Shepherds of Haven (WIP) [Character Card Reveal on #2870!]



Our plan worked flawlessly. EVIL LAUGHTER

Now I just have to make sure Sasuke…I mean Blade becomes my best bud.

Also go shack it up in the woods with Tallys, my fiery eleven queen.


Oh my goodness.
I didn’t really care for Talys at first but HMMM! And Blade is Blade. My boy. :sparkling_heart: :revolving_hearts:
This just makes the waiting even harder.
I should never have looked… :weary:
But I will preserve until the game is released! :triumph:
Keep up the good work! And I’ll just watch this thread like the thirsty lirkee I am… :smile_cat:


Money was totally fucking worth it :yum:


I am jealous because Blade is looking cooler than my girl…


I was procrastinating on studying for the LSAT (and I’m still sick…) so I faffed around and made a ShoH character generator for anyone who wants to make a random MC. :slight_smile: I will… probably make more of these the more I procrastinate, haha! Enjoy!

Character Generator


I wish you the best on this. May it open the door to the law school you desire to attend :slight_smile:


Thank you! This is a new development in my life so I hope I’ll be prepared by the time the test comes around! :sweat_smile: I’m great at the word problems but awful at logic games (math-y questions), as expected… Thank you for your well wishes! :sparkling_heart:


@rinari noticed this on your Tumblr:

As someone who often tends to go for the exciting bad boys in his fictional adventures this trope where the boring guys always win is well…completely boring to me. If I want boring I can just live my life, fiction should be exciting. It is even worse when the other guy’s only fault is not so much being a bad boy but being a rich guy.
While in real-life as a potential would-be socialist politician I have my fair share of issues with the wealthy they are not all the same and I’d like to believe love can transcend lots of boundaries. In fiction, again this is a complete non-issue.


I wrote a short story based around a fictional relationship between Blade and MC! There was a vote on Tumblr about who the story should focus on, and Blade won. I will hold another vote in the future for a female RO and a story with similar (but not identical) themes!



I love this. Alize romance when? (I’m kidding of course, her thoughts are occupied too. “rabbit-chased-by-pale-fox” indeed)

I ended up both liking and being incredibly frustrated by Hinori. Jealousy is a bad, but oh so relatable, look.


Tallys and male MC with elf background. Please. I need sustenance.


Thank you! Honestly I might just give those two a cameo in the game—I can’t resist them Easter eggs—but it would be really funny if Alize became a full-blown romance option. She’s like a slightly meaner, tsundere version of Lavinet!

I felt the same way, poor girl. It was weird, I wanted to reach through the screen and tell her “HE’S NOT INTO YOU, MOVE ON” as I was writing the story lol. I think we all get frustrated by someone who won’t give up when the universe (and all her friends) is so clearly sending her signs! :stuck_out_tongue:


If they will make an appearance, does this mean Hinori’s crush with Commander Blade will be canon? Now, I really feel bad. D;


No, in the game she won’t have a crush on Blade (since that story’s canon assumes MC is female and likes Blade too)! She’ll just be a recruit alongside some others. MC might hear a passing conversation between her and Alize?


Have Alize and Hinori get together.




Oh yes… I didn’t factor in the MC gender. That is a relief.


Best ending :nerd_face:


Who’s hinori and Alize? I’m missing something aren’t I?


They are the characters from the short that rinari have wrote.