Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 3 Aug 2021)

I don’t think it’s super jarring so YMMV, I guess. For me, I don’t imagine their guns as something like assault rifles or the like anyway. I picture them more as handcannons and flintlocks. Either way, IIRC it was also mentioned that norms were the ones who came up w/ agriculture and the like so that’s another example of their inventiveness.

…well, shit.

Though tbh I’m already excited to meet Lavinet! I have a weakness for Pure™ characters ;A;

…b-but there’s so many ways to play it… aaand i also won’t stop until i romanced all characters in all of the games

First of all, Tallys is BEAUTIFUL! I’m already interested in her as it is but I was leaning towards Blade or Lavinet. You’ve just made my decision harder gdi! Also, yay tarot cards! :star_struck: I always wanted to commission those but one card alone is expensive as hell. Wow, good on you! I’m excited to see them :sparkling_heart: The cards will just inspire my completionist ass more.

About their appearances, I also imagined Blade as older (at least early 30s, I guess) because he’s serious, he’s the leader, and seems to carry a lot of baggage. I’m surprised that he’s just in his 20s. Then again, maybe he really was just trained very early.


I’m mildly alarmed that people only play dragon age 13 times. I’ve played all 3 probably 18 times each at least.


How do you play so much? I played Inquistion 127 hours and still didn’t finish it (was in the middle of trespasser) but I already kinda quit. The game has a good story and the combat is good too with an artificer (really strong class and fun to play, other classes don’t looks as fun though). The problem is that the world itself is rather empty and boring, and the side quests are mostly boring too (kill some demons, close a rift, collect shards etc all the time).

If you compare it to The Witcher 3 for example, it’s a lot worse. In TW3 cities feel like actual cities with lots of people and quests (in inquisition all you had were some shops), almost all quests are meaningful and have a story to them, there are a lot of morale dilemmas, choices have real consequences that affect the ending.
Pretty much the only advantages Inquistion have over it are being able to customize your character and having more ROs to choose from (but then the romance is pretty short anyway, all romance scenes together are like 40-50 minutes which is nothing compared to 100+ hours of game length).
I think Inquistion could have been a better game if they just focused on characters and story instead of open world and just made it more linear like Origins.


I try different playstyles and roleplaying for different characters as well as bringing different companions. I make out elaborate stories for my OCs too to help keep my interest. There are always mods if/when gameplay gets boring and you can always tweak the difficulty setting if you want more challenge. I usually play on hard (and in DAI with trials) so I have to be on my toes. I’ve only played DAO and DA2 multiple times though. I only got DAI GOTY when it was on sale for the holidays. Right now, I’m still in the middle of Here Lies the Abyss because of my busy sched & being too much of a grinding completionist lol;;;

I’ve seen clips of TW3 and I hear this a lot even from DA fans. I know what you’re talking about. Inquisition’s Val Royeaux is very underwhelming especially if you’ve read the books. Either way, haven’t tried TW3 yet because I can barely run it on my laptop. I’ll try the other two first though because y’know, completionist. I also have a lot of game backlog atm so…

Ugh this! Honestly, the open world is a huge part of why I have a hard time getting into Bethesda. I dig characters and story more than gameplay. The open world in DAI kills the narrative pacing IMO. The tactical camera is also ehh. I’m still gonna play it though. I’m still gonna play it. i’m way too deep into this now to leave RIP,

(this is getting OT-ish now so let’s leave it here for now)

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@Bibleblack22 That’s where the demo ends for now! :slight_smile: Thank you very much for your kind words!

@zenbu Blade could feasibly be in his early thirties as well, it’s really up to the readers at this point! I think it will become more apparent as his story goes on though that he’s been hardened at a young age and it’s made him seem more weighed down and mature than he really should be. Dude’s seen and done some shit!

@Frogs At the risk of getting more off-topic, I’ll agree that Inquisition leaves a player somewhat wanting with how unpopulated the world feels, but I still played 3 or 4 times! I think there are enough sidequests, war table missions, playstyles, choices, and of course side characters to keep it diverse and interesting. I think the only big huge flaw (to me) was not the open world but how cheesy Corypheus was. I still put Inquisition as an improvement over the very limited-feeling DA2 though!


