Shadow Knights of Kurakut (New Fantasy Quest - WIP)

Hey guys
What do you look for in a text-based quest? Solid writing? Fast action? Lots of violence!?
I am about 10% started on a ChoiceScript based game I have entitled ‘Shadow Knights of Kurakut’.
You arrive in Vutetrian, capital of Olvitra. You are a Shadow Knight of Kurakut, part of an ancient order, and you are here on a mission from your Grandmaster.

25 years ago Bagnarath, the Olvitri King, invaded your nation, killed many Kurakut, and stole the Sacred Scrolls of Kurakutini, and the Broadsword of Karagos. You are here to reclaim the stolen treasures, and claim the life of the tyrant king also.

You have trained for this your whole life: the assasination of King Bagnarath and reclamation of the lost artifacts, hidden somewhere deep underneath Bagnarath’s castle.

But first, you must find you way inside, and there is rumour of an immense labyrinth beneath the city of Vutetrian, one that leads directly into the Royal Palace itself! This is your best chance of finding the lost treasures.

The entrance to the labyrinth, however, is shrouded in mystery. You must journey through the city, searching for clues, searching for a way in.

All you have is a name: Fostrun TrueShadow. An exiled brother, now a merchant in this strange foreign city. Finding him will be your first task.

Beyond that, expect the journey to be difficult, twisted and dangerous; it will require every ounce of your skill and determination.

Urtesh bless you on your quest, my knighted friend.



Welcome to the community. The breadth of works is amazing and there are entries that cover everything you mentioned (although each author has their specialty)

Some popular authors to look into include: @Cataphrak, @Lucid, @JimD, … honestly I can name tens of authors and there still would be great authors I’m not listing.

But the three I mentioned above would be a start to give you an idea of the breadth of this community.

Again welcome and if there are specific questions, please don’t hestitate to ask.

Awesome Elwynn, thanks for the welcome! I will delve into some of those authors for sure

Sounds like an interesting game! Can’t wait to see it in action :grin:

And to answer your question above: I always look for solid writing. Your game sounds like it has potential, and I’d love to play it one day.

Thanks RGH! Will hopefully have something for you to look at soon!

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I like the premise if this wip can’t wait to see it :grinning:


It sounds interesting can’t wait

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WRITING IT AS WE SPEAK! Deep within the city of Vutetrian…


The story sounds interesting, and I’m excited to see where this goes!

It’s happening. Writing in full steam, maps of quest done, basic synopsis done and now its basically just the grunt work!!!