Seven's Deadly W.I.P 2/14/2021 (Now With A Patreon)

Just wanting to keep you all updated! I crossing my fingers to get a. Update out by th 18th or at the end of the week since the 18th is the second d year anniversary for the game! For more interaction or updates though check out the tumblr!


So i thought i would be able to release an update on the anniversary turns out i wont…my computer has finally died…yeah…fortunately though the new one i ordered should be in by friday. Unfortunately i will have to redownload everything…


It is the two year anniversary of the game! I’ve posted something on the tumblr If anyone wants to check it out!


Keeping people on the forum updated! I’m aiming for an update either at the end of next month! My classes for the spring end so I’ll have a bit more free time


Got in a wreck last night update will take longer than expected shaken up car probably totaled yeah

Hope you’re okay

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Ok keeping everyone updated I’m doing better trying to write things have obviously been a bit rough but yeah. Also sharing kofi link I’m open to all kinds of kofis check it out and hopefully I get an update out soon but yeah. I’m doing better things have just been a bit rough for me.

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