Shepherds of Haven (WIP) [Character Card Reveal on #2870!]



LOL I got Prihine. Now that was unexpected :joy:

unfortunately my MC let her die so… woops?


Tallys, the best waifu.


Haha… Got Prihine… But she isn’t a proper RO, I think?

And also potentially gets you in trouble with her cousin.

@rinari has decided that I will be sad and alone.


I didn’t even met Prihine’s cousin :-):thinking:


Because you can’t meet her yet



Not too sure about this buuuuttt…

Tallys ´͈ ᵕ `͈

I actually have a question about her… One I feel silly to ask, but I am going to ask anyway…

Why is she described as ‘thirsty AF’? Naturally, I understand that the words are an innuendo and what this means, but I do not recognize such behaviour in Tallys during the interactions between her and my mc. I did multiple playthroughs to try out different tactics, knowing that it could be the ‘fault’. But I still did not read anything that seemed ‘Thirsty AF’ to me. Am I missing something, not reading carefully enough between the lines? Am I making the wrong choices? Or is Tallys ‘just’ described as such because she is easier with starting sexual intercourse than others?


I do not understand why either
although I never hit on her or played as a character interested in women but I am curious too


Everyone press F to pay respect to @grimbutnotalways

And yes, Shery and Riel are decidedly gay, as @No_This_Is_Patrick says! :slight_smile: Regarding Tallys, it’s more of a joke within this little community than anything canon, but Tallys is very direct about expressing her sexual interest/attraction to an MC, has a very low threshold to capture her interest, and moves quicker than any of the other ROs. That hasn’t happened in the demo yet because you just met, but it will happen soon if you’re good to her and especially if you’re from an Elf background. Easy to bed, hard to wed! :stuck_out_tongue: But the reason we call her thirsty is just because of some jokes we made up-thread!


rule 1 of being mage in world sheperds of haven don’t call Inquisitor bad names
Takashi : go eat your on face you ugly cretin no wonder the inquisition make you wear those helmets looking at you make me vomit
inquisitor: he mage kill him
Takashi: shit
/Takashi run for his life with 7 inquisitor chasing him /
there are more rules coming for you new mages out there
F …


F… Wait, is it weird to pay respects to myself? Probably.


Is it stupid if I change tender heart vs iron fist to

heart of gold vs heart of cold?

is booed off-stage


And i think for Prihine… It is difficult to love and difficult to Wed :slight_smile:


no wait,

i love


rule 2 don’t get drunk in bar or big cities if you are mage
Takashi :hiup do you want see a magic trick
my hand go on fire simple top of the finger
person : he mage get him we my get pay take him to the authorities
bar owner : stop him before he burns down my place !!


I personally still prefer tender heart vs iron fist, though heart of gold vs heart of cold has a really nice poetic feel to it too! Just go with which you like the most :slight_smile:


Heart of nice vs heart of meanie? :thinking:


Heart of nice vs. Heart of ice


Heart of Gold and Heart so Cold


Stands in line Forgets to press F moves on “do de do”
crowd gasps rumors run rampant