Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 3 Aug 2021)

if you are world shepherds how will you feel

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Probably hungry… they don’t get to eat that well until later in the game! :crazy_face:


what will you do if finish Shepherd of Haven

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Hmm, good question! I’d take a few months off to bask, then hopefully try to finish Apex Predators! :slight_smile: And then start planning the next game! :rofl:


so how you days going for you

Awe look at my baby self! 8 months later and I’m calling Bioware our lord and saviors.


Yeeaaahhh, maybe Bioware from 2009. Nowadays I fear they are but a husk of their former selves. Not that the dev team likes it any more than we do.

I hate to be a downer but I heard that after EA canceled their first version of DA4 (which sounded really cool and I’m not sure why anyone would cancel it) they started on a new version that the devs are internally calling “Anthem with dragons”. I don’t have a lot of hope for Dragon age at the moment.


This my job if I work for Shepherd

I will be your chief //Artist name is Aliwaffle0608


I’m just going to pretend I never saw this article and that it isn’t true!.. :sob: Honestly though no matter how Anthem-y or Andromeda-y it is, I’ll still buy every Dragon Age and Mass Effect game that comes out… those bastards got me for life!..

I just got back to the country after a long period of traveling, thanks so much for asking! :slight_smile: I need to get settled in, but once I do there will likely be several announcements about changes to the game!

LMAO the way they’re holding those knives is hilarious!!! I should start cooking like that, too…


Also, I’ve been on a graph-making kick for whatever reason, so here’s some diagrams for how romance works in Shepherds of Haven (and how all the Shepherds feel about each other when they first meet)!


I mean, a good deal of members of team left; that certainly says something.

That version really did sound amazing; I would have loved to play that.

But I’ve seen a lot of WIPs go through multiple rewrites for some reason or another, so the news didn’t surprise me. I just hope that the latest idea holds strong in its own way.

Don’t know much about Anthem (doesn’t really seem my type of game), but I still want to try to have faith in Bioware. Though I won’t deny that I do have some misgivings about its development.

They had me the moment I first played DAO.

Although I’m not sure I’m in the minority in this matter, but Andromeda didn’t completely strike me as a bad game. It was one that had a tough legacy to follow, and needed to have a solid launching the moment of its release (something it ended up not having, which only fuel players displeasure). Not saying it was a great game; just one that had gotten partly screwed over by a careless launch.

I have faith in Bioware for the most part. It is EA’s own part in this that makes me have those mentioned misgivings.


I don’t know why, the line with the words ‘act like a dick’, made me snicker a bit. But is that really the only way to get a little dislike from the character? What about having different views from them (not like being a jerk; just having different views on some matter).


Actually, aside from the completely wonky graphics and facial expressions–and the super weird alien sex-–I actually quite enjoyed Andromeda, too! It did have an insane legacy to hold up to, but having never played the original MEs I actually enjoyed it and 100% it!

Hmm, well, having different views from a character generally doesn’t garner disapproval from them; they’re mostly mature enough to respect other people’s beliefs and backgrounds. But if, say, Shery asks you to go to church with her and you say you don’t believe in the One-God, there may be a slight loss of approval from her (but not enough to call it dislike or bar you from being friends with her, either). However, the way you express your disagreement counts more than just the act of disagreeing, which is where ‘acting like a dick’ comes in; and there are also choices that lead to loss of approval (like following Trouble in Chapter 1 causes Tallys to disapprove), but I wouldn’t call it dislike: just loss of approval!

Pretty much the only way to become hated in the game is to act like a psychopath lol, like killing children or leaving behind a companion to die when you didn’t need to…


That lady continuing to lean brought joy to me in ways I never thought possible (friend sent me a video of that glitch). :joy:

Honestly, most of those felt silly to me in some way (like they were trying to be overly sexy about it) :laughing:. The moments before or after were more interesting, if that makes any sense.

I think it’s a solid game myself (after getting the previous games, have been giving it a go after things have been fixed and calmed down). Still feel like a more solid launch would have helped it immensely and softened a bit of others’ opinion of it. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the explanation! Can’t wait to see how it plays out in the full game itself!


I don’t think most people hated Andromada. At least, not because of anything the game did. If anyone hated it, it was likely because it was less good than the other Mass effect games. I really do wish Bioware had more time with Andromada though. I really liked a majority of the characters. I think the story could’ve been a lot better if they differentiated from the original games a little bit more. I completed it once but there wasn’t really enough motivation in me to try it again like I did with the previous games.

Well, good to know that’s an option in this game, I may or may not have a couple MC’s who fit this description.


:eyes: The ones who are going to romance Croelle, lmao??

I thought that was going to be DLC.

It is, that was just a joke. It’ll be up in the air who becomes the male DLC romance option though!


Ah yes, sorry. I haven’t read this thread in a while, and it’s sort of hard to get jokes through text sometimes.

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Hey Quix, here’s a secret…you’re not alone. I dipped out of this thread for about three months, and I came back a few days ago and I have no idea what’s going on. 10/10 would recommend confusion again.


So all my mc has to do is make sure that cutie Trouble survives and likes him enough at the game to get their good ending?

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