Shepherds of Haven (WIP) [Character Card Reveal on #2870!]



I honestly don’t know what to say about that aside from I really wish I didn’t click on the spoiler blur.


I’ll just delete it if you want.


Nah it’s fine, up to you.


Honestly that first episode got me really interested into the series. Especially what Goblin slayer does to those goblins the end.

Total Baddassery!


A gentle reminder to move anime/manga discussion over the proper thread.

Thank you.

As a side note, that anime/manga is deeply disturbing. I just hope ShoH is not as morbid as that. D=


Yeah seriously, I’m getting tired of people defending that show / series. Can we just not talk about it at all? That would be preferable.


and the MC is too busy staring at Trouble’s chest to do anything
What will Blade be doing? xD

How I wish I could have learned about this in uni :sob:

by the way rinari, we over at the Wayhaven thread are awaiting your fate after your attempt of the LT route :stuck_out_tongue:


@resuri08 lol, ShoH is definitely not going to be as morbid or shock-valuey as that! It’s my hope that ShoH won’t be gross at all! XD

Blade’s not a Norm, so he can’t be in the band :wink: He’s in the audience just staring at the stage; once or twice he might bob his head!

If you ever have any questions about it, ask me and I’ll give you a whole lecture on it! XD

ahh I haven’t had the time to read it through yet actually! I only got through the intro so no angst yet :wink: I’ll return when I have something to report lol!


:woman_facepalming: my bad! more personal time between Blade and the MC then, heh.

Edit: ahh and about TWC… remember our warnings before you do that too :wink:


what the worst monster in shepherds of haven please don’t be spiders :confounded:


I thought he was Ket?


Yes, he is. That’s why he can’t be part of the all Norm band. :joy:


Oof… read that at 3am when I got up. I read “Blade’s a Norm, so he can’t be part of the band”.


My MC is a Ket as well. Can’t be in the band either :cry:


Actually your always a mage, we were just raised by either Ket, Elves or the Norms. Still can’t be in the band though.


I mean, while it is true that we’re adopted, my MC pretty much considers himself to be a Ket first and foremost since he grew up in a Ket community.


What are Ket even supposed to look like? Someone mentioned they sort of resemble of the Qunari from Dragon Age (if so that’s amazing!) but for some reason, I can’t help but think of them as tall, cat-like folk with more down-to-earth natures (crafters, warriors, farmers, fishers, etc). Like the Firran from ArcheAge. Maybe it’s the name.


The Ket are more humanoid than the Qunari or the Firran, haha! All of the main five races comprising the Autarchy are generally just human-looking with slight variations (pointed ears, glowing eyes, white hair). The Ket in particular come in all shapes and sizes, but you can usually spot one by their build (generally tall and fit, but not line-backers like Qunari), their features (commonly dark hair and eyes), and their clothes/expressions (subdued or stoic). Their ability to blend in if they want to, though, is just another thing that makes the Autarchy scared of them! You’re right that they’re very generally very down-to-earth though!


This is just a theory, and I’m curious about the gods. As I understand the gods went into hiding, or we’re straight out killed by something. So that could mean we have a god hunter, or something that kills gods(in the beginning we are witnessing tapyt’s death/dying). While hunters hunt for food, they may also kill predators, so that prey may flourish(gods/mortals parallel.
So this bring the question : if we have a god hunter, that means the amount of gods can increase or decrease(gods being hunted so that they do not disrupt the normal flow of life), which brings the true question : are gods born or made? If they are made, how they are made?
Can legendary heroes achieve godhood? With actual might or belief from comrades?
A ket whose arma protects him from death, or a mage so powerful he can create stone out of thin air etc.
So godhood is more like a title, rather than a state of being.
Just a teeny tiny crazy theory. Tho it would be undeniably cool if we could achieve godhood during this chapter.
Further illumination is required.
Also, as an artist, perhaps you could answer a second question : in fantasy seems to be a tendency to simply turn any “important” race into humanoids. As a human myself, I see the advantages of being humanoid, but why this became common practice? Wouldn’t a bear that throws fireballs be more amazing than a human that throws fireballs?
Also I’m more interested in your answer at the first theory(the one about godhood)


In general I don’t like to answer theories that may contain spoilers–you’ll usually have to wait to play the game to see if your theories are true or not! :slight_smile:

That being said, there’s no such thing as a god hunter in this game. :slight_smile: I can’t speak to the nature of the gods/God/godhood yet either because the answer will be different across multiple paths in the game! So it sort of depends on how your game turns out. :slight_smile:

Well, writing about a human/humanoid society is much simpler and more accessible than writing about a fireball-throwing bear society. How do the bears communicate? Do they have a language among their own kind, or are they able to communicate with other races and form economies? If they’re able to communicate with humans, how does that work with their vocal chords and larynxes? With how their mouths and throats are, they shouldn’t be able to form discernible words as we understand them. How do they build anything without opposable thumbs? Are they able to construct buildings and shelters, or did they never rise above cavemen society because they’re not able to grasp things in their paws? In that case, wouldn’t they be eradicated or subjugated into a slave-class by higher societies?

There are way more things to address (and much more suspension of disbelief) when we’re talking about a completely non-human entity. As characters, animals (and not humans with animalistic features) would think and communicate and feel so differently from the readers/writer that it would be much more complex to depict them in a meaningful, realistic, authentic way. In fantasy writing you could have some leeway (Philip Pullman’s armored bears, for example), but it’s still vastly more complicated than writing about, say, a humanoid species who has bear-like features. Plus, the matter of romance options would make things even trickier. It’s why you more often see hybrid races (the Argonians and Khajit in Elder Scrolls) in fantasy fiction and humanoid aliens (bipedal, vocal communication, human-looking but with different-colored skin) in science fiction: it’s more relatable and simpler to read and write about.