Shepherds of Haven (WIP) [Character Card Reveal on #2870!]



I’m just saying, maybe there should be a check in the mail on the first every month.
I guess that’s royalties is what I’m asking for :stuck_out_tongue:


Inquisitor coin are evil


Yeah, wouldn’t you be scared to take their money if an Inquisitor wanted to buy an ice cream cone from you? :stuck_out_tongue: They probably get everything for free!


Inquisitor and evil coins will see full power rebellion


Good golly, I was not expecting smooching the guard to work! I’m so amused it did, though. I think the only thing I find more amusing is that, despite his deadpan reaction, my flirting appears to have endeared me to Blade a little. Blessed be innuendos!

I haven’t finished the current version quite yet, but this is already quite fun to read. I’m not sure if your first book (that is a HUGE thing) is the only circumstance of your hiatus are, but I’m already quite excited to see what this will become.


Hey, thanks so much for trying out the demo (and enjoying it)! I can’t wait to hear what you think when you’ve finished the content that’s posted, too! :slight_smile:

Kissing the guard only works if you have high enough charisma, so it seems you do! :wink: And finishing the book is the only thing that’s holding me back from working on this at the moment, but I’m aiming to finish it by New Year’s Day! (Only 15 more pages to rewrite!) Thank you for your patience and support and wish me luck! :pray:


you two it hell funny kissing guard more funny rob him doing it :money_mouth_face::japanese_goblin:


guys got scared out of my mind to day :cold_sweat:


Just to let everyone know, ShoH’s first Ask a Character Day will take place on the official tumblr this Saturday (December 22nd) starting at 2 PM MST! Chase and Blade will be in the hot seat, so you can head on over and send in your questions to them on Saturday! This is in celebration of reaching 500 followers, so it won’t be happening very often! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Thanks for your support as always!


What a bummer … i don’t even have a tumbir :frowning:


@Eric_knight You don’t need to a Tumblr to be able to submit questions and view the answers! :smiley: It will just be submitted anonymously!


I had just read your Tumblr FAQ, and notice Prihine is not in your romance option list :-):thinking:


Cuz technically, she isn’t one. We’ve already discussed this. Quite a number of times, in fact.


Oops … my apology for missing out those discussion, but i thought as long as there are choices to attract her interest to us… that is consider romantic option too ?? :-):laughing:


If I remember correctly, @rinari categorised her as “fling”.


Lol… what is a fling ? :-):sweat_smile:


A fling, also known as a one night stand, is self explanatory. Essentially, you only spend one night with another person, normally for…reasons I rather not say on this forum. (Disclaimer, I am not implying I’ve done this, just explaining what this is to you).


Oh… ok thanks… just one day ?? What a bummer :frowning:


I mean, it can last a couple of weeks or months, but don’t expect it to be a sustained romantic relationship in the end/long term. In fact, that’s the point of a fling, there’s ‘no strings attached’. (Admittedly, some can become a genuine relationship but it comes down to the partners).


I hope this isn’t a totally stupid question…but where is Chase in the demo? I have played several times and can’t remember ever having met him?