Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 3 Aug 2021)

I would mind if I don’t match her up with anyone. It would just be nice to develop her character into more independent and much more aware of her surroundings and find her true path if she have one.

To be honest though, being her friend doesn’t mean I have to play match maker. XD

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I used to dislike her but after playing the path where you don’t help Caine she seemed pretty decent and I prefer to save both now.
She seems to be like these anime tsundere characters who seem cold and jerk but are actually nice inside and secretly like you


If anything, it would be incentive to go back in another playthrough and save her instead of Caine. Just to see how the romance plays out. Because right now I’m not tempted to choose her at all.

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I certainly approve of this idea especially after seeing that she may not be so stuck up after all.

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Ohhhh, in that case, ignore the matchmaker suggestion. I wasn’t aware of why that wouldn’t work. Which is on me, I should remembered that the only survivors of the wedding are you and either Caine and/or Prihine—that is how it went right? now I don’t even remember that, yeesh.


Why would I offer Prihine one of my own husbands???

Anyway, the feedback is more mixed than I anticipated the Prihine hate is real. Maybe a poll would help? I suspect there’s more lurkers than posters on here, so hopefully it will give you a more accurate picture.


You’re good, it’s been a while! :smile: Prihine’s husband actually did survive that massacre–he bolted at the first chance, lol–but other circumstances if you encounter them again will render the marriage not so, eh, firm.

I knew you would say this! :joy:

Good idea on the poll, though, here it is: and it’s not just because I love making polls

Should Lady Prihine Naveen be a secret, optional, brief romantic option?

  • Yes, I’m fine with the option to romance her
  • No, screw that b*t(#!
  • I’d prefer a completely different female RO, even if she were to pop up more suddenly

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:cry: You know me well. :sob:

[holds Chase closer even though he’s never even appeared in-game yet]

Welp, I await the results of the poll. I think they’ll be informative regardless of whether or not she’s accepted as a romantic liaison.

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idk about “brief” if she’s being used to balance out the gender options. If you’re saying it’s this or a fully fledged character with full scenes, I’d say another character. But if they’re both going to be brief, then yeah sure, this is fine with me.

Also obvious question since it hasn’t been asked yet: is Prihine straight, or bi? :thinking: (I am assume she at least likes men given she’s getting married to a man. Though that’s not stopped people before, so who knows?)


They would both be brief—since there are already 11 NPCs, each with their own full-fledged character arc/story, and 9 with an additional romance route, and extensively-changing endings, I don’t think I can do anymore! :sweat: Each character adds anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 additional words to the story, not including code. :joy: This would just be my attempt to help anyone who felt that 3 female romance options were still too few! So it would be more like a bonus if you wanted it. :slight_smile:

And Prihine is actually bi! No one thought to ask her before they married her off, though…


Good point! Who suggests that we push her to our potential husbands? She is an interesting character though so I wouldn’t mind having friendship arc for her like I said previously and I pretty much am attached to Caine though so it might be more work for you @rinari


I feel like everyone is forgetting you can save Caine and Prihine.

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Really?! We could? I thought we have to choose one over the other… My memory is too hazy.

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We can, but we have to use a word, which seem to be a limit resource in the game. So doing so may stop you from doing other good stuff later.


I knew but… I really just didn’t want to waste my word on her tbh. She was just so unlikeable from the beginning. I could see the benfits, saving a rich woman with influence, and on a different playthrough I might do it. I just think for some it wasn’t worth it using our gift that we have very little knowledge and limited supply of.


Saving her will give you some benefits though, like the ability to infiltrate the sun court easier and a better relationship with Lavinet.
I guess it depends on how important would the words of powers be later on, and if they would just replace high stat checks or actually be mandatory to get good results


The words are very important (use them wisely!) but almost all of them after the Caine/Prihine choice can be supplanted by high/difficult stat checks. :slight_smile: You can get through the game without using another one and still get good endings, though they’ll be different from ones where you did!


:mag: :eyes: orly?

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It would be very difficult, but still totally possible! :laughing: I even added an extra one after the demo because it’d be so hard!


Lady Prihine was actually my first crush …curious to know how far the romance will go , but i remember there are more interesting female ROs, Lady Prihine will certainly make the RO competition fiercer

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The Caine/Prihine choice wasn’t actually difficult at all for my mc. Only way he’d use another word is if you force a Caine/Trouble choice. Besides best not to let the Sheperds and their masters know he possesses that unique, if rather limited, “power”.

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