Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 3 Aug 2021)

I usually read parts of the code of the game so I wouldn’t really need a walk-through I guess. When I tried the XoR one though, even the code in this game was so complicated with so much text and variables that I gave up on checking it and just let Breden manage the winter time.

And in general games if one part is too troublesome I’d look for a guide or even download a mod that makes it easier.
Like in Dragon Age Origins for example I found the fade mission way too troublesome so I just downloaded a mod that let me skip the mission altogether and still get the stat boosts, or in Inquisition I got a mod that let me open all Halla Doors in 1 playthrough.


[war flashbacks to the Fade]

Oh GOD, and here I thought I had successfully blocked my memory of the Fade after transitioning to the PCMasterRace and getting that same mod.

Thanks for the reminder… :cold_sweat:

I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who just noses her way into the code! I was starting to feel a bit like a cheater…which it still could be, but oh well. I’ve found my people.

I also think it doesn’t help that, since CoG is so small by comparison, there are hardly any walkthroughs beyond the ones for the most popular games.


Here is an idea, though I don’t know if it can work in the CScript, but after learning an individual’s trigger, ie Riel is a history nerd, do a stat check and give a bonus if you pass a certain high threshold. Don’t make it a requirement but a bonus that makes it easier to romance.


@rose-court There already is a gift system in place, actually! To help with those pesky story decisions that lessen a character’s approval, or to make up for a bonus that you might not have. :slight_smile: You can find gifts to buy for the characters in Chandry’s Ends and Oddities on your day off–but the one you might think a character will like may not actually be their preferred gift! :sweat_smile: I love the idea of Riel being bludgeoned into your friendship, though!

(Also, I didn’t think the Fade was actually that bad in DA:O. It’s the Deep Roads that kill me every time–probably the #1 reason that’s kept me from replaying DA:O for the tenth time!)

And hmm, since it seems like a lot of people tend to look at the code (which I’m fuzzy on how to do: you must be playing on PC, right? Does it work with Steam and CoG’s direct purchase?), it seems like guides don’t seem to be necessary. I’ve had to start writing a romance guide for myself while writing this monster, so take that as you will…

Also @2xs, that’s a great idea! I might just end up implementing that. It won’t block anyone off from romancing a character or befriending them, but it will give an approval/romance bonus in a few situations. Thanks for the idea! Should be fairly easy to code. :smile:

Small update: I realized today that I’m about 61,000 words (not counting code) into H+H, 70,000 if you’re also counting the glossary and codex. 25,000 of that is the prologue! I don’t know how that compares to other CoG games, but I’m counting on H+H being ten very long chapters, plus the prologue, plus an equal number of intermissions/days off for each of the eleven characters… Going will be slow, though, since I still have my novel to work on as well! Just wanted to update. :slight_smile:


I’m not in favour of stat walls if they don’t make sense. An example would be Jacks friendship/romance in Mass Effect. I had to read a wiki to find out about her backround because I either played a female with a great friendship with Jack, or had not romanced her as a male. I’d have thought our friendship would have had her talking to me about her backround. That type of thing aside, colour me in favour of stat walls. I dislike being universally accepted just because I’m the MC. I don’t expect the bride girl to have my MC around for tea and scones, using the front entrance no less, just because I saved her life. Her type of gratitude, via Caine, and a bit of gold plus a favour, is what I do expect.

I usually run with pre-given names, such as the ones you’ve thought of, mostly because they suit and seem specific to the world that’s been built, and I liked them. I only pick my own if the choice of names are the same as people in my RL. I come from a really big family!

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yeah, I can’t say I ever have looked up a romance guide, but if I’m wondering like, “hey, does killing this guy who Ms X hates close her romance?” then I’ll occasionally look up a guide.

Also, com’on guys, am I the only one that enjoyed the deep roads? I loved exploring them :<

and @rinari you can only look at code if the game is hosted on dashingdon, as far as I’m aware. You essentially just fiddle with the demo link and it’ll send you to the scenes and codes depending what you put in.
If you’re wondering, here’s a thread on how people can see code of games.


Actually, if you paid for the game and email COG your receipt along with a request, they’ll let you see the code, I believe by giving you access to the version on the COG webstore? I’m not 100% certain.

I’m planning on doing this for Wayhaven Chronicles. I can come back and confirm what you’d need to do if anyone is interested.

ah, nevermind then.

I learned something new today

I always use a custom name, but I like for. Some lists to be there to give me an idea of what names would fit in the world

You can view the code on COG (only the demo if you haven’t bought it) by changing the end of the site name to scenes/startup.txt


From there you can see all the names of the other scenes and navigate accordingly.

Oh I don’t think I’ve ever used any other name other than my own. Even if it sounds totally out of place I still use my own. I always thought that’s the point of CYOA anyways.

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Huh, very interesting! I didn’t know there were so many different ways to look at a game’s code, thanks everybody! :slight_smile:

On a different note, anyone feel like naming the Shepherds’ talking gargoyle guardian thing? I can’t for the life of me think of a name that sounds right. Things to note:

  • it’s a bound spirit that Vartageth tasked to watch over his tower by trapping it in a stone head hung up in the entrance hall; was never released when Vartageth disappeared

  • is annoying but good at its job

  • looks like a super fugly lion head

  • favorite activity is bullying Shery

  • Trouble regularly threatens to smash it


Steve. :neutral_face:


Leon, Leo, Leondre, Leonel - just a play on the description

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I’m torn between Jekka and Vivek at the moment–Leo et al seems too noble for the creature and Steve is, well, Steve! :sweat_smile:


Hmm… Perhaps make a poll with the “Other” option for other suggestions. =D


But on a serious note, maybe Cornellis?
What kind of annoying are we talking here? Sassy? Haughty? Indignant? Belligerent?

If it’s a haughty gargoyle, I definitely like Cornellis

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Gheorghe, Ioan, Vasile, Constantin, Ion, Alexandru, Nicolae, Mihai,

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How about Griphook? Though is this name copyrighted? =/

It’s a belligerent, chittering, bullying thing–

@Logan3000x I like all of those names! They seem Russian in origin, which may seem improbable in Blest, but Vasile and Ioan are not noticeably so? @resuri08 I don’t believe Griphook is copyrighted, but I would want to avoid using it to avoid any confusion anyway. :sweat_smile:

Here’s a poll for Shery’s tormentor:

  • Vivek
  • Jekka
  • Nestor
  • Agares
  • Other (Write below)

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