyes:


So much great art!!!

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If snarky: How dare you, sir. How very dare you. :eye::eggplant::eye:

If genuine: Prince of Thieves (my heart?) and yet to be introduced in-game. Romances M, F, and NB MCs. “The mischievous and impulsive leader of the Thieves’ Guild who struggles with his morality.” From the phylum of LoverToy to the genus of ForeverBoy:

id est



The only way i joined up was getting conscripted hope there is a option to for desertion later on i just don’t see why i should risk my life for people i don’t care about.


Well, the game is called Shepherds of Haven, so you have to be… a Shepherd of Haven haha! No desertion or anything, sorry if the characters aren’t your cup of tea!


It is mainly for role playing.

My mc joined up the same way, but now he’ll stay as long as Trouble is alive and in the Sheperds.
Although what he won’t do is enforce the autarchy’s laws when there is no supernatural or requests from Trouble involved. Like I said he’d just stand twiddling his thumbs if he saw an ordinary bank robbery in progress or a bunch of highwaymen shaking down an autarchy noble or offical.

Of course in the epilogue I hope we get to start a truly new life outside of the Sheperds with Trouble.

Fortunately mine cares about Trouble and Caine at least, but whatever he can surreptitiously do to hurt the autarchy and the current regime he will.

My mc just does not see the point in it all why fight and protect people you don’t care about.

Lol! And yes, there’s opportunities to do this!


My MC is naturally not at all a fan of the Autarchy but he does like the Shepard’s mission to protect people (even if it is working for an awful government…) and it also makes it legal for him to use his magic which is always nice. I suppose he can not really see a way to oppose the Autarchy right now, but at least he can help people as a Shepard or at least live in less fear.

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@rinari Will there be an option to side with the Equalists? My MC only joined the Shepherds to be able to use magic more freely and has zero intention of siding against fellow mages. My MC considers other mages more the MC’s family than the Shepherds ever will be. Weighed against the massive discrimination and persecution of the Diminished, my MC might even agree that the Equalists’ goals are worth the cost.

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