Shepherds of Haven (WIP) [Character Card Reveal on #2870!]



I’d have felt that heartbreak too :broken_heart:
I’m sure it’d fill up all the way back to 10k and beyond in time!
* showers ShOH with love*


Aw, thank you!! :heart_eyes: Yeah, I’m not really sure why it did that in the first place lol, but at least I have the memories! :laughing:

Also, Happy Halloween everybody! :jack_o_lantern:


I can totally see all of them in those outfits! And Captain Marvel is so apt for Caine. :cloud_with_lightning:


I was burn by coin in real world and shepherd of haven let me say it hurt lot :face_with_head_bandage:


Oh no, I hope you’re okay!! :cold_sweat::scream: How did that even happen?! :cry:


Because he’s a heretic :face_with_monocle:

jk I hope you’re OK


Yikes I hope you’re okay :worried:
I was burned by a solder iron years ago (and still have the scar for it) so i know how painful being burned can be ><


I was work with my friend to make a coin as give gift to my childhood friend but some how when we were have half way done but finally try to get it to the water it fell the landed right on my foot let me say if you’re still wearing boots it still hurt when it hot metal on your foot now I know does it feel to be blacksmith in the medieval day with small objects and I am okay


If you had choice of weapon to fight in world shepherds of haven what will you pick


Hmm I think I’d pick a sword, personally! I always choose that in video games I play and that’s what I pick when I’m testing ShoH myself, lol! (In a perfect world I’d pick a flaming sword, but I’ll have to wait until I can buy a legendary weapon in the game. :stuck_out_tongue::fire:)

In other news, I am 70% done with editing the book! We’re inching closer and closer to the finish line! :slight_smile: I can’t say I’m entirely satisfied with some parts of it, but I can’t get stuck in a rut of “perfecting” a chapter over and over, because nothing would get done and the damn thing would never be finished! Here’s hoping I can get back to ShoH very, very soon! :slight_smile:


my weapon of choice in all game naginata or all spears they are my love in my world but can live get a sword :heart_eyes:

if you put your heart in it that good with me


Played through the demo and thoroughly enjoyed it~ Can’t wait to wreck havoc on the poor people of Haven.

And congratulations on the book!

Side note: how does the Autarchy control the Shepherds (as in, keep an eye on what the cast is actually doing)?


Thank you so much! :sparkling_heart: On both counts, I’m very glad you enjoyed it! :grin:

And good question! All Shepherds have to write case reports documenting their activities, patrols, arrests, and encounters with the supernatural (pretty much like police officers). These are organized and bundled by Shery, and Blade (or whoever the acting Commander is) gives them to the Inquisition when he makes his weekly report to either the Autarch (though less so now that she’s sick) or a Grand Inquisitor. This is a huge pain in the ass but, like standing when a judge enters a room, is a “necessary” show of deference to the greater authority of the Autarchy/Inquisition. If his verbal report or the written ones don’t match up or leave things out (there are Inquisitor spies everywhere), there’s trouble. Of course, the Inquisitors can’t keep an eye on everything, so it’s really more a symbolic ritual than anything else.

Inquisitors will also make surprise inspections of the Order randomly just to ensure everything’s going well and there’s no rebellion or illegal stuff breeding in the compound… They used to do it basically every other day but Blade threw an absolute fit and told the Autarch that there’s no time to kill demons because everyone has to deal with the bureaucracy, so it’s not as frequent. But they still have the right to when they want!


Also, for everyone: in keeping with the line of nifty-but-not-very-substantive features I might add to the game lmao, would a character guide be helpful at all? I ask because more than one person has mistaken “Chase” for “Caine” lol… which, given the risque asks I’ve been answering on Tumblr, is a really bad look for me… so I’m wondering if a list of the characters as they appear in the game might be helpful! It would probably just have a brief physical description of each person and their name and role for reference.

On the other hand, it might be overwhelming to have too many things in the menu? (Codex, Inventory, Glossary, and then a Character Guide if we decide on one.) I know that too much can be overwhelming and deter people from poking around, so I’m interested to hear what ya’ll think and what your other experiences with ChoiceScript UIs and menus have been!


I always find a character guide useful, specially if there are more than 5 main characters to keep track of. But we don’t wanna burden you either so I’m indifferent to it, you write well enough to not make it confusing anyhow.


(I don’t personally mind a bunch of options on the stats screen to go further in, but if you are looking on cutting down on options…)

How extensive will the inventory be? If maybe only three/four items it might be worth not having that as it’s own page and just making it part of the main stat page to save on clicks.

Maybe put either the glossary or character guide in the codex?

Or maybe instead of a full character guide, if you have the typical CoG relationship bars, you could have them labeled as “Red, a -fuckboi- Mage” and “Caine, a young Norm” so at a quick glance of the relationships there is a reminder of whose who


I think a character guide can be useful! Though I can see your worry that it may make the stats screen look cluttered. Like what JMH suggested, something similar I’d think could work is subsuming the codex and glossary into one main folder, so there aren’t as many ‘things’ on the stats page.

Of course if there’s gonna be a relationship stat tracker I think that could be enough! It might be that some people are confused about the two because Chase hasn’t made an appearance yet in the demo (right?)


I think that adding a Glossary, Codex and a Character Guide as separate pages is a good idea - people, who will want to read it, will read it and those, who won’t, can always skip them. You created a whole new universe, so a “cheatsheet” would be helpful :smiley:

For Inventory: it depends how big it will be, but I would prefer keeping it, where it is.


Good to hear that your book is progressing nicely :smiley: Congrats!

Speaking from a personal point of view, I am one of those people who likes to poke around and read author’s notes on the world, so I would say go for it!

Now, speaking as a WIP author, I can say that people actually asked me to make an index on the world and a character guide, partly because they couldn’t keep track of who is who … which is completely my fault for naming people after numbers.

Anyway, some even prefer the game to include stats descriptions to know, what a specific stat means or does.


how do you what your grand inquisitor cook fried or baked