Shepherds of Haven (WIP) [Character Card Reveal on #2870!]




*if stamina > 30
You do a Fornite dance as a mating display.



More like

*if charisma<1


Hey hope y’all having a good day, I’ve been thinking about that and it just popped into my head, how about Soft-hearted vs Heart of stone (stone-hearted or stony-hearted)?


I like that a lot! (I hope you’re having a good day too!) Is soft-hearted vs. stone-hearted too many hearts alongside the aforementioned “lion-hearted” though?


It might be a bit repetitive but I think it sticks out so it might be good to pull some attention.


Soft-hearted vs. cold-blooded? Tender-hearted vs. iron-fisted? Steel heart vs. bleeding heart? Empathetic vs. armored?..


I like this one :laughing:


I like this one the most


Blade vs Trouble?


Freddie vs Jason


you know I way hate inquisition so much family ancetors passed down a lot of thing we live of code of honor and respect to all people but we are bunch ,mercs and pirates so we weren’t the good guys but we care about people we love no matter how they were but Inquisition on other hand never show no mercy and no respect for people how they are so I don’t like those kind of people and if they try to hurt ayla I we gladly break every single bone in their body so that my feelings on the inquisition and that why gave my blood boiling so you did good job on getting me angry on one group thank you Rinari make what to break all there faces


Batman vs Joker


neither its like a cat and mouse but if batman finally killed joker


I love that, haha

I’ve put Tender Heart vs. Iron Fist for now, but it will most likely change depending on my mood! :slight_smile: I haven’t quite found “it” yet, I think! Thanks for the suggestions so far, everyone! :grin:

Thank you, @Takashi_Shin! I’m happy that you feel so strongly about it and that you like the story so much! (Imagine if there was a romance option that was also an Inquisitor, lol!)


gods you put that in my head Inquisitor romance it hurt way did you this :tired_face: but now got Ayla in my head in this story so not going for romance of people think killing that kill kids that have magic so he or she are not taking me to the dark side so have good :wink::chess_pawn: and check mat


Hello, yes, the demo link has actually been updated.

(Not gonna bother trying to preserve the click count anymore since it resets every time I edit the OP!)

Since the game is technically on hiatus, there hasn’t been any story content added to where we last left off. (However, Trouble, Tallys, and Blade’s existing dayoff scenes have changed significantly.) Here are some other shiny things that have been added since last time:

  • Changed the weapons system slightly to make leveling up the weapon skill more related to strength training or buying upgraded weapons than training with NPCs.
  • Changed the MC’s starting gun to a one-shot pistol.
  • Changed the magic system: players can now choose what kind of Mage they think they would have been before the Castigation (there are 9 main schools of magic to choose from). This will affect new invisible magic stats: psionic magic, astral magic, and arcane magic, which will help add diversity to spell-casting and stat checks but keep the options believably concise.
  • Added another scene where you can be a dick to Chandry.
  • Added a potential pet for a recruited Caine.
  • Added a command activity in the day off hub in case the MC ever becomes Commander.
  • Tweaked the day off system with *gosub to refine the system and prevent events from accidentally appearing as selectable for repeated use (excluding shopping).
  • Added new names and aliases to appear in the stat screen.
  • Added a legendary tier to the weapons system.
  • Moved the inventory to a separate screen from the stats and made it look much more organized and aesthetic.
  • Moved the glossary to the codex.
  • Added a dynamic character guide to track major characters (it can even change depending on what happens in the game).
  • Added scar and tattoos to character customization.
  • Added a new game+ mode.
  • New stat names! New stat hints! New chapter headers! New everything headers!

Note: this is technically a new link, so unfortunately any saves from the old one will not be accessible. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Aw yisssss

If it’s not too much of a bother, what are the schools of magic and can you explain them a bit?


have you play dragon age


What is dragon age? People keep talking about it.