SHELTER (MUSIC VIDEO) - Discussion of it's Message


Please Watch Video First

Hey guys

If you watched the video I’d love to hear your take on it. I never knew a 6 minute video could move me like that, I even shed a tear. The thing I was wondering about is that after we learn that the girl lives in a simulation, and that she appear to be stuck in space. Would it not be better for her to just switch the red button (if it exists) and let the entire thing shut off.

I understand her father loved her so much that he built her a spacecraft to escape the impact but that seems to me that it is only postponing the inevitable. What point is there for her to carry on knowing full well that she might now be the only human alive and that her chances of survival get slimmer by each passing moment, the energy supply of the spacecraft won’t last forever.

And lastly, if you were her, how would you have reacted finding out that your world is a simulation and that the planet you call home is gone, possibly forever?


If she did, in short, she could die (I hope I am thinking of the right thing here, if I am wrong please ignore me!)

Let’s see, from what I have learnt from stories like this (if you do not like taking PS or find sensitive stuff sex between family members please do not read on) they usually put the womb of a woman and prey that she can have child who later will have achild who is a boy and ***. PS all over again guys!

I would probably think “screw you humans” and walk about and think up stories to entertain yourself. If worst came to worst I’d probably…you know…die…


Under normal circumstances where I’m the last person alive, I would probably end things… but she is in an abnormal circumstance. She has infinite worlds to explore with her simulation. She still seems to have hope.