Shattered Realms (Warning : Questionable Implications)

I am ultimately not sure about writing this here. I found the projects here as a enjoyable way to pass the time.
For some reason I ended up downloading the programs and writing small things. I think I have an interest in making a small project now.
I just started writing it today while reading commands and such. I have no idea for titles or the like.

And now I am simply listening to music while I write. As a noob, I will like some help about these things.

If someone is interested in lending me an ear to hear me. Tell me so. If so I will write the plot and the like here.


I uploaded the Scenes here:
They are mostly short at the moment…

I rewrote the stats chart so that it shows things like name, age, gender, clothes, weapons and armors.
It is also accurate enough to say which members are in your party.
I hope I can make use of this when I decide to input battles in the script.

Added a few Traits that will form part of a Battle System.
Strength, Magic, Vitality, Agility, and Luck.
If you want to help, contact me or post below.

I uploaded a small part of the Battle Script.
I want you to tell me if you find any errors while playing. You don’t have to try more than once.
For now, I have added only the Attack Command.
I am making other Commands such as Skills and Spells.

Added Skills.
Added Spells.
Finished Chapter One.

Hello and welcome to the forum. I added your name to the thread title because it’l help distinguish it from other threads similarly titled.

What’re you writing about?

I don’t know much about genres of fiction. So I am simply writing something I came up with.
I wanted to write something dark if you would call it such.

Do you know anything about writing a parallel world to ours?

Spend less time talking on the forums, and more time writing your story. :stuck_out_tongue: (I tease.) I’d suggest writing enough of it at least so you actually have something to share with us though.

I am not sure if it is worth something. But I’ll tell how much I wrote.

I wanted to make a Sociopathic Character from a world parallel to us. A whole race of creatues there, actually. These characters would come to our world in some sort of “test” every year.
Which would led to paranormal things happening to the our current world.

Do you follow me?

We’ve seen weirder stuff floating around the forum, so yes, it makes sense. What is the MC’s role in all of this? Is it one of the creatures or a regular human?

The MC is a member of a race called Heralds. Along with other members he was sent to this Side.
I intend to make some races monster-like while some races like heralds will be human-like.

The truth is I originally made the MC male only since it is hard for me to understand female’s point of views.
No offense.
However, I already changed that. So I would have to ask a female member about these things…
I only hope someone bothers.

Could you give a more detailed description of what’s going on with all the races and the “test” and stuff?
It’s a bit difficult to get a clear idea of what you’re trying to do here with just this little information.

I volunteer as tribute :raised_hand:


Oh. Okay.
I have yet to give the MC’s side an official name. So I’ll call it Unknown Side.
Members from the Unknown Side are sent to Our Side every year in order to gain more power by hunting Scavangers. Residuals races from a different side altogether. Think of them as Demons-like.
I said test since most people who venture out tend not to return. Either out of lust for power or simply because they die there.
There is something deeper going on.

Sounds interesting :space_invader: :telescope:

Uh. Thanks.
There are some details I have yet to think of.
I am having some problems writing all the choices. Rather it takes quite some time.
And about those questions about females. I could make them here so other members can comment.
It would be easier if I could share the documents.

I personally think this sounds a great idea. If you require any help, just let me know. Although I will be no use to you with the coding aspect of the game, I am offering to help if you need someone to talk to or help with ideas.

I think this a really great idea and I’m definitely interested

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I appreciate it.
I could use some help with naming.
For now, I named the project Shattered Realms.
Any ideas for a title would be useful.
I am also trying to come up with names for the Unknown Side.

I made the MC have an older sister. I called her Azure.
She is a minor character at the beginning but will have a major role later.

Most scenes at the beginning are to simply try some features. I made a joke about walking around naked if you refuse to wear clothes. Is that fine?

Walking around naked is fine, there even is a wip where the MC is naked the entire story.

I think I have gotten used to most commands by now.
I have plenty of time to work on it.
Maybe too much free time…

Perhaps I am getting carried away and trying to put many things into the script.
I want to ask if you actually want to do trivial things like exploring the area or simply stand around without doing anything and having the plot advance.

For me, it depends. You could probably involve a mixture because while in some cases it would be a great feature to explore, in other instances, it would be good to just advance with the story.

I understand what you mean. But I actually meant doing nothing literally.
Here is a small example taken from the script.

Choice 1
Get up and get dressed
Choice 2
Touch your sister
Choice 3

The last one has you staring at the window until something relevant happens.

I have finished the Prologue and Chapter Zero.
Compared to what I’ll have to write tomorrow. This seems so little.

I apologize if it sounds like whining after only one day. I simply got frustrated after so many noob errors.
I would like for someone to test it anyhow. Shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

I do need many ideas in order to keep going. I appreciate any support.

I had Azure sleeping with you. Touch as in touch her cheek and caress her hair while asleep.

For some reason something won’t let me post more for today.
And thanks for the commands below. It might help simplify the script.