Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 3 Aug 2021)

I always thought that Africa or Indonesia would be a place to put your magic narrative in. They’re more archaic and their culture is more focused on shamanism, each tribe following their own beliefs, with lots of spirit and whatnot

I checked you wip out(read the blurb you wrote about the game) and can I ask you something?
Why the Totem Force goes to school? Can’t they ask the big buck from the, I dunno, the planet they are saving? This trope always seemed flimsy to me, in western movies, animes, you name it.

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Yes, there are! :slight_smile: You can find a breakdown of them in the game’s codex!

Well, the majority of popular fantasy writers tend to be American or British because of how/where mainstream publishing and global distribution evolved, and it’s likely that people will write stories based in their home country! But there are also plenty of magical/fantasy tales set in other countries if you need recommendations! :slight_smile: Off of the top of my head–Ogiwara’s Dragon Sword and Wind Child were super popular in Japan, Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart was set in Italy and was written by a German author, as was Stravaganza by Mary Hoffman, Artemis Fowl was set in Ireland, Devourers was set in India, Sophie’s World was set in Norway.

You should definitely continue that conversation on @Parrotwatcher’s thread! :slight_smile:



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The MC is the lovechild of Robin

Morgan is the mc confirmed.

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I am suddenly deeply depressed my MC doesn’t have pointy ears.

I would have loved for them to have been a Half-Elf.



Sorry, I would have too! For the purposes of the story the MC can’t have several different possible biological parents. In the original novel series, the main protagonist obviously was a fixed character with a fixed background. :slight_smile:

On a different note, I’ve gotten lots of questions here and on Tumblr about how the book is doing and when ShoH is going to start back up again! After much fumbling with HTML I’ve figured out how to put a progress bar on the Tumblr sidebar (pretty sure you can only see it on desktop). Now you can track how I’m doing in real time, lol. It has been slow going with the edits and rewrites so far, but hey, 5%! Only twenty more times and I’ll be done! :slight_smile:




So I’ve noticed that the amount of gold we get after finishing a job is randomized. The first time I picked the bodyguard job, I only got 10 gold. The second time I did it, I got 30. 30 gold compared to only 10 is a big addition to the gold I already have when buying a weapon and armor. If I initially have 100 gold +30 then I buy a weapon(50) + bracers(30), I would still have 50 gold to spare, which is preferable to 30 if I only had 110. god am i a greedy bitch

So what if instead of randomizing the amount, make it fixed and then make the jobs vary in how much time it takes to finish it. So the more time consuming the job is, the more money you get paid. But that would also mean less time for other activities.

Of course, this is just a suggestion and feel free to ignore this!

Edit: I just discovered that we can get discounts from Chandry. More gold for me to spare!

On another note, if it’s not too much to ask, can we have an option to politely decline Chandry when he asks us if we would like to purchase a tweet? Like maybe saying “No, thanks” or just a simple shake of the head.

When did the MC start learning magic? Is it before their Flower/Wreath Day or after?

Also, would it be difficult to romance certain ROs if I play an MC who has a Norm heritage but is skeptical?


Say what? You are trying to tell me that the whole forum saw that? Or what sort of witchcraft do you use? Also perhaps the biggest mistery is : will you sent people to Mars before Elon Musk?(on your website you are described as a researcher in science fiction, those people build rockets right?)
Edit : Is the Ket culture inspired by Eastern culture(because it seems more organized than the other cultures, parallel which we can use to compare Chinese, Japanese cultures vs European cultures; also the Ket’s word is unbreakable seems centered around honor and whatnot, looking a bit like Bushido…Blade won’t kill himself right? Pls he won’t)

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Thanks for the suggestion! At the moment I’m adverse to making anything take up more time than 1 slot, because I feel like the risks–not having enough time to do what you want–are more permanent and negative than not making as much gold as you would like! (Some gold is still better than no gold, but losing time in the day is always negative, in my mind.) So the risk would probably deter people from doing a side job more than anything!

And yes, not only can Chandry give you discounts, but you can receive bonuses and rewards for actions taken throughout the game. :slight_smile:

Hmm, this one’s interesting! I can always throw it in there, but Chandry will react negatively to even a polite rejection, lol! Saying “I’m not a bird” is the true neutral option with him!

After! They didn’t know any magic at all when the Revenant attacked, which is why they were so hesitant to use it when Zori was telling them to.

It depends on what you mean by skeptical! :slight_smile: Norm characters like Shery, Trouble, Chase, and Lavinet may have a hard time if your character is anti-Norm, Chase and Lavinet in particular!

Whenever you post on a thread, it gets moved to the top, where everyone can see! :laughing:

No, haha! We did work with some people regarding the Mars One project, but it became pretty clear early on that it was pretty much just science fiction and not a feasible, real-life concept. (TLDR: a company sends the first four people to Mars by 2024 and pays for everything by live-streaming their efforts on Mars as a reality show/documentary. But because there’s no way to get back from Mars, it’s literally a one-way trip, so 1) the people would die there, and 2) there was no real feasible concept about how to replenish their food for the rest of their lives/supply the building materials needed to create living structures.)

We also worked with some engineers who were using 3D printers to fabricate lunar structures and an author who was pioneering the idea to build towers taller than Everest! On my end, though, I was literally only researching science fiction. I worked for Project Hieroglyph, which aims to 1) combat the trend of dystopian science fiction (which frequently depicts an apocalyptic world or just a very shitty future, which has all sorts of cultural effects) with science fiction that proposes ideas that can improve our future, and 2) bridge the gap between writers and engineers/scientists so that they can collaborate on giving ideas a shape in reality.

Ket culture is somewhat inspired by feudal samurai culture, but it’s also just as inspired by ancient Greek kleos (or honor-based) warrior culture, with a smidgen of Anglo-Saxon thrown in. Ritual suicide is not a thing in Ket culture, but dying honorably in combat is. :slight_smile:


… Say no more. I know what my character will be, I just haven’t decided until now.


There is an interesting fact in your book : all the diminished except elves have direct combat advantages(ket have arma, mages have magic and hunters go berzerk when they see demons) while elves and norms have long-term advantages(elves live a lot so they can perfect themselves and norms have ingenuity/their technology evolves with each generation); also you described the elves as the first beings, beings that walked into both worlds. Do elves have a secret power? A direct one, like the ket or mages(because them, unlike the hunters can use their powers freely)


Elves in this world are a little bit of a combination of Ket and Mages, with long lifespans thrown in. They have some innate magical abilities, referred to as “small magicks,” which enable them to communicate with animals, possess the gift of tongues, ward their territories, and hide themselves from view from outsiders. (They’re more like charms or talents than real magic, and the small magicks like the wards can fail.) Elves will never be as strong as Mages in the magic category–but they have more of an affinity for it than, say, Norms. Likewise, they are more physically-adept than the average Norm, possessing greater strength, speed, agility, grace, and heightened senses, which sort of comes from the Ket side of things–but they will also never be as physically-strong as a Ket with arma.

Hope that makes sense! Basically the Elves have a little bit of everything, plus long lives! The one thing they sorely lack is the adaptability for change that the Norms have!