About Haven and Hael–

Do you think you’ll follow Trouble or Tallys when the time comes?

  • Trouble
  • Tallys

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Following trouble makes more sense, if you try to check the kid with magic it’s clear there is magic involved here and that he isn’t possesed. He’s also Caine’s friend and Caine is nice. Tallys simply doesn’t care because the kids are norms and she won’t care if norms die (she even said it herself earlier if you asked her if she hates norms)


poor tallys…i could understand her reasoning, but following trouble is just logical

tbh, it’s a really tough RP decision that you’ve presented us with, @rinari and the answer will definitely depend on what kind of character I’m playing as.
A more jaded and bitter MC would follow Tallys, but it would hurt me as a reader because I, as a person, find it hard to divorce my real life emotions and convictions from my character’s actions…

So, as way of fictional atonement for the one bitter MC that follows Tallys, all my other MCs will follow Trouble, lol.


But, I think Trouble is imposing his own hatred onto a situation without any proof. As such I am going to follow the more level-headed(at least in this situation) Tallys.

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I meant to click trouble but clicked tallys instead. Dang characters with names that both start with T.

Cant you change your vote? If you click hide results the options show up again

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I know, right?

Between romances and choices and party compositions there’s just so much I have to see before I can be “finished” with the game.

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OMFG how did you survive making that decision? I can never make Alistair sacrifice himself xD I do everything it takes to make him king so I can see him again in Kirkwall being a lil cinammon roll.

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I agree with trouble even though I’m still interested in a romance with tally.

I’m curious about the Equalist plot so I’ll follow Trouble first. I’m also intrigued how Trouble actually measures up compared to the Diminished because of his “enhancements”.

It’s not in the jurisdiction of Shepherds but Equalists seem like an immediate threat. Though somehow, why do I feel like a demon will pop up just when we leave with Trouble? :thinking:


how could you to this!? at least you should add “can’t decide” option :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

im sorry Tally, i can’t follow you, i owe it to Caine to investigate what is wrong with his friend, so i have to follow trouble :sweat_smile:

and then Trouble calling me
Trouble : "Luke, will you come with me?"
Me : OF COURSE!! i'll gladly follow you wherever you go~ <3 <3 <3"
Tally : (-______-)

LOL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is very beautifully crafted thus far. The way you draw readers into the story early with this feeling of intrigue and mystery is something to admire. I really enjoy the direction of this and I hope for your success in the process of creating this.


Grabs Trouble and Tallys into a huge bear hug and starts singing “Why can’t we be friends!”


Yeah, DA:I isn’t Skyrim and it doesn’t have the most important mods to kill boredom: Quest and NPC mods. For Skyrim Interesting NPC’s is my main quest mod and I use some of the new lands ones (along with some to make the guys, including my mc more sexy), that said I’ve still got to actually finish Dragonborn and a lot of the guild questlines.

Yes, Bioware tended to do best with relatively narrow and tightly focused narrative, character-driven games. But since Bethesda and others (GTA5, cough, cough, not that GTA is in any way comparable to a true RPG anyway) were amazingly successful with the open world model I think they and EA though they just had to follow, disregarding the fact that open worlds was never Bioware’s strength and the fact that Bethesda’s open world games in particular have always relied on a great deal of mod support to really make them shine, not to mention playable on occasion.
Which is a level of mod support and tolerance Bioware has not been exactly comfortable with since the first Neverwinter Nights.

With its developer being a Polish company I don’t even know if it is going to be legal for them to mention homosexuality at all in any potential future games with the way their PIS(s) “party” is having a party pissing on all EU values and principles, not to mention their own Constitution. :unamused:

All my local friends who are actually gamers and even some of my colleagues were always raving about the Witcher, but Geralt as a main character has never drawn me in, particularly with that whole collect women as cards thingy. But then if I’m going to invest real time and money in a CRPG these days a gay mc is pretty much a hard requirement for me, which tends to mean games with a custom mc in practice, since no major developer is ready to go for an openly gay or even 50/50 male bisexual protagonist in a major (RPG) title that features actual romance. :unamused:
Which is why most new games I buy and play these days tend to be visual novels, indies or come from this site.

Well…duh…Trouble of course, who else is going to keep the cutie out of “trouble” when he appears to go off half-cocked. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: