Shepherds of Haven (WIP) [Character Card Reveal on #2870!]



Thank you! :smiley: I’m glad to hear that haha, since there are a lot of characters to keep track of!

It kind of depends on how many gifts you plan to buy and how much time you spend with Shery (who showers you with swag); a sparse inventory looks like this:

Whereas a more full one looks like this:

(Plus I already made a logo and everything… :nerd_face:)

So I ended up taking your and @JMH’s suggestion and put the glossary in the codex! The new stats menu looks like this:

Hopefully that’s not too much/overwhelming!

Thank you so much! :smiley: I honestly can’t wait to be done, haha!

Yay! I wound up taking everyone’s suggestion and doing it. :3

I even made it so that the character’s descriptions will sometimes change depending on what happens in the story, because I’m an idiot and like making things even more complicated for myself:

I even did that too! :rofl:

Or has he? :smiling_imp:

(Answer: no, he hasn’t, lol)

I always love fried food! :smiling_imp: Give me an Inquisitor tempura-style! :fried_shrimp:


Such effort :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:





It will be hard pick team player or lone wolf


Tbh, it’s pretty easy for me. Even in real life I generally prefer to work alone (school group projects have taught me that if you work in a team, the only thing you can expect is disappointment)


For me, it’s the direct opposite :joy:

Edit: Of course, it’s not totally problem-free. But in my experience, at least, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.


you are…so lucky


Damn you’re lucky. I always do projects alone, it consumes more time, effort and money. But it’s a meagre price for retaining my sanity, dignity and good grades


I so wish I could have done this! My profs never allowed us to do solo work when it’s meant to be a group project.

Who needs horror movies when group projects are real life horror stories.


it looks fantastic, the character glossary is really cool, the only thing i didn’t like is the Saint vs Cutthroat, i feel like saint is a too strong word, specially paired with the word cutthroat


Or you could just make it alone, then charge others for joining your ‘group’ and claim it was a team effort

Petition to make it into idealistic vs you know I had to do it to em


to me mix both how do thing I work well with team but if but can’t follower order if not right


Thank you!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As a former college lecturer I g u a r a n t e e your profs did this so they’d have less stuff to grade! They always say it’s so you can learn to work in groups when you enter the workforce, but it’s to cut down on grading lol. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

(When I felt like not grading individual assignments, I had the class watch a movie for a few days… I remember all too well the pain of group work!)

Thank you! :smiley: I totally see what you mean, saint might be too strong! I’m open to any suggestions–I’m not totally about “idealistic” or “soft-hearted” because I feel like it can have negative connotations, but “compassionate” feels not as unique!

A beggar asks you for some money.

  • Give them a deucalion. (+5 Good Guy Greg)
  • Kick them in the head. (+5 Lucky Luciano)


Doesn’t cutthroat also have largely negative connotations?


Probably. I think it sounds badass, but that’s probably just me haha! I’m open to changing that too! :slight_smile: The first time it was “mercenary” but I thought that might be confusing!


I think pragmatic vs idealistic and cutthroat vs soft-hearted would both be good fits, since neither pair appears biased to favor one stat. Although, I’ve never considered being cutthroat to be a bad thing. :smiling_imp:


Well I did learn something; how to deal with loafers in projects :joy: If I had the MC’s words of power, I miiiight have used some of them on some… nightmarish characters.

How about benevolent?
Oh, one thing I just noticed about the stats - if saint/cutthroat measures something like compassion, it kinda feels similar to the ‘selflessness’ description in the lion-hearted trait. How do they differ? :slight_smile:


Tbh my issue with saint vs cutthroat is that it makes morality so black and white


I kind of like soft-hearted, but I’m not sure if people consider it a bad thing to be, haha!

Great question! In my mind ‘selflessness’ under lion-hearted is more about selfless acts of courage and sacrifice–jumping in the way of a bullet, standing up for someone in front of a mob. Because these actions sometimes happen on instinct or not necessarily out of compassion, that’s why they’re under lion-hearted! Whereas compassion vs. ruthlessness is more like empathy and kindness (treating a hysterical victim gently and coaxingly) vs. telling them to spit it out. Maybe soft-hearted vs. steeliness might work?

I’m aiming for it to more reflect personality and playstyle than morality (you can still be cutthroat/ruthless while doing the “moral” thing), so maybe the wording needs to change! :slight_smile:

Side note: now I can’t stop thinking about a game where the stats are just memes…

Money: 5 dogecoins
Lion-hearted = Leroy Jenkins
Compassion vs. Ruthlessness = Good Guy Greg vs. Lucky Luciano
Low charisma = Fedora Neckbeard


Imagine flirting with an RO with that

*if charisma<30 
   "M'lady" you tip your fedora. And for reasons unknown she refuses to sleep with you