Shepherds of Haven (WIP) [Character Card Reveal on #2870!]



Why number 2 is the worst ? :slight_smile:
Personally i think it is cool to be number 2 :-):grin:


Oh, that was just a joke. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I know Trouble is the best, no matter how many people like him. :hugs: Plus 2 is clearly a superior number to 1. :roll_eyes:


My Shery is number 2 as well :-):grin:
The advantage of being the number 2 is that, you will have less attention and pressure as compare to the number 1, but you still possess the ability to strike down number 1 if you choose so :-):joy:

But i think Lady Prihine has lots of potential, i won’t surprise if more readers choose her outside the poll… i am still waiting to see how Prihine romance route evolve :slight_smile:


Just like the teacher/proffesor said : I believe (in) what I understand


i got this error, i know it say its on a hiuatus but maybe you could fix it.

prologue line 847: Non-existent variable ‘hairtype’


Beautiful haha, I love it! :laughing:

Ayla is now trailing behind Lavinet and Shery by 1 point!! Tallys is still dominating, haha!

Thanks for the great point, @Eric_knight! I’ve uploaded various fixes, including a more neutral option: let me know if that works!

About Prihine: a romance with Prihine will largely be secret and behind-the-scenes, so it will only be scandalous if you’re romancing her cousin Lavinet too. So more along the lines of a secret affair, but without the “affair” part with her husband!

You vote-balancer, you! :laughing: Trouble’s still in strong second, but Chase is slowly creeping up on Red and may overtake him as third!

Silver medal is better than no medal? :laughing:

Thanks for pointing this out, @Jake8517! I forgot to upload the startup file with all of the stats–it should be fixed now! You’re always welcome to let me know if there are any other bugs, thanks again! :slight_smile:


Won’t Lavinet or Prihine not romance you if your with the other?


Lavinet won’t romance you and she’ll flip out on you if you try—hence the scandal. She won’t flip out on you if you’re just friends with her, though, she’ll just mention it. And because Prihine’s romance has to start earlier than Lavinet’s, there’s no way to approach her while romancing Lavinet first, if that makes any sense!


Hey … thanks, now the extra choice is perfect … it let readers has a more compassionate respond :-):joy:

As for the romance with Prihine, now i am thinking of the secret romance between Queen Anne of Austia { Queen of the France king} with Aramis, her musketeer :-):grin:
Any chance Prihine looks like her? :wink:


I’m glad you like it! :smile: And yes, I could see Prihine looking kind of like that if her hair was down!!

Also, have some cursed posts, courtesy of @hagane-no-heart on tumblr:

“@shepherds-of-haven :)
This is a cursed image and I will be impressed if anyone can see why

“@shepherds-of-haven forgive me for i have sinned




@rinari how dare you bring the evil that is lucky luciano into this forum??


Evil… or our savior? :eyes:


So that last one is…Shepherds of Haven: Elementary as Hael?


More like “Shepherds of Hewwo: Owo Uwu” :skull:


In case you’re feeling unsure of who to romance, I made a personality quiz to determine which male RO is best for you! Female RO quiz is forthcoming! :slight_smile: (thanks @guardsman000071 for your meme, I was able to use it as a cover lol)


It’s broken… :frowning: It gave me Blade. :roll_eyes:


I laughed my ass off when I read it as "Can’t decide which man you want to eggplant?.

Instead of getting the innuendo.


I got Trouble! :sunglasses:

“Will you be able to keep him out of trouble?”

Nahhhh where’s the fun in that? :joy: we’ll get into trouble together.


I got Trouble! He’s actually gonna be my first playthrough anyway, then Blade, and then Red. :grin: