Sharp Blades and Venom [WIP]

Before we get started here, I would like to say this is my first attempt at any of this. Anyways, here we go…

After his conquest, High King Ostwen of Talia and the Circlet Isles is dead. Whispers from the Pit and the Gold Road tell the same tale, it was an Absurdist who killed him. An absurdist with the strength to kill an Inquisitor no less. The great Kings son sits atop the throne, the Princedoms are anxious to rebel, and a great threat from across the Northern Sea looms ever closer. In these troubling times many things are uncertain, but one thing is absolute. Blood will spill.

Threats with sharp blades and venom lurk in the shadows, but fortunately for the boy king, you are the captain of his very own guard. Can you keep the king alive? Will his kingdom be torn to shreds? And what of the threat in the North? Stick around to find out!


  • Play as male, female, or nonbinary
  • Play as the Captain of the Kings guard and keep him alive!
  • Investigate plots and navigate a court thick with intrigue and politics
  • Choose between multiple ROs
  • Learn to bend Kei to your will and take part in the brutal fighting to come
  • Learn about the rich lore of Talia and the great wider world beyond

Demo: Coming Soon…




I’m just entering the forum and I stumble upon this. I look forward to the demo.


Can’t wait


Hi @Dronamics

Just a fyi – WiPs need a demo to stay open, so you’ll need to post one soon for the thread to stay open.

The story from the perspective of the guard captain is a great twist and something I look forward to.


I wish you luck on the demo when it’s finished I can’t wait to play it


Just to follow up, I will be closing the thread on Friday, if a demo is not posted.

If you have lost editing privileges, @Dronamics, let me or a mod know, and we will turn the OP into a forum wiki for you.


When a demo is ready, let the moderators know.