Shepherds of Haven (WIP) [Character Card Reveal on #2870!]



Blade: (Comes in just in time not to see the pig blood, but simply just see MC and Trouble sticking together in a compromising position) What are you two doing? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Trouble: (Hastily and with great panic) WE’RE MAKING OUT! :flushed:

(MC quietly facepalms behind Trouble) :man_facepalming:

Blade: …What? :neutral_face:

Trouble: What? :flushed:

(MC just casually wraps his arms around Trouble to support the out-of-blue excuse blurted out). :expressionless:

…I’ll be back. I’m going to your Tumblr.



Blade if he’s not interested in MC: well do it on your off-time, you’re still working

Blade if he’s interested in MC: …

Scary! :laughing:

Just as an aside everybody,

There is now a ShoH discord!

I can’t say I’ll be on constantly (I really have to finish this book…) but come if you want to hang out and discuss! :slight_smile: It’s a chaotic mess, just like Hael!


this may scare you eating darkspawn slow become one or if if you die find you body they will take in there hole so say there zombies


…Dragon Age?

Don’t worry; it’s tame. :grin:


don’t give out how full doctor speech on all darksawn are made full


To this day, the Broodmothers still give me nightmares. Both their appearance and how they come to be. :cold_sweat:

Thanks for reminding me of them. :sweat_smile:


I saw it and I’m going to answer soon! :wink:

Re: the darkspawn, they are creepier than I remembered! Especially the Broodmothers and the Architect… what ever happened to him, anyway? :cold_sweat:

Also, quick poll going on right now! Vote for your favorite male and female ROs!!! I’m curious who’s going to win!

Female ROs

Male ROs


blood mother it take two year to make one but if you keep on fight it is get slow down but that hurt like hell one the one we seen was child they get bigger and can be made from races


Tallys and Trouble for me.


When you see best girl Ayla is trailing behind.


Tallys will always take the throne on this.


Very few enemies in the game elicit that same eerie dread that the darkspawn have done in the Dragon Age series (for me at least).

Especially if you play a dwarf and remember that a good number of their kind lives underground in the Dwarven Cities, constantly . Just imagine how much more terrifying the fates of those dwarves banished to the Deep Roads becomes; death would be much more of a merciful fate for the females than their fate at the darkspawns’ hands (make one think about the kind of fate the Dwarf noble as a female, very luckily escaped).

But I guess the other part of their creepiness is that there is still so little known about them.

Depends on what the Warden does in Awakening.

Why must I choose only one?

I’m going to have to go with Tally (that one was hard because Lavinet and Alya seem equally interesting) and Red for now.


Tallys is currently leading with Shery, Ayla, and Lavinet all tied!

Blade is winning by… a lot!


Isn’t it clear tho?? We the readers are the ones winning lol


Ayla Ayla what I am fan


Although i despise the Autarch… but i feel it is too extreme to wish an entire family dies , could we have a middle ground … such another choice of " indifferent " Or perhaps " I hope someone else will take over " :slight_smile:

by the way, i suppose the romance with Prihine is going to be scandalous ?? Is it even a possibility ? even if MC choose to run away with her… i don’t think Prihine can live a humble fugitive life elsewhere … the other possibility is a “secret affair” ?


I got say Ayla for girl but for boy Blade


I wanted to vote for both Blade and Trouble (I can’t choose between them!) but I had a hunch that Blade was probably leading the poll so I voted for Trouble :laughing:


Shery and Trouble


Aw, Trouble, why’d you have to be second… :disappointed_relieved: If you were number one, I could be proud that you were the best; if you were last place, I could see you as the deserving underdog, but at number 2? That’s just the worst. :roll_eyes: