Sevens Deadly

Hello! This is a topic dedicated to my current W.I.P Seven’s Deadly. I am just now learning how to use the program and things will be slow going, but i’ll go a head and post the premise of the story below!

The Contractor is the only being in all of human kind able to contract all 7 sins. It is their job to assure the end of times commences properly. You are the new contractor. Your job is to find all the sins,gain their trust and contract them to bring about Armageddon itself. Along the way you will encounter many biblical deities and monsters that are either trying to help or hurt your goals.

This game will have several adult themes. Such as gore,abuse,and sexual nature. Currently there are four planned romance paths and one or two in the works. The demo prologue will be posted at a later date as well as more info on the characters!


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