Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 3 Aug 2021)

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Pfft. y’all unworthy of my… extraordinary talent, :smirk:


merry Christmas rinari have great day


Aw, Merry Christmas @Takashi_Shin, I hope you’re enjoying the holiday and having a great day too! :hugs:

And happy holidays to everyone here, I’m sending lots of warm wishes your way! :slight_smile: I have some big news for the new year so please look forward to that! :christmas_tree:


So here’s some big news…

My manuscript is finally complete!

And that means Shepherds of Haven is officially off hiatus!!!

The book has been sent into my agent and there’s nothing more I can do for it until it gets picked up by a publisher (please keep your fingers crossed for me!)! That means I’m now going to devote my full creative energy to writing and completing Shepherds of Haven!

What is that going to look like, moving ahead? Well, to start, I’m planning to start private alpha thread.

What does that mean?

While I’m going to leave the public demo up with what’s currently there and slowly add to it (up to a certain point), I would love to start a group of alpha testers/readers who will have access to the game as I write it and update it, in its raw form. I find that I need a smaller group of readers who I can pose specific questions to and get active feedback from in order to polish the story. While I love this thread, I wouldn’t be totally comfortable with sharing the material in its rawest, buggiest state in a public setting: I would prefer a group of alpha testers who are comfortable and familiar with the process and who can help me workshop things into an ideal end product.

If you would like to help me alpha-test this game, please check out the the call for alpha testers below and sign up! :smile:

Call for Alpha Testers

After the game is written and completed, I will then host several rounds of closed beta testing. If you feel you don’t want to commit to an alpha-testing group (which will run for the length of the game’s development), but want to test the full game before its official release, please consider signing up for the closed beta then! That’s a long way down the road at the moment, though, so I will only open it up closer to the tail-end of the game’s development.

But yeah, that’s the long-term plan for now!

Also, if you’d like to support the game in another way aside from alpha-testing, please consider supporting its development on Ko-fi!

I set this Ko-Fi up a while ago, but didn’t feel comfortable posting about it until I could get back to working on this content! Money is very tight since I left my full-time teaching position to work on the novel. I’d love to commission the last four character cards that will be unlockable in the game (Lavinet, Mimir, Shery, and Ayla’s cards), and any support on Ko-fi would help offset those costs.

No one is obligated to donate–seriously, your emotional support has been invaluable to me :sparkling_heart:–but I would be eternally grateful for any help you could spare! :slight_smile:

Thank you everybody for supporting me, encouraging me, and remaining so patient during my months-long hiatus. I write quite quickly, so I’m hoping we can get this thing done in a reasonable stretch of time. For now, let’s celebrate: I’m super excited for the future! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::tada::confetti_ball::champagne:


:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: So excited for this. And for the fact the alpha is coming. I’m flipping out right now.

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Shepherd of haven off hiatus !!!
/run up my top my house/


Time to replay the demo! :smile:



I am very glad to hear that ShOH is out of hiatus. Excited to learn more about ShoH and it’s world


Congrats on getting it sent off! :tada: I hope your novel is picked up.


Huge congratulations on finishing the manuscript, and best of luck for the next steps!


Thank you very much, everyone! This is a very exciting milestone for me and I’m so happy to be able to share it! :slight_smile: Thank you for all of your support! :hugs:


Sorry i can’t support you via Ko-fi, because it couldn’t auto deduct from my phone credit like how i bought the game …

But all the best to you in your writing career :slight_smile:

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That’s perfectly all right! Thank you for your support anyway, I really appreciate it!! :sob:


Good luck with your publishing.


Rinari I wish alpha tester best of luck :joy_cat:

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Thank you @Drakeye! I’ll be sure to post here if there’s any news about it. :stuck_out_tongue: And thank you @Takashi_Shin, alpha testing won’t start until I’ve written a big enough amount of ShoH so I won’t send out invites until then! But thank you everyone who volunteered! :grin:


Very excited for this! I am so glad this is back and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next :>


Do let us know when your book is published too so we can all celebrate! :hugs: