Shattered Realms (Warning : Questionable Implications)

By touch your sister do you mean touch her as in make physical contact or touch her as in “Touch Her

To be honest, having the option of doing absolutely nothing seems pointless to me.
if you want people to test your game then post the link at the top.
if you want help with ideas you can just asked people here or I am more than willing for you to send me a PM if you want further help.
and yeah… What do you mean by “touch your sister”?

In most choice games I play, not much actually changes based on if the player chose to be male or female. You can create “variables” for the pronouns, like

*create gender "male"
*create he "he"
*create xhe "she"

After this, if you type in ‘${xhe}’ it will get replaced with ‘she’.

If the player wants to be female, you can do this:

    (nothing needs to be changed)
    *set gender "female"
    *set he "she"
    *set xhe "he"

This way, using ${he} will always make the right text, whether the player is male OR female.

You will need to make more variables if you do this. Possessive pronouns are tricky, “his” and “her” (her hair, her shirt) means a slightly different thing than “his” and “hers,” (that shirt is hers) because english is weird like that.

Here’s the ones I use:

*comment Pronouns
*create he "he"
*create him "him"
*create his "his"
*create hisPoss "his"
*create boy "boy"
*create man "man"
*create xhe "she"
*create xhim "her"
*create xhis "her"
*create xhisPoss "hers"
*create xboy "girl"
*create xman "woman"
Are you girl or boy?
    *set gender "male"
    *set gender "female"
    *set he "she"
    *set him "her"
    *set his "her"
    *set hisPoss "hers"
    *set boy "girl"
    *set man "woman"
    *set xhe "he"
    *set xhim "him"
    *set xhis "his"
    *set xhisPoss "his"
    *set xboy "boy"
    *set xman "man"

Hope this helps.

@Crotale I hope you don’t mind me asking: why create:
And not:
I am trying to understand Choicescript so that i can hopefully create a game.

You don’t have to use a *goto, *goto_scene or *finish at the end of a fake choice. It just skips directly to the text below the indented part of the *fake_choice.


The scenes are rather short. How much words do you think I should write in every scene?

Regarding Prologue and Chapter Zero. Should I make them longer?

I need names for a pair of younger siblings.
Any unusual and cool names you can think of would be nice.

To me it feels like there’s a bit too little text per page.

Also, would you like feedback on typo’s and wonky grammar?

And why in the world would you be sleeping in the same bed as your naked sister? That doesn’t sound all that sibling-like to me.

Sure. You can send feedback by message.

I thought it was endearing she wanted to spend more time with you.
I pictured Heralds as a more instinct-based species.

*twitch *twitch OK, I’m just gonna ignore that part from now on. It really, really weirds me out.

But aside from that this is really interesting, and I’m looking forward to see what’s going on on the other side of that gate.

Is that top line even supposed to be there? It sounds more like something for in the stats screen.

Oh. That was a memo I wrote for a future battle. I thought I deleted it.
Does anybody know how to put and hide these into the stat chart until this character is introduced?


After playing with the chart for a while. I think I got it.

“I’m Raulin, who are You?.. Is that your name…?”

Choice of Games does not engage in conversation.

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Probably something like this:

*if aida = true
  Name: Aida
  Age: 20

Oh. I should have put an Insert Name there.

Greetings from a fellow choice script noob. I have just started my own project as well and the struggle is real. Just wanted to say good luck :smile:

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Just rewrote most of the script so that the Status Chart is more accurate.
Chapter One is only 10% finished.
Corrected some spelling errors as well.
Notify me of any new things I can add.

Chapter One 25% Complete.
You can check it out in the link above.
If someone knows of a way to play a battle inside a script. Please inform me.

Is it possible to make a variable dependent on another?

var1 = var2 / 2

Something like this?

It should be possible, yes. You need to use chains of parentheses if there is more than one number involved, though. Each variable and each actual number counts as a number. It can be tricky. Here are a couple of examples:

*set var1 10
*set var2 (var1 / 2)
*comment var2 = 5

*set var3 (var1 * (var2 + 1))
*comment var3 = (var1 * 6) = 60

The ‘+’ and ‘-’ modifiers can be used with variable names too. using *set varname +(number) directly adds number to varname, instead of needing to using *set varname (varname + number) which does the same thing but takes longer to type. Same thing with minus.

*set var1 10
*set var2 (var1 / 2)
*comment var2 = 5
*set var2 +var1
*comment var2 = 15
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Seems interesting so far. I like the setting, its new and interesting. Also for some reason it rekjnds me of Zatch-Bell. just a quick question, are there two main characters that you switch accross?

Thank you.

There is only one protagonist at the moment.
I switched points of views in order to create a setting for the PC to arrive.
I might use this approach later on other chapters.