Shepherds of Haven (WIP) [Character Card Reveal on #2870!]



I got Blade. So I know what I’m doing on my first playthrough, followed by Red then Chase for my second and third.


That feeling when you come back from a shitty day at school to find this

Also I got trouble, hehe ye boi


Agree… it gave me Riel :rofl:


Okay, so it gave me the correct result the second time. :grin: Still don’t know what went wrong the first time, though. :roll_eyes:



I got Blade!!! :heart: :heart:


I got Trouble. I’m not sure how to react to that (except maybe don’t kill me @impeccably-stressed). Was not remotely expecting that one. :laughing:


I got Chase


Yayy I got Blade! :heart:


Female RO Quiz!



Tallys Ironwood… Thirsty AF.

I’m so happy about this.


I got Prihine because apparently, Rinari want’s me to be Grimalways. I know I shouldn’t be as upset at this as I am but in my play through Prihine is a dead body and now always will be out of spite and defiance.


Yeh!!! I got Shery Aquell, she is my first choice RO too :-):grin:


Ayla Aescar. All is well in the world.


Shery’s lesbian you know.


But based on the Demo, she expressed interest on Male MC :slight_smile:


She’s just shy


Hmmm … i am wondering, "Romanceable by Female MC " could meant that Shery is also romanceable by Male MC ? :-):thinking:

But we will see how it all goes in the full game, right now it is either Shery or Prihine for me :slight_smile:


Shery is lesbian.

Riel is gay.

Blade is straight.

Lavinet is straight.

Everyone else is bisexual.


Hahahaha… then i guess Shery could be the good friend to back me up during my secret romance with Prihine :-):grin:


I got Tallys, we can be bffs lol. Especially since I always pick the elf background.