Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 3 Aug 2021)

Oh, no worries haha, there are so many platforms that ShoH is on at this point that even I can’t keep track of jokes anymore! Sorry about that! :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! XD

Oh no, not at all unfortunately, haha. You have to:

  1. make sure he survives
  2. make sure he likes you enough/your relationship is strong
  3. make the right decisions in his character route

to get a good ending with him, friendship or romance. Even if he lives and he likes you by the end of the story, you could still get a bad ending depending on his circumstances, position, and mindset…

And for a romance, you’ll have had to have triggered his romance at the right time, too!


That’s a lot of well trouble. Fortunately Trouble is worth it, heck Trouble is really the only thing making being part of the Sheperds bearable to my mc at the moment. He’s super-cute, badass, sexy and awesome, even if the poor kid can be a bit dense and not really see it himself.


I will get happy end Ayla ending even if it kill me


great thing having patreon is that peaple now more of shepherds of Haven and of choice of games


Yes, this is true! I’m very grateful for it because it allows me to work on the game so much more than I would. Seriously, I’m working on ShoH and planning it out at least twice as much than I could before!

That being said, I’d like to take a moment to tentatively announce just one thing for now: Mimir will no longer be a recruitable character. She will still maintain the same role in the story and game and will still be encountered in the game in the exact same way, but I struggled to find a way to make her “day off” sessions relevant and as impactful as everyone else’s, especially since day off time is limited.

She will likely be replaced by someone else who can have a fuller character arc and better interaction with everyone else—instead of just vague craziness— but I don’t know who that will be yet!

Just something I wanted everyone to know, now that it’s solidified in my mind! I’ll be editing the various materials about the recruitable characters online shortly, but I’m out of town for a wedding at the moment and quite busy for the next few weeks! I hope everyone’s August is going well! :heart:


Hi I new to this wip and was wondering if there is another link to a new public updated demo or is there just the original just curious

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Hi there Anthony! This is the only public demo, but you can access the updated alpha build of the game if you become a Patron! You can also wait for that version to become available to the public, though it might take a while because I’m still ironing out the kinks! Thanks for your question!


Public Demo Updated

Some of the changes (it’s been a long time, so I might not remember what was already there and what wasn’t!):

  • Non-binary pronouns and options (including they/them)
  • New appearance customization and minor heritage effects on appearance
  • New birthday and calendar features
  • New character guide (don’t remember if it was in there before), new stats screen and inventory organization, new codex system and entries, and more
  • New dialogue and interactions in Prologue
  • New dialogue and interactions in Day Off #1
  • New Prihine romance flags
  • New way of choosing sexuality and sexual preferences
  • New chapter and stats images
  • New map of Blest by @ignifexgames
  • Bug fixes and grammar tweaks
  • More save slots
  • Much more

Thanks for everyone’s patience thus far! I’m currently steaming ahead on Chapter 2, but Chapter 1 (Trouble and Tallys’ split storyline) did not get updated in the public demo yet because I’m still ironing out those kinks with my alpha testers and Patrons. There may be bugs that I didn’t catch as a result of this.

Whether you’re a newcomer to Shepherds of Haven or revisiting the demo after a long time, I hope you enjoy!


I have feeling shepherds of haven going lot bigger other storys

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This is probably true… I can’t even keep a word count anymore because there are so many different chapters with massive word counts scattered around my files in different places (:sob: :sob:)!!!


Word count:

Found a few things
  1. Prihine’s physical description didn’t show up in the stats page unless I saved her. Not sure if this is intentional or not.

  2. ‘Affinity’ remained blank after I chose a specialization. Similarly, the symbol of the chosen affinity didn’t appear.

  3. MC was stuck wearing the tattered wedding attire for the rest of the demo.

General thoughts/inquiries
  1. I like the new ways to respond to Ebert regarding Prihine.

  2. Can we get the option to input our own hair & eye colour?

  3. I feel like the Tallys/Trouble disagreement leading into the chapter 1 split could have possibly been avoided. There was nothing preventing MC, upon discovering Hal’s possible connection to the Equalists, from immediately healing or mesmerizing him/looking into his memories/searching for clues (unless there’s some Sheperd protocol they have to follow that I’m unaware of). If they found evidence before returning to the compound, Tallys wouldn’t have any reason to turn down an investigation as dealing with rogue magic/Diminished is within the Sheperds’ purview. That being said, it would be a shame to lose Tallys’ route :thinking:
    Edit By ‘MC discovering the Hal/Equalist connection’, I’m referring to the fact that Trouble was able to identify this connection as soon as he saw the gold ring in Hal’s eyes. From there, Trouble could have informed MC who could’ve quickly use magic to check/investigate.

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Hi @Nyahaha101, thanks for your feedback!

This is intentional; the character guide is only for characters who are going to stick around in the story (whom the player needs reminding of). Prihine doesn’t stick around in your story if she dies, so keeping her physical description (for a corpse) seems like a moot point that would take up space!

These are a result of me updating all the files except Chapter 1: they’ll be resolved once I get around to updating Chapter 1 properly!

Sure, I don’t see why not!

Hmm, I see your point, but people (or at least my characters) don’t always think that rationally. Trouble encountered evidence of a deep trauma of his that he was not expecting. His first instinct was to return to headquarters and get backup/gather his thoughts: I don’t think he would have been capable of seeing some kid have the same eyes as him, then turn and immediately explain to MC all that he’d been through (in front of the kid’s mother) all that immediately. I see your point, but yes, hindsight is 20/20 and things don’t always operate so smoothly!


Update! Update! Update! Update!


Thanks for the update! This game is perhaps my favourite game that I’ve played, including published COGs + Hosted Games :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a question

If we choose a wild mage specialisation, we should be able to talk to animals right? But then in Tallys’ day off, we get this option:

Isn’t that contradictory for a MC with a Wild Mage specialisation? Or are these specific animals that only talk to Elves?


@stuck_in_bed The MC doesn’t have access to the knowledge to actually learn the spells of the specializations (at least not yet!), so I think talking to animals is something that they could learn eventually, but not something they would naturally know how to do.

How I understand picking specializations to work it isn’t so much an intrinsic gift as it is your MC thinking “if things were different I think I’d be good at this


Oh boy I’ve missed my gurl Tallys. Great update!


Wow, this is such an amazing compliment! Thank you so very much! :heart:

JMH has it exactly right, picking your specialization is more like, “If I had gone to college, I would have majored in…” It sets your interests and preferences and some strengths in a particular area of magic, but in order to actually do things as a Wild Mage or an Elementalist, you’ll have to train and study in that area extensively.

That being said, there is a part in Chapter 2 (Trouble’s route) where you can talk to an alleycat if you’re a Wild Mage, so that is an oversight on my part! I’m really just getting out general drafts for now and going back in and adding flavor text/choices for specializations and heritages later, so this will be something on my list!

Thank you so much!


I love this story and btw with necromancy it says we could be necromancer can we actually rise the dead


Thanks for the explanations @JMH and @rinari. That makes sense!