Seven's Deadly W.I.P 2/14/2021 (Now With A Patreon)

Hello! This is a topic dedicated to my current W.I.P Seven’s Deadly. I am just now learning how to use the program and things will be slow going, but i’ll go a head and post the premise of the story below!

Plagued with dreams of a life unfamiliar to you and parents who could never love you, you ultimately decided to finish it all. Standing atop the tallest building in Vegas you stare down at emanant demise…only for things to be turned completely on their heads. Confronted by a woman claiming to be the very devil of pride herself you are to become the contractor. The only being able to contract all seven sins and return the four horsemen to their proper glory. Chaos is going to occur and you the bringer of it.


Game will include themes such ass gore, attempt at suicide, loss of child, death.


10/526/19:Redvamping the game, chapter one and two have now been merged together, A new scene added in arias perspective.
1/11/20:Chapter 1 finished and chapter 2 started.
8/23/20:Chapter 2 updated
11/6/20:Chapter 1 edited and stars corrected
2/14/2021: Chapter 2 new content added and corrections

Word Count

Prologue: 522
Chapter 1: Currently 7,413
Chapter 2: Currently 11,620

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Aria-Sin of Pride Leader of the sins. She is one of the oldest sins having once been the Angel of the heavenly virtue Humility. She is a woman of around 5’10 with a plumper and curved body. She has a pale complexion framed by dark hair and piercing purple eyes. Strong and fierce she is protective of the others as if they were her own. She is non romancable as she is in a relationship with the sin of greed Xander.

Xander-Sin of Greed Second of the sins. Next to Aria he is one of the oldest having been the angel of the virtue of Liberality. He is a lean built man and stands around 6’0, with a tan complexion and glaring gold eyes with long black hair tied in a braid. Along with Aria he has taken on a father role to the younger of the sins. A clever man he always knows how to get what he wants.

Nero-Sin of Envy. The youngest of the sins having been born merely 700 years before the great separation of heaven and hell. He was the Angel of the heavenly virtue Kindness. He is the only one able to claim blood relations to Aria and Xander as he is their son by birth. He has a smaller stature coming around at 5’7 with a lean build he inherited his fathers tanner complexion, with shocking green eyes and short black hair. He is a romance option has a preference to men but can go with either.

Aster-Sin of wrath. The twin brother of Seraphina and second youngest of the sins. He was once the Angel of the Heavenly virtue Patience. Similar to Nero he has a slightly smaller build coming around 5’8 with a very lithe body, he has a pale complexion and long white hair often in a braid and burning red eyes… He prefers to take the least violent option in confrontations and is often very calm and collected. He is in a relationship with the sin of Sloth Fenrir but a poly romance is available for a male mc.

Fenrir-Sin of Sloth. Next to Zarola he is tied for the third oldest of the sins. A very fit man he has the figure of a prone warrior. Coming in at around 6’4 he is the tallest of the sins, her has a tan complexion, with a constant 5oclock shadow and scruffy chestnut colored hair his eyes of a ocean. He was once the angel of the Heavenly virtue Diligence. He is a rough man and often prefers to sleep the say away instead of fight, but he and Zarola are considered the best fighters of the sins. He is in a relationship with Aster but can be in a poly romance with a male mc.

Seraphina-Sin of Lust. Twin sister of Aster she ties for the second youngest of the sins. She is the shortest of the sins coming around 5’6. Much like her brother she has a very lithe build and pale skin, with blond almost white hair in a constant braid, she has eyes the color of a pink rose. She was once the angel of the heavenly virtue Chastity. Living up to her sin she can often be found with all sorts of men and women enjoying her nights. She is romancable by both genders of mc’s.

Zarola-Sin of Gluttony. Next to Fenrir she is tied for the second oldest of the sins. A very fit woman she comes in at the second tallest of the sins at 6’1. She has an amazonian build and dark chocolate colored skin, with black hair in a constant state of disarray and eyes the color of burning orange. She was once the angel of the Heavenly virtue Abstinence. She is a very hungry woman in that she is either eating or ready for a fight. She is romancable by all mc’s.

Uriel The 3rd archangel. He is known as the Angel of repentance standing guard over Eden with a fiery sword in hand refusing any he feel are unworthy. He is known for his strong headed and protective nature, he despises the seven sins, considering them the corruption he aims to keep from heaven and earth. Considered one of the oldest of the archangels he comes third only to Gabriel and Michael he usually wears a frown when speaking to others his seriousness and anger a bit off putting at times. With skin a tawny brown color and long hair the color of midnight he makes an imposing sight. Romance by all mcs

Jerahmeel The occasional 8th archangel. He takes the position of the judge and gatekeeper for souls entering hell and deciding if the souls should go to heaven… He is known for his curiosity and opposing views to many of the other archangels. This is due to him spending so much time between the realms of heaven and hell. While most of his fellow angels look upon the sins with disgust he looks at them with an intent curiosity. Easily the youngest of the archangels he posses a sweet and soft nature despite his grim tasks. With long locks of fiery red hair in constant disarray and skin of a pale white he has a soft smile that will disarm most. Romancable by all mcs.


Interesting premise.


Not much but I like the idea. Keep it up and I wish you luck.


Why dont you add a killer ananas to the game?

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killer ananas?

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Are you planning on being explicit with the adult themes? If so, you may want to move this to the adult content section

It sounds very interesting! I’m curious to learn more about it


Not too explicit I believe but we’ll see when it comes to writing the scenes. If things get too much I’ll move it! And thanks! More info should be posted soon! Here and on the tumblr page!


Iteresting idea, I’m looking forward to more.

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Sounds interesting can’t wait

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Please use the Interest Check thread until there is a playable demo. Please let me know when you are ready to have this thread opened.

Super short… but I’m interested :thinking::thinking:

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More interesting things to come!

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This may seem like a small thing but can you change Xander’s description to “tanned skin” or something like that instead of island completion? I didn’t really get what you meant at first. There are many islands in the world and even in one island there is a variety of people with different skin colors.
I haven’t played the demo yet but I’ll try to do so later.


I was worried it might be a bit vague I was thinking along the lines of Hawaii’s islanders but changed it to tan.

So quick question is it set during modern times or a different time period with the fantasy being implemented?

Modern. 21st century in Las Vegas

Very short not good for a demo

It’s an in progress demo. I did say I was new to coding and things will be coming out slowly. I do still hope you enjoy what I have.


Yes. Nero is one and I’m thinking on a couple right now. So no need to worry got some angsts romances coming.