Shattered Eagle: Fall of an Empire (WIP) [156k words | Updated 06/05/2024]

Finally,the greatest role we could ever play:
Middle Aged Goverment Worker


Indeed. I figured “Bureaucrat Simulator” wouldn’t be as appetizing a title, unfortunately.


Sounds good, because one of the things I liked in military history were the Byzantine Clibanarii and Cataphractarii


I really like it so far but I feel a little bad for the emperor.


Finally, I get to play as a sneaky wine-sipping bastard and not feel bad about it.

I’m keeping my eye on this weird side project.


same, but he definitely has to step up his game


Liked the first chapter, especially the ability to influence Augusta into a puppet ruler. Keep it coming Author


That was enjoyable. I typically shy away from games where you are put in charge of something, since a lot of time they end up being more of a management type of game. But this is definitely focused on on the story and not how many troops to send where and how much grain to buy.


Thank you! What is a royal court without the scheming advisor whispering in the monarch’s ear, after all?

Thank you! Yes, this game is about managing an Empire, but the details are abstracted into three simple statistics. Though I do love my spreadsheet simulator strategy games, the focus is definitely on the story and characters.


I just finished my first play through of Chapter 1 and thoroughly enjoyed it. You really did a great job of using a known government/civilization (Roman Empire) as the basis for your empire while making enough changes and adjustments to make it different and interesting. I played the subterfuge track this time, as I prefer to work behind the scenes and I enjoyed the options presented to influnce major decisions with a light touch. Looking forward to future updates.


Absolute cinema…I’m excited to stress out about whether to take clear sides and build up the power or balance frail relationships on all the factions before the empire crumbles lmao. Tried to go with warfare and rhetoric as a male MC and quickly realized that being the strong charismatic brute probably isn’t the best character build. I’m gonna try out some different variations for sure!


Thank you! It was my intention to take a familiar setting, to provide a basis for the reader’s knowledge, and go in a new and creative direction with it. I’ve definitely had a lot of Subterfuge checks so far, but I’m hoping to provide a diversity of options. Subterfuge may be effective in certain situations, like the wheeling and dealing in Chapter 1, but it will lack in others, so other skills have their place. For example, I’ve broken ground on Chapter 2 today and there are a few important branches I’ve mapped out that Scholarship aids in.

Haha, that means a lot to me, thanks! There are definitely going to be trade-offs for whether you prioritize your own power or if you pursue the stability of the Empire over yourself. It really depends on what your MC sees their goal as. As for that build, it should be fairly viable, I remember putting in a bunch of Rhetoric checks in this chapter and a few Warfare scattered around.


This is very fun. Love being the Empress’s actual partner and other mother of her kid and making Titus seeth. It’s hilarious how fucking catty you can be about it.

“Do I?” He snarls. “What do you have to say for yourself, Prefect? How do you sleep at night with you’ve done to my family?”

“As soundly as a babe.” I lean back and sip my wine.

Anyway transbians stay winning


Loving the IF so far, but it would be cool if you could maybe post outfit references for each of the cultures/kingdoms in your world!


@Azan havent finised my intial playthrough yet but i am enjoying it did notice a few things but theyvare more questions not acctually reporting errors. First is the age something that is set for all backgrounds or does it vary? Second how many chances to upgrade our skills do you think we will have by the time its all said and done?

Enjoying what ive seen and looking forward to more.


Quite good so far!


Wow this is really good! I definitely have high hopes for this keep up the great work :+1:


I’ve not played through the different routes/choices here but I absolutely love the intricacy and variety of character builds and political/social choices that are possible in just the first chapter! It always feels like the player is balancing everything on a thin tightrope!

I also loved the writing, I felt 100% immersed in the world, and am very much intrigued by the characters you’ve introduced so far, and their complex web of relationships.

Can’t wait to see what’s to come! :slight_smile: best of luck writing!


Wow, what a stellar first chapter! I’m already experiencing that all-too-familiar sense of despair knowing I’ll have to wait for updates.

I’m really intrigued by the concept of solely being an advisor to the Monarch, but the optional storyline where Augusta turns out to be your daughter and bastard adds a captivating layer of intrigue and attachment. It’s one of those rare and heartwarming plotlines in works-in-progress like this (at least based on my experiences), and I’m already imagining how it unfolds in my head.

In my current state of sleep deprivation, the only suggestion I can muster is that adding more flavorful descriptions of your skills would be a nice touch, instead of simply stating, “You have an expert command of rhetoric.”

Anyway, I am very much looking forward to seeing how the fate of the Empire unfolds!


I absolutely love both the premise and execution of this WIP. I also adore the pseudo-Roman Empire world, it feels really alive and intriguing. It is very curious to see where all the possibilities would lead. Amazing job, can’t wait to have more!

Also, wow, the matriarchy that is well-executed and believable. I think this wip is on the road of becoming one of my favorite ifs on this site.