Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (**Contest Announcement** on #3313!)

The public demo will be updated with new chapters up until a certain point. :slight_smile: And I will be hosting a closed beta here on the forums when the alpha build is complete!


I going cry !!:joy:


If you’re a bandit who is magical powers or just a random civilian trying to live a normal life and have magic this is the way to keep you alive step one never trust no one I even children if you tell someone your secret that you have magical powers they May rat you out to the Inquisition Step 2 if you’re spotted by the Inquisition it’s only two or one person who are part of the organization kill them immediately show no hesitation no mercy step 3 never get drunk because you might spell nonsense I got your abilities to the whole bar or a random slum you’re drinking at I’m Takashi shin keeping you alive in Shepherd of Haven this message is sponsored by Elven alcohol made by rinari yum strong and Elvin


I give all the gifts to trouble now your broke and can’t afford anything else