Seven Kingdoms, The Princess Problem


Unfortunately game making doesn’t work on a proper timeline (at least not for me~!) so no real concrete ETAs. Hopefully sooner rather than later, though <3

@jackrabbit Yup! For the sake of the people who aren’t in alpha I don’t want to be unfair and have them be spoiled by content they can’t possibly see. So thank you for the reminder!

I don’t mind if you guys talk about alpha stuff privately though, where no one can be acccidentally spoiled. Like PMs :slight_smile:

@ProjectEkerTest33 I tend not to include options that will only end really, really badly :innocent:


Pretty please :sob:
I don’t care if you automatically die afterwards I’m just so tired of her failing me


Hahahahaha maybe you can write a fanfiction wish fulfillment scene :stuck_out_tongue:

You know the requirements to pass the Matchmaker are to have your stats above 50, right? There’s a bit of wiggle room though, I think you can have 2 or 3 stats still below 50 and still pass


AHHHHHHH, I love this game so much, I’ve been using one of the basic names as my username on basically EVERYTHING, also Ana is just the best, I fell for her so hard

Oh sorry for fangirling so hard, that is all I had to say


Ana is awesome :blush: The fact that Blaine is the worst and wants to marry her and she hates him is just a bonus


Oh… well now I feel like a dumbass for trying to make friends with everyone instead of working my stats.


But making friends, or at least interacting, with everyone is really helpful. There are many conversation options that raise one stat or another, and succeeding with invitations also give some boosts.

But, yeah, for the Matchmaker is also good to dedicate yourself a little bit to the stat-raising side of the game. Exploring the castle is a really good way to do it. And, like @alliebee said, you’ll need to have all your skills but two (Manipulation and Insight don’t count) at 50.


Thanks for the update - us fangirls(yes, I am a total fangirl) can be so… pestering. I really appreciate you putting the crown princess path in the game. It is my favorite - even if it is the hardest.


I really wish I’d known that. Excuse me, I just need to go and sob in the corner for a bit.


Something I liked about this game is that it definitely will encourage multiple playthroughs, depending on how obsessive you get in ferreting out its secrets, and how many of the love interest paths you go through.


Yeah after checking my stats I had some still at 25 and some at 100, does knowledge matter for the second interview?


There is a link to a very helpful spreadsheet on the website. To pass the Matchmaker it takes a lot. Knowledge needs to be above a certain level, yes… as do most the others.


This sounds great, but whenever I try to open the file, it says this:

:anguished: How can I fix this?


It may be that your antivirus deleted an archive while unzipping (?) At least it happened to me, I just turned it off for a moment and unzipped the game again, and it worked.
You should try maybe reporting about it in the forum:


If you haven’t posted it before- (or even if you have) who are your favorite ROs and which background is your favorite to play as?


hahahaha I wouldn’t have known either if I didn’t read it somewhere. Also- the stats about politics, warfare, etc. don’t count in the 2nd interview, so you can skimp on those if you have to


Good to know, thanks : D


I really like the Demo and I am looking forward to the full game.

I think my favorite Player Character is the Jiyel Scholar. I prefer her to end up with Clarmont in large part because I admire his determination to protect those who need protecting. Emmett is so sweet but he is so clearly Penelope’s soulmate that it just does not feel right to court him, I could never do that to Penelope. Like others, I still want the option to try to get those two together during the first 3 weeks.

For the Revenge background option for the Jiyel Scholar before the Matchmaker, I would prefer a third possible answer. A Romantic answer rather than Immoral vs Ethical. My character would overlook a great deal if she thought it had been done for true love. But she still wants to get even with Blain after he spills liquids on her :grin:. I wish giving Blain what he deserves would not disqualify my character in Clarmont’s eyes.


Help technology hates me i downloaded Dropbox then this game and it say that I need an app to open it wit help:(


You need to visit the site of the developer for the demo. The project is no longer a CoG project or Hosted Games project.