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I am not sure what turns of phrases you mean.

I read that quite often in other new projects.

It is rather sad that people discourage you instead of supporting you to use the script as much as you can.

usage of the present continuous tense where it’s awkward to do so, overuse of passive statements, things like that. it’s not something i’m wanting to get into since i don’t have alternate suggestions for many of them and i’m not a writer outside of the occasional review.

i don’t find it so sad or discouraging to inform someone that they’re making something harder for themselves by using cs. the reason you hear it is because it’s true. the concept is most often doable, but cs is just not suited for certain kinds of games, and that’s just how it is.

Updated warnings.

I would ask people not to judge my work as improper just yet.

There are still more plans in development.

Wrote a few more lines overall.
I’ll dedicate myself to finish the script for the battle.

I dislike making mistakes while writing.
I am quite sure I made more mistakes in spelling. Please post where to correct it.

The current script for the battle is too large to post here…
Large enough I put it in a whole scene of its own. Smart idea.

It does work however. If only in causing damage with attack, skills and spells.
All enemies can attack everyone at random.
So do your party members, which you won’t be able to control. You will be free to attack anyone.

Which is satisfying since I was stuck there for the whole day.
I quite don’t feel like uploading it in the page just yet though.

Adding healing and stuff and even elements might make it 3 times as big… Huh.

I am not quite sure why I am posting this. I think I am bored…
If you are reading this, post something so that I can distract myself.

Thank you…

That sounds…hard.