Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 3 Aug 2021)

You monster jk


Looks like the Cult of Caine has been formed.


Now we know where all those blood sucking vampires in @rinari 's other WiP are from.

For those that don’t know Cain is a reference to the progenitor of the vampire race in WoD.


how will mild sex scene work can we skip or not

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If you’ve romanced a character and you’re in a relationship, some will initiate sexually, and you always have the chance to say no without affecting the relationship; others will require you to initiate sex if you want it, so if you don’t choose that option, it won’t happen. :slight_smile: So yes, you can always skip it!


So while I was working on the World Anvil, I suddenly realized that we don’t have a good name to refer to the MC!

We just call them Female!MC or Male!MC, but everyone else has a cool name for theirs… the Detective, the Ronin… we should have something like that for ShoH! :yum:

What do we think?

  • The Recruit
  • The Mage
  • Caine’s Mom/Dad
  • The Speaker
  • Something else

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My only beef with “the Female!Mage” or “the Male!Mage” is that there’s more than one of them in the story… :stuck_out_tongue: Feel free to write more below!


will you actually add it as caine’s mom/dad if enough people vote for it?or is it a joke?


That one is a joke hahaha but you can feel free to refer to the MC as that if you want, everyone will know who you’re talking about! :laughing:


Maybe just “the Shepherd?” In the way DA:Origins MC is just “the Warden”

Yes there are a lot of other Shepherds, but they all get referred to by name.

Otherwise I like “the Mage” or “Goosepal”


I think The Recruit is more accurate and less apt to get confused with anybody else like “mage” would…unless the others who haven’t appeared in the story yet also get “recruited” as you meet them…

Then “recruit” wouldn’t make sense as the MC wouldn’t even be the newest one… so I guess it depends on story. I don’t really know much about it except what I got from the demo, which I apparently hadn’t finished because the bug that popped up made me think that it signaled the end of it. LOL

This might take considerable time to think of a good nickname… :thinking:


Am I the father of Caine if I am he can call me daddy

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Dude, he’s 12 years old


we all seen this coming but I am glad someone said it first :rofl::joy:


Mc suggestion: “Bastard” :stuck_out_tongue:

You forgot about Red! but like with “Mage” as the Mc name we will know what we’re talking about because all the other characters have canon names


for female mage I got one Witch

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I say The Speaker cause as far as we know, no one else speaks words of power. It’s like being called the Dragonborn. It’s exclusively your title.


Mage can work as a default name! Or perhaps the name can be specific to our MCs magical powers too. Though, I would imagine that Caine’s Mum/Dad can be an affectionate nickname for our MC!

After Caine bids goodbye after a period of interaction with the MC.

~ Shepherds start sniggering ~

MC: (sighs) now what?

Tallys: You care very much for him, don’t you?

MC: Why not? He’s my friend!

Blade: What she means is, you care for him… in a motherly/fatherly sort of way.

Trouble: Yeah! You’re like Caine’s Mum/Dad! HA. i AM GONNA CALL YOU THAT FROM NOW ON.

MC: … I hate you guys.


@JMH I thought about “the Shepherd” but it gave me weird Mass Effect flashbacks to Fem!Shep and Male!Shepard and whatnot… :thinking: It is an option, though!

Oh no, did you never get to the end of the demo haha? There should be a message telling you that you reached the end. :slight_smile: I hope the bug isn’t still there lol! (And yes, the other NPCs do get “recruited” to the Order, so they technically become new recruits, too…) It is harder than I thought to think of a good nickname! :thinking:

I meant either way with “Female!Mage” or “Male!Mage,” there’d be multiple people who would fit either, but was on mobile and didn’t write it out! XD You’re right though that they do all have canon names… and it seems that Mage is the most popular!

Witches (or hedgewitches in this world) are something different from Mages. :slight_smile:

I like Speaker too! But since the Words are so mysterious at this moment, maybe it won’t catch on as well?

:rofl: I guarantee 100% that someone here is going to input their name as “Caine’s Mom/Dad” on one of their playthroughs now!

Trouble: I… I think I like you, Caine’s Dad.

Caine’s Dad: Sweet.

Lavinet: What’s your name, stranger? Where do you come from?

MC: I’m Caine’s Mom. I come from Haven, and the Order of the Shepherds.

Lavinet: Well… I’m pleased to meet you, Caine’s Mom. I look forward to making your acquaintance.


Nope. I got the same thing as someone else. I ended where this person did:

From the beginning of this thread, it looked like that was how you’ve just always ended the demo—with letting it end on error messages—so I thought that was where the game demo ended. Is there an actual proper text screen now saying that the player has reached the end?

Well, the other games you’ve mentioned that have those types of cool nicknames are what the text itself refers to the reader as, so they naturally lend themselves to being used. Is there a word that others would use to refer back to the MC specifically?


Game: Hey, asshole.

MC: [perks up] You rang?

On the topic of the cool character name, I’m really quite partial to the Speaker, or anything within thay format, because I find it really fun when character’s roles can be summed up in a single word.

Blade- The Commander

Red/Ayla- The Mage

Mimir- The Prophet

Chase- The Thief

Lavinet- The Noble


Actually, now that I think about it, maybe it’s my love of the major arcana shining through, lol